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15 Apps Similar to Playtube

This is a screenshot of the Play Tube App Homepage.

Playtube is a video-sharing website. It offers a wide range of video content. Playtube is quickly gaining popularity because it has a wonderful streaming rate and offers hard-to-find videos.

It is a free app that allows you to search for your favorite video and music. It is available on Google Play and iOS. There are a number of apps similar to Playtube, but my top favorites are YouTube, New Pipe, and PeerTube. Keep reading to find about more about these three and other apps similar to Playtube. 

Apps Similar to Playtube


This is a screenshot of the Youtube App Installation Page.

YouTube is a free video-sharing website. Like PlayTube, you can upload, view, and share videos. Content can include videos, music, movies, and original content. YouTube can support HD video as an HD video downloader and offers night mode.

YouTube offers a paid membership called YouTube Premium that removes ads and provides original shows. YouTube is available on Google Play and iOS.


This is a screenshot of the NewPipe App  Homepage.

NewPipe is an open-source and free front end for Android users. This lightweight app allows Android lovers to have access to YouTube. You do not need a YouTube account or Google Services to use this app.

It is a quick-start app, and there are no ads. It does not use the YouTube API because it parses the website. Click here to download the latest Android app.

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This is the screenshot of the Peertube App Homepage.

PeerTube is free and decentralized. It is also a federated video platform. This means it is a series of small video posters that are all connected. It was designed specifically to be an alternative to other platforms.

While the platform is free, you need a large amount of bandwidth to host it. It is also open source. PeerTube provides video streaming and the ability to control the design of your platform. Information on how to install PeerTube on iOS.


This is the screenshot of the Vimeo App Homepage.

Vimeo provides you the ability to post high-quality videos and share them publicly or privately. Vimeo allows you to use your iPhone to upload, watch, manage, and edit your videos. Smartphone users can use it as a download manager.

It is free but also has a premium plan for a cost. It is available for Windows PC via Microsoft, Google Play, and iOS.


This is a screenshot of the BitChute App Homepage.

BitChute is a video-sharing platform that is intended for peer-to-peer use. Its goal is to put free speech and people above anything else. This is a free platform that allows you to create and upload your great videos. You can share your videos with anyone. It is available for Google Play.


This is a screenshot of the DTube App Homepage.

DTube is a network that is based on peer-to-peer interaction. It allows video sharing for free. It is decentralized and has a bitcoin reward system in place. It is built on Steemit and IPFS. This is the first platform of this kind. It is available on Google Play.

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This is a screenshot of the MediaGoblin App Homepage.

MediaGoblin is a software media platform for publishing that is free to use. It has a simple interface making it easy for anyone to use. It is decentralized and intended for extensibility.

It supports video and other media types. It is open-source, and you can host it on any server. You can deploy your own instance of MediaGoblin by following these instructions.


This is a screenshot of the DailyMotion App Homepage.

Dailymotion is one of the largest video-sharing sites, just behind YouTube. It allows you to upload, host, stream, and share your videos. The headquarters of Dailymotion is in Paris, France. It is available on PC windows on Microsoft, Google Play, and iOS.


This is a screenshot of the Skytube App Homepage.

SkyTube is a free and open-source application for your Android device to be an alternative to YouTube. It gives you the experience of YouTube without having to log into Google. It gives you a video blocker including language filtering.

It has an innovative and easy-to-use design. There are no ads on SkyTube. This app is not dependent on Google Apps. You can download it for your Droid.


This is a screenshot of the Odysee App Homepage.

Odysee allows you to launch your own channel to share and watch videos. This is an open-source and free platform. This is also a decentralized platform that runs a protocol allowing users to share and upload videos around the world. You can go here to gain access to Odysee.


This is a screenshot of the Streamable App Homepage.

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Streamable is one of the easiest ways to share a video. You can also use it to create a video. This application is free and fast. It has an easy-to-use interface. You are able to instantly share your videos once you upload them. This is a proprietary product. Click here to gain access to Streamable.


This is a screenshot of the Vidlii App Homepage.

VidLii looks a lot like the old-school version of YouTube. It has the same headers as the 2008 and 2009 YouTube app. It resolves many of the problems that YouTube currently has. VidLii can be customized, which YouTube cannot.

VidLii allows you to share your videos around the world. This app used to be called VidBit. Click here to download the app.


This is a screenshot of the HBO GO App Homepage.

HBO gives you unlimited and instant access to anything that HBO shows, regardless of genre. You can view anything from comedy to documentaries. This is a paid application. This is a video streaming and sharing app. You are not able to upload your own videos to HBO Go. It is available on iOS.


This is a screenshot of the Metacafe App Homepage.

Metacafe is a proprietary and free app that is one of the largest video sites available. It has movies, videos, and clips. You can gain easy access to Metacafe here.


This is a screenshot of the Flote App Homepage.

Flote is a platform that has a social network. This is a platform that allows people to freely communicate and express themselves. This platform provides you the opportunity to build communities.

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You can also use bitcoin to earn digital money, which helps provide more valuable information and content. It is available on Google Play and iOS.

Zattoo TV

This is a screenshot of the Zattoo App Homepage.

Zattoo TV is a streaming service that allows you to watch TV live. It is an on-demand service that uses the internet and your TV. It does not have contracts or cables.

This is a streaming service, but it will not allow you to upload and share your own videos. Zattoo TV is available on many different platforms. It is available on Google Play, iOS, Microsoft, and Amazon.


What is the Best Alternative to Play Tube?

There are some top alternatives to PlayTube. There are some free versions of Playtube that include NewPipe, PeerTube, and BitChute. Vimeo is an option that has a free version and an upgrade to a premium paid version. 

Can I Download From Play Tube?

Yes, it is easy to download videos from PlayTube. Once you open the page with the video on it, you can right-click and select Save Video. Then your video downloads to your computer, mobile device, or tablet, even an android tablet. You have the option to change the video quality.

All formats of video quality are available. You can click on the quality option that you prefer, and the link takes you to another page. Then the downloader activates and your downloaded videos start.

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What Does the Latest Version of Play Tube Offer?

The latest version of the Play Tube app offers the ability for Droid users to create video playlists on YouTube. You are now able to use the PlayTube app to search by keyword for your favorite videos. No longer will you have difficulty finding your favorite videos.