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13 Apps Similar to Randonautica

Randonautica mobile app on phone screen

My three favorite apps similar to Randonautica are Rusty lake Hotel, Cube Escape, and Sutoko. Randonautica, just as its name suggests, is a random adventure platform that serendipitously gives its users a probability tunnel fun experience as they journey through a virtual world. The app incorporates quantum entropy and statistical randomness to find blind spots and anomalies.

In these destinations, the real magic happens from reliving adventure beyond the deterministic patterns of everyday life. Randonautica is available for free download with premium options that require a subscription to access on both Google and IOS stores.

Rusty Lake Hotel

Rusty Lake Hotel homepage

Rusty Lake is an adventure application for gaming that has a mysterious click adventure. The game includes various features such as an easy startup and play pick-up option, tons of puzzles, numerous thrilling stories, and an atmosphere full of suspense. The game also includes an impressive soundtrack and a ton of other in-time gallery achievements.

Rusty Lake is similar to Randonautica as an adventure application that allows its users a surreal gaming experience. The users also enjoy similar guided options in their gaming process. The application is available for a paid download of about 2 dollars on both Google and IOS stores.

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Cube Escape: Seasons

Cube Escape: Seasons homepage

Cube Escape has a series of adventure cases that proceed in the form of a series. In each case, the player takes the form of a character, such as a detective investigating the unusual death of a woman. Subsequently, the game will take the user through a mysterious location and a series of crime analyses as the scene ensues.

In the end, the player is supposed to unlock a character from the location using the evidence gathered.

Cube Escape and Randonautica both share the strange and mysterious setting in the gaming model. Subsequently, they immerse the player into an investigative state as they play and progress with the game. The game is available for free download on both Google and IOS stores.

However, the user will need to purchase a subscription to access premium options such as upgrading to the latest season and next game level.

The White Door

The White Door homepage

The white door is a second maze adventure gaming platform from the same creator as Cube Escape and Rusty Lake series. The player immerses themselves in the character of Robert Hill who wakes up suffering from severe mental deterioration and memory loss in a mental facility.

Subsequently, the gamer can access a pick-up and play, interactive storyline, and unique split-screen to the Rusty Lake option on the adventure. Other features during the play include an absorbing atmosphere and an immersively haunting soundtrack.

Both White Door and Randonautica share the same adventure features and similarities in the theme. The overall layout of the applications and their platforms, right from the atmosphere to the soundtrack options, are also similar. The gamer can find this app at the cost of about 3 dollars on both Google and the IOS store.

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Fran Bow

Fran Bow homepage

Fan Bow is a creepy game of adventure that features a small girl named Fran who has a mental disease. She experiences the gruesome death of both parents before fleeing into the woods with her cat friend. Here, she would then undergo a mind transformation and end up in a mental institution.

The intrigues in the game present the user with 2D and 3D options and puzzles that are explicitly designed to challenge their capacity.

Fran Bow and Randonautica both have the same adventure concept as the inspiration behind the games and apps. The user can access and download the game on both Google and IOS stores at the cost of 2 dollars. Additionally, the user needs an optimally large screen and a device with at least 1 GB of RAM to enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

The Office Quest

The Office Quest homepage

The Office Quest is an 11 sheep gaming adventure for users who want to unwind and cannot stay idle in the office, as an example. The game has a range of riddles and challenging puzzles that spur the development of a sharp mind in the player. There is an opportunity to discover fascinating characters and options, including various chapters and levels, as the user progresses from one level to the next.

The Office Quest is similar to Randonautica because both feature a fascinating adventure and a set of available challenges to users on their platforms. Similarly, they also have options and levels where the gamer moves as they progress in the game.

You can access the gaming app on both Google and IOS stores for free. However, the user will need a paid subscription to access the premium in-app features. Additionally, there are ads on the platform during play and general use.

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Barney’s Dream Cruise

Barney's Dream Cruise homepage

Barney’s Dream Cruise is a part of the Gubbi games where the subject gets to use a Retro Pixel art point and click option on its platform. The game is centered around the character of Barney, who is also at risk of losing his one true love. The game retrofits and combines the features of an adventure with pixel art a cartoon environment to create an overall appeal of a puzzle, challenge, and logic application.

The game on this platform is similar to Randonautica in the way it has combined the classical adventure and intends to create a nostalgic appeal in the process. The game also aims to provide a new experience through its logical challenge too.

The user can access this game on both Google and IOS stores. Although the game mentions no costs, there are fringe attachments in premiums that one needs to pay before enjoying the premium in-app features.

Full Pipe

Full Pipe homepage

The game is a puzzle adventure that takes users back to the nostalgic era of click and arcade. The storyline in the game centers around an odd character whose ordinary morning turns into the strangest puzzle of his life. Subsequently, the character sets out to explore the natural and undiscovered world.

The gaming app features a classic video game on mobile, unique characters, hidden threats, gorgeous locations, and optimized arcade games.

