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Is there an Apple Notes Version for Android?

Apple notes on iPhone screen

Apple Notes is a note-taking app for iOS devices. But what about Android? Here’s how you can find Apple Notes alternatives that run on the Android operating system. Scroll on for more details. 

Is There an Apple Notes Version for Android? The Answer is YES, and Here’s How to Get It

First things first, let me explain what Apple Notes is? It’s a free app on Apple devices that allows you to create notes, lists, and drawings. For many people, the app is a replacement for the traditional pen and paper. However, I can’t use the native app on my android phone because it’s unavailable for users like me. 

I’ve got great news, though. Apple Notes has many of the same features as other note-taking apps like Evernote or Google Keep. Here are more compelling reasons for considering Apple Notes alternatives.


Screenshot of Evernote homepage.

I believe Evernote competes well with Apple Notes because it’s an intelligent app to organize and plan your information. It’s also available on the web and across many platforms, unlike Apple Notes. It’s possible to sync the app with any of my devices, like my computer and tablet.

Evernote can allow me to share content with others, scan documents via my camera, create to-do lists, type or choose handwritten notes. The app also offers me various ways to make notes through photos, videos, sketches, audio, PDF, plain texts, etc.

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Another brilliant thing I like about the application is that I’ve got an option to choose a freemium or subscription package. Of course, I need a premium plan to get more advanced features, such as Live Collaboration.

Overall, it’s an ideal version of Apple Notes, and I’d recommend any Android user to try it.

Google Keep

Screenshot of Google Keep homepage.

Backed by Google, this app also has pretty good features. Like Evernote, I can use the tool to make notes via texts, audio, and images. One super benefit of Google Keep is that I can record a memo on the go and the app automatically transcribes it.

I can also send other users documents by scanning receipts, invoices, and handwritten notes using my camera. That’s quite handy if you want to validate some vital information or process payments pronto.

Google Keep makes it possible to collaborate with other team members by sharing notes. But the tool has other things I’m not happy about, like the lack of a video. And it’s a stand-alone platform, meaning I must swap tasks. Also, Google has stripped the app of its main features and transferred them to other products.

My verdict is that it’s perfect for simple note-taking.


Screenshot of OneNote homepage.

A product by Microsoft, OneNote is an excellent alternative to Apple Notes and one of the well-known note-taking apps. One distinct feature of this tool is that it enables me to source info from embedded Excel tables and my email.

OneNote uses cloud technology, allowing me to make notes on my laptop and then access them later via my smartphone in a meeting. As a result, I don’t have to carry my laptop around. I can also use the app across many devices, such as Android, iOS phones, Mac, and Windows.

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As a note-taking app, OneNote lets me organize my info by creating tags, follow-up items, to-do lists, and tags. I can also classify the notes based on my priorities. Team collaboration is easy with the app because it enables teams to comment or ask questions regarding my notes.

However, OneNote is a bit more complicated than other note-taking apps. It has a steep learning curve due to many organizational levels. It’s a nifty app all in all. 

Material Notes

Screenshot of Material Notes homepage.

I find Material Notes as a practical app to make notes visually. It offers me a color-coding functionality to create reminders, to-do lists, and notices. I can also use stars to mark urgent or less urgent tasks. Because of this, it becomes easy to organize, locate, and retrieve crucial information.

Material notes is a handy app as it also lets me access my notes or docs by creating widgets on my home screen. Another brilliant thing about the tool is securing my information through a PIN. Additionally, I can import docs from other devices.

I’d advise any Android user to try the app because it’s easy to use and available for free. Advanced features of the platform are accessible on upgrading your subscription.

Keep My Notes

Screenshot of Keep My Notes homepage.

Keep My Notes also fares well as a note-taking app and replacement for Apple Notes. I like its incredible features: using a stylus or my finger to create notes and a built-in-text speech capability.

The app also provides several formatting choices, including underlining, bolding, and italicizing vital info. I can use audio to clarify or expand my notes. Keep My Notes allows me to keep my documents safe through a password.

It’s easy to access notes quickly by sticking them up on my home screen. One quite good thing about Keep My Notes is that I can choose various themes and displays to suit my tastes.

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Android fans can put Keep My Notes to the test because I think it’s a great app, too. 


Screenshot of Simplenote homepage.

My last alternative app to Apple Notes is Simplenote. Compared to the tools I’ve discussed, this app has a straightforward process of creating notes. I can take notes and set up lists after opening the app. Also, Simplenote allows me to use pins and tags to organize my information.

The tool is perfect for someone looking for simplicity and a free subscription. Overall, it’s not the best version of Apple Notes because it lacks advanced features and live collaboration.


Is there an alternative to Apple Notes for android devices? Yes. Evernote, OneNote, Keep My Notes, and Google Keep are great options. I recommend you try the tools-some are free, while others may need you to choose a premium plan to enjoy more advanced features. All the apps are available on Google Play Store.