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How to Make a Checklist in Apple Notes (Mobile & Desktop)

Example Apple Notes Checklist

Apple Notes is my go-to to-do app because it’s fast.  It’s instant.  It’s synced on all my devices – desktop, iPad and iPhone.  I can access an up-to-date version any time.  Other similar apps do this. I’ve tried many but speed is the name of the game here and nothing is as fast as Apple Note.

It also offers some cool features such as creating simple checklists that can be sorted manually or automatically.

Here’s how to create checklists on Apple Notes.

Mobile Method

There are a couple of ways to go about creating a checklist on mobile in Apple Notes.

1. Blank note method

Place cursor in note, tap the “checkmark” icon at bottom.

You can then start typing your list items.  Return to add items.

Create checklist blank note

2. Create a checklist from an existing list on mobile

Highlight list and tap the “Checklist” icon

Highlight text click checkmark

Voila… you’ve converted a list into a checklist:

Checklist on mobile Apple Notes

How to automatically have checked items moved to the bottom of the list

In order to do this on mobile, you must adjust the Apple Notes app in settings.

Go to Settings and tap into Apple Notes.  Then tap into “Sort Checked Items” as follows.

Change sort for checklist on mobile

Then tap “Automatically as follows.  Now whenever you check an item in your checklist, it will move to the bottom of the list.

How to format text in checklists on mobile

Highlight the text to format and tap the formatting option as follows.

How to format text on mobile in Apple Notes checklist

Desktop Methods

1. Type out your list

Type list of things to do

2. Highlight your list

Highlight list of things to do

3. Click the “Checkmark” Icon

Check the checkmark icon


You can start a blank document in checklist format right from the get-go as follows:

Start Notes document in checklist format

From there you can type out each list item.  Click “return” to add a new item.

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How to automatically have checked items moved to the bottom of the list

Highlight your entire checklist, right-click, then click “More” => Move Checked to Bottom.

Auto sort completed items in checklist

Once done, checked items are moved to the bottom of the list.

Checked items go to bottom of checklist

How to move checklist items up or down

Highlight the list item(s) you wish to move, right-click, select “Move List Item”, then “Up” or “Down”.

How to move list items up or down in the list

How to change/format the font in a checklist

Once again highlight text you wish to format, right-click, select “Font” and make your changes.

How to format font in checklist

How to convert a checklist into a table

Highlight items in the list to convert into a table, right-click, select “Add Table”.

How to convert checklist into a table

Your list will convert into a table as follows:

Example of a checklist converted into a table