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19 Apps Similar to Boomerang

Boomerang app icon displayed on an iPhone screen.

The great thing about living in today’s age is that there is an app for everything and anything. From entertaining apps, educational apps, work apps, you name it, anything you dare seek – an app can be found. The greatest thing about entertainment apps is that it has so many functions and endless possibilities to make something cool.  

The Boomerang app, a creation by Instagram, is a recording video-looping app that can be downloaded without spending a dime. It takes a burst of about ten pictures and mends them together. It provides a high-quality video that accelerates and performs in a loopback and forth. Boomerang is accessible for both Android and iOS users.

Boomerang is a fantastic video editing app that creates fun and entertaining mini videos. It is easily downloadable and very user-friendly. However, in this article, we will explore some similar apps to Boomerang that you also can download for free.


Screenshot of Slowmographer app on appstore.

This app consists of a plentitude of filters, and it has transition effects that are quite impressive. Slomographer has a one-tap shoot button for users’ snapshots. It then transforms the snapshots into a 3-second loop video that can be shared as a mini-video of a GIF.


  • You can share the videos or GIFs on all popular social media platforms
  • It has a lot of filters and great transition effects
  • Fast and very user-friendly
  • The shot videos are automatically saved to the phone’s camera role
  • Can beam shots to another iPhone
  • Has a burst mode feature – to click multiple shots simultaneously
  • Compatible with Android and iOS users
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Video Looper

Screenshot of Video Looper app on Google Play.

This is the first app in this category that allows for taking real-time videos by adding loops in them, without compromising the quality of the video.


  • Users can use the front- and the back camera to capture memories
  • The app can take videos from 1 – 15 seconds long
  • It can create GIFs
  • Saves the videos directly to your phone’s camera role
  • Can directly share the mini videos to all social media platforms


Smartphone with Flipagram app displayed on its screen.

This app has quite a lot of filters, tools, and techniques to use when creating your mini videos. Flipagram allows the user to capture real-time moments, or the user has the choice of choosing between photos already in their camera roll, by just simply adding the photos.


  • Provides options for slow-motion or fast forward
  • Can make slideshows, add text, and has a lip-syncing feature
  • Music can be added to the videos
  • The video can be made by using a wide selection of styles
  • The users can post their videos in the Flipagram community
  • Flipagram is very user-friendly


Scrubbies app logo displayed on a smartphone screen.

Scrubbies is owned by Google and is one of the fastest-growing video editing apps of today. The app lets you create fun videos with music effects in a lesser time.


  • Capture funny faces that lets you replay it
  • Easily accessible – swipe with two fingers to start recording
  • The captured photos or videos are automatically saved to the user’s gallery
  • Can easily manipulate the speed and directions of the video playback
  • User-friendly interface
  • There are some great and fun video effects included
  • Only compatible with iPhone users
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Hyperlapse app logo displayed on a smartphone screen.

Hyperlapse, unfortunately, is only for iOS users, but nevertheless, it is one of the best apps in this category. It can speed or slow down your videos from 1x to 12x the normal speed. With that, Hyperlapse has an amazing image-stabilization feature. Once you are done shooting you have the option to play with some filters and make your video even better.

Some of these filters include the white balance, resolution, ISO, and you can also add loops to the video.


  • Has its own stabilization technology
  • Accompanied with great filters
  • Video recording is done in HD
  • Can be easily shared with all major Social Media platforms and networking sites


Phone with VivaVideo app displayed on its screen.

VivaVideo is a great and free video creating an app that allows users to create pro-looking video clips within a few clicks. This app is a one-stop solution if you want to record, edit, and manipulate a video or photo in one place, accompanied by an abundance of filters, effects, and tools. It can be used to create memes, montages, collages, duet videos, and loop videos.


  • The app is very user-friendly
  • Has an easy-to-use interface
  • Allows the user to add text, special effects, stickers, and music
  • VivaVideo has a huge library of music to choose from
  • Provides videos that is high-quality
  • This app is great for beginners as well as professionals
  • Easy to edit, crop, and manipulate
  • Can be shared instantly with all other social media platforms


Screenshot of Rewind app on Google Play.

This is an app that records audio and that has the feature to reverse it. Rewind is notable for being created to record sound that one missed for some reason, especially voice. It is a great tool to use in one’s professional and personal life to capture all those important moments.

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  • Has a reverse voice recorder which allows users to record their surroundings
  • It is mostly used to record moments such as functions, meetings, friend get-togethers etc.
  • All the recordings are easily saved
  • It is a great tool to use when brainstorming, recording important notes and general moments that one could have missed
  • The app features a surveillance and harassment recording platform
  • Rewind is only compatible with Android phones

Live GIF

Screenshot of LIVE Gif app homepage.

Live GIF makes it possible for users to make their own GIFs from photos to create memorable memories. It also gives you the ability to convert GIFs into photos.


  • Allows your creativity to run wild with your photos in making it into a GIF
  • Can be editing with any GIF editing app, save the video and can open in your video editor
  • Your creativity can be directly shared on all the Social Media platforms as well through email, iMessage etc.
  • Unfortunately, this app is only for iOS users

Motion Stills

Motion Stills app logo displayed on a smartphone screen.

This is a product of Google, and this app enables its users to make a 3-second clip to then be able to convert these videos into loop videos and or GIFs.


  • Allows the user to create 3-second short videos, but also allows them to shrink content of up to a minute long, using the featured fast-forward mode into an easy-to-watch clip.
  • Users can directly share their clips on all social media and messaging platforms
  • This app is compatible with Android and iOS users
  • Users can easily create movies by combining all the clips they have created
  • It has a built-in auto play mode to watch all your clips, but also allows the user to browse their clips individually
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Vine Camera

Smartphone displaying a Vine app over a wood plank bench.

