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How Often Should I Reboot My iPad or iPhone?

iPad and iPhone with earphones on the side.

Must I reboot my iPad or iPhone, and how many times? That’s what I’ll address in this guide. First, I’ll explain rebooting and why it’s vital for your devices. Read on to discover more. 

A reboot is a restart of a device or computer. You can initiate it by holding down the power button and selecting the “restart” option. Rebooting your device can fix some problems that can arise on your device.

I think many people agree that it’s a great idea to reboot your iPad/iPhone at least once a week to keep it running smoothly. That’s because your gadget may sometimes experience the occasional glitch or crash.

While it’s a rare occurrence, apps sometimes crash or glitch. The app itself, a bad internet connection, or other circumstances out of Apple’s control can cause tech glitches. 

It’s important not to panic if your device crashes. If you can’t reopen the app after restarting the device, you can take some steps, including deleting and reinstalling the app or contacting the developer for help.

Let me give you more incredible benefits of restarting your iPad/iPhone.

Why You Need to Reboot Your iPhone

Woman rebooting her iPhone in the cafe.

There are many reasons why you should reboot your iPad or iPhone, so here are some of them:

  • It clears out memory and keeps everything running smoothly.
  • It fixes minor glitches.
  • It prevents significant crashes.
  • It fixes bugs that affect performance.
  • It improves battery life.
  • It clears out any temporary files that may have been built onto your device.
  • It frees up storage space and helps stop your phone from feeling sluggish.
  • It clears any background processes running in the background, which can help prevent bugs from developing.
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Besides rebooting your iPhone/iPad, you can consider other devices, such as a PC or laptop, Mac, HomePad or Amazon Echo, Apple Watch, and Gaming Consoles. I also believe it’s brilliant to restart these gadgets to improve their performance.

Let’s look at each one.

PC or Laptop

Woman rebooting her laptop.

I think old laptop models need regular rebooting to breathe life into their operating systems. I would say restarting them at least once per week is fine. My laptop is an HP design (the Probook 6560b), which is quite old but robust. Windows 10 alerts me of impending restarts for its apps. But the laptop itself needs a reboot.

If you own the latest design or a powerful laptop, I’d suggest you reboot it once a week. 


iMac with wireless mouse and keyboard.

Computers running on Windows need constant restarting compared to Macs. So, my advice is to restart Macs once in two weeks. But ensure that you act on the restart alerts as soon as you receive them. It takes care of bugs and some glitches, slowing down your Mac.

HomePod or Amazon Echo

Man playing Amazon echo.

These beauties can work successfully for a long time without restarting them. So, if you’ve got one of these devices, there’s no need to worry. However, respond to software updates pronto to keep your systems running perfectly. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

Apple Watch

Woman using her Apple watch.

Should I reboot my Apple watch? Not really. Your watch does many things and is always busy, but it doesn’t mean it needs restarting. It can work perfectly fine. Of course, software updates are a top priority once you get them. 

Gaming Consoles

Mom and son playing Xbox.

What about gaming consoles? I don’t think you need to reboot them because they’re different from phones or laptops. Even if you own Xbox Series, S/X, or any other gaming console device, restarting them is unnecessary. These gadgets are put to sleep if they’re not in use. That’s the only thing you have to do. 

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Is there a danger of rebooting too much?

Closeup of iPhone with notification screen.

Rebooting an iPhone is typically not dangerous, but there are some precautions that you should take before rebooting your device. First, ensure that the iPhone has enough battery life to complete the process. Then make sure that there isn’t anything important on the device before rebooting it – like a document or photo – because all of this information will be lost during the process of rebooting.

However, excessive rebooting of any device can harm it. For example, it can damage the battery, the hard disk, the motherboard, etc. I mentioned that you could restart your computer or phone if it’s becoming slow. But take care that you avoid overdoing it. I’d recommend you take your device to a specialist if it’s constantly misbehaving. 

In Closing

Must I restart my iPhone, and how frequently? Yes. Rebooting has several benefits, including boosting performance. It ensures your apps run smoothly, making you enjoy using your device. However, not every gadget needs restarting, such as gaming consoles, Apple watches, HomePods, etc.  

In general, you should reboot your device once a week, but it’s best to do so more often if you notice that it is running slow or freezing up constantly. It’s also good to remember that iOS or Apple phones are well-optimized and can operate efficiently without restarting or closing apps. 

Also, I want to remind you to pay maximum attention to your laptop, tablets, etc., when you receive software updates. They deal with bugs and other tech issues affecting your device’s capabilities. That’s it! Have fun with your gadgets. 

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