The game Full Pipe is similar to Randonautica in ways it features adventure and strange twists in its plot. One must apply logical skills and think out of the box to decipher and navigate through different levels of this game. The comic adventure and challenging quest never end on the platform.

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The app is available to users for free on both Google and IOS stores. However, they will need in-app purchases and subscriptions to access the premium features on the gaming platform.

The Tiny Bang Story

The Tiny Bang Story homepage

The click adventure game is a popular version on mobile for finding popular objects and locating items. Tiny Bang Story takes the gamer into a tiny and gorgeous planet in a game inspired by a recent asteroid strike. In the mission of rebuilding this place to its former glory, the player gets to solve puzzles and encounter play teasers. The game is also cluttered into chapters where the player progresses as they complete a level and forge to the next.

The Tiny Bang Story is similar to Randonautica because it is majorly inspired by adventure. The game includes inventive 3D brain teasers, challenges, and intuitive controls on its platform. The game platform is free for download on Google and IOS.

However, the user will need additional considerations, such as charges in bandwidth during download and use. Additionally, there are premium features that require a purchase for access and use on the app.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things homepage

The game is adopted from the Netflix series and brings the heroes and other characters to live in BonusXP. The gamer has a chance to explore Hawkins and its surroundings to uncover the exciting areas and scenes that it avails on the platform.

Additionally, they will also solve puzzles, even as they interact with the features and unique attributes and abilities of characters on the platform. Each unlocks also earns the user promotion to a higher level within the platform.

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Stranger Things is similar to Randonautica because it features strange components in various parts of the game. Additionally, the user also gets to enjoy various features that include promotion across multiple levels as they tackle and navigate the challenges on the site.

Stranger Things is available on Google and as a review on IOS for free. However, some extra in-app features require a subscription to access and utilize.

Slaughter Horse

Slaughter Horse homepage

The game was previously available on popular application store platforms with a different name. In its current upgrade, the game allows users access to Captain Silverman and Process of the Sun. The user navigates the twists and turns in the game and the grimdark fate that would befall the characters.

Subsequently, they must devise a strategy to uncover and execute the evil challenges that occur within the game. The game is also very random and features atmospheric graphics, and other features with each user are accessing a different version of the same game.

Slaughter Horse is similar to Randonautica in ways it includes various challenges and progress across multiple levels. The user must go through these challenging tasks until they ultimately emerge successful on the other end of these hurdles.

The game is available for free with in-app purchases for premium features on Google. On IOS, the game is available for a flat fee of 1 dollar.

Little Misfortune

Little Misfortune homepage

The interactive story in this game explores the character of Ramirez Hernandez as she seeks the gift of eternal happiness as the perfect token for her mother. The sweet and dark choices, intrigues, and ultimate consequences all point to a destined end of twists and turns.

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The different key features on the app include the animate characters, monsters, children, and a shared them of love. The artwork and original soundtrack accentuate these themes effectively towards its end.

Little Misfortune is similar to Randonautica through its sense of strangeness in the plot twists and ending. It takes the characters to follow this path up to the game’s ending through well-thought solutions to the twists and challenges in the game. The app is available for access and uses at the cost of 5 dollars on Google and 7 dollars on IOS.

Cube Escape Paradox (Case 10)

Cube Escape Paradox homepage

There are different levels and versions of this game that explore the residence of Mr. Crow. The different episodes in its tale explore various mysteries that unfold as they navigate the different parts of the home and prepare for an impending storm. The gamer has access to these strange turns and the events that prevail as they move across multiple levels to the end.

Cube Escape is similar to Randonautica because of the strangeness surrounding the twists and turns as they explore the mysterious machine and other components in the home. The user also progresses across various levels to tackle the challenges and navigate different parts of the home.

The application is available for free on both Google and IOS, with a range of purchase options that the user has to pay to access.


Sutoko homepage

Sutoko has interactive adventures and intriguing gaming challenges that are available on SMS. The range of features and options available on the app include romance and suspense to the influence of adventure. The users access over half a million other users on the platform and benefit from personalized choices on desired plots ending in their games.

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With imagination and storytelling, there are endless unimaginable options about how the story would go and how it would ultimately unfold in its ending.

Sutoko is similar to Randonautica in its adventure and suspense on the platform. Additionally, the user also gets to progress across different options and move through multiple levels to solve challenges and unlock new options on the platform. The app is available for free on both Google and IOS, with a choice of purchases options available on premium.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need technical, physical knowledge to play games on Randonautica and the other related apps?

No, you only need to follow the details in the game and have fun in the process’s randomness and outcomes.

How do you progress and get an appraisal from the game?

The game has an innately established credit system that generates tokens and awards points fairly to the players as they participate and move from one point to the next one.

How is this game associated with both science and fantasy?

The app is perfectly simulated to offer a perfect experience for fun, learning, and ordinary gaming.