The app, Vine Camera, allows its users to create a 6-minute-long looping video. Having the ability to make a longer video than the rest of the discussed apps, makes it incredibly user-friendly for all walks of people.


  • Compatible to upload videos on your YouTube channel, blog page, social media platforms and can be used in a professional or private capacity
  • Includes tools such as multi-clip trimming, ghost tool, front- and rare camera support, AF focus, grid overlays etc.
  • This app allows users to save drafts of their clips, if they are not yet ready to finish it
  • Android and iOS compatible

Vigo Video

Vigo Video app displayed on a smartphone screen.

This app took video making to a whole new level. This app literally pays its users when creating great videos on their mobile phones. It is a great tool to expand your following in real-time and gain popularity.


  • It rewards it users for creating engaging and original content. The money users make can be acquired via PayPal.
  • The apps help you to identify trends and allows one to make friends just about all around the world
  • It has a collection of the editing tools and decorations to make your videos even greater
  • Helps to show off your creative content and you can become a short video maker, and get rewards and money from it
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS users


Dubsmash app download page on smartphone and laptop screens.

Dubsmash is also a video editing app that enables its users to make limitless videos by allowing them to add multiple sounds, quotes, and music. This app is all about helping creators’ creativity run wild.

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  • Is very user-friendly
  • Dubsmash is a community, and users can watch other user’s videos
  • Makes it easy to add stickers and text to its videos
  • Enables users to use movie dialogues and quotes to their videos
  • Can easily share the videos to all social media platforms
  • Can be used on Android and iOS phones


Kwai logo app displayed on a smartphone screen.

Kwai is a video editing app to make great short videos, and it also allows users to make some lip-syncing videos as well. It is home to millions of users all around the world in different countries.


  • The app has a huge library collection of all sorts of GIFs and filters
  • Supplies the user with 4D effects
  • It enables selfie transformation
  • Has excellent build-in editing tools that is used by professionals
  • All the videos can be directly shared via all social media and texting platforms
  • This app is compatible with Android and iOS users

Hand holding a smartphone with app displayed on its screen. is an app to make fun videos with a large array of music and sound effects. It is a movie maker that has some incredible extra video features to make your video editing exceptional.


  • Music can be added to videos
  • Has great features and tools such as camera and filters for selfies, make-up camera option and a wide selection of different stickers, to name a few
  • Frames and collages can be added
  • allows users to add music, sound effects, dialogues from favorite movies and slideshows
  • This app is compatible with both Android and iOS users


Screenshot of MoviePro App homepage.

Movie Pro is a video and film-making app. The app provides editing tools that are on a professional level.

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  • It has tools such as pause and resume, the capturing of still recording, has a customized frame rate, great video resolution, saves directly to the camera roll, has 4K resolution, image flip option, high FSP modes etc.
  • Users can easily adjust the video quality
  • The video recorder contains video stabilization, 3D quality touch, options for the recording duration and a recording timer
  • Users can tag their location in the videos
  • The app has an audiometer and silent audio options
  • The users can choose between portrait of landscape modes
  • The app is extremely user-friendly and even hides all the controls while recording
  • Only compatible with iOS devices


Coub mobile app logo on phone screen.

This is a great app that allows users to make looping videos from YouTube, your camera role, GIFs, and quite frankly from wherever you want to make a looping video. It is basically a GIF with sound.


  • Creating high-quality, HD loops
  • Options to choose whichever format you like, be it horizontal, vertical or widescreen
  • Enables users to make videos from basically whichever source the user would prefer to get their input from
  • Allows users to use any of their favorite track with their GIF
  • Is an entire community of their own, and users can subscribe to each other’s Coub channel
  • GIFs on Coub can be directly shared to all other social media apps
  • This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices


Screenshot of InBoom app in Appstore.

This is a great video looping app that creates videos of about 1-second short. It comes with a variety of great filters to create short video content from users’ photos or videos. It is very much like the Boomerang app.

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  • Users can add music to their looping video
  • This app allows users to own original selfies
  • High-quality video recording
  • Easy to share your videos on other social media and texting platforms
  • Users can also apply Boomerang effects for their looping GIFs
  • The video/GIF’s play speed can be increased or decreased
  • Only compatible for iOS devices


This app allows users to add Boomerang effects to their recorded videos. The great thing about Boomy is that you can take a long video and start using the app anywhere in the duration of the set video – only editing a certain portion of the video.


  • Can start editing through Boomy from anywhere in a set video, simply by using the dragging function to select the area of the video you want to use
  • Users can choose to start their Boomerang from any video
  • Can easily save your newly created Boomerang video
  • This app is very user-friendly
  • The videos can be shared directly to other social media platforms and iMessage apps
  • Only user-friendly to iOS users


SWNG allows you to take all your most memorable photos and turn them into a short video or GIF. This app makes it possible for its users to create 1-second videos that have a looping effect.


  • Can make 3D selfies by rotating your phone around you
  • Has built-in film-inspired filters
  • This app has its own community, and users can chat with each other via SWNG through iMessages
  • Easy to send to other social media platforms
  • Only compatible with iPhone users
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There are some amazing apps for all the video, short video, and GIF makers. There is an astonishing amount of choices content makers are given to make when choosing with the app that will work best with their styles and creating processes.

One of the best things is that all these apps mentioned are free, although there might be some in-app purchases when you have downloaded your preferred app. For many people, some of these apps have brought them a huge following and for some even money and popularity.

The possibilities are literally at your fingertips to video and GIF stardom – choose wisely.


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