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12 Apps Similar to Wishbone

This is a close look at a mobile phone showcasing the installation page of the Wishbone App.

Wishbone is a social platform that allows you to compare things with other people using the platform. The app is the brainchild of Science Mobile LLC. The app’s tagline says “Compare Anything,” and true to the tagline, you can compare social content on the app and have fun while at it.

Every morning, the app gives you a dose of 12 pop culture questions each with two choices for answers. If you are highly active, you may get 12 more queries to answer at night.

As you answer the queries and compare items, you understand more about what is going on around the world. The app covers topics, such as fashion, music, celebrities, humor, sports, and almost any other topic you can think of.

Three of my best Wishbone alternatives are Pollie, Social Interview, and Pyne. These three apps also allow you to get more details about the world around you.

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1. Pollie: Create Polls

A screenshot of the Pollie app homepage.

Voice Polls is a platform for people to give and receive opinions. You can use the app to create surveys and questions that you then use to collect opinions from people. It is an ideal app when you need to know what people feel about a given topic.

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You have the ability to browse and answer several questions or ask the questions that are burning inside of you. The features allow you to upload media, such as YouTube videos, Giphy GIFs, tweets, SoundCloud tracks, and Google Maps among others. The media makes the surveys and the questions easier to understand for the users of the platform.

You can then share your surveys on Twitter and Facebook and then embed them on Blogger, BlogSpot, WordPress, and Tumblr.

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2. Voliz – Poll on WhatsApp

This is a screenshot of the Voliz app installation page.

Social Interview also collects opinions of people from around the world. It is the work of 7Span Tools. According to the developer, the app has more than 40 million people and the number keeps growing every day. On the app, people can ask questions on personal topics or any other topic they have.

The app allows people to compete with their friends on Facebook on different fronts. Users have to ask and answer questions on the platform to stay engage and show love to the people they care about. The app also allows users to receive ratings of their photos and any other content they upload on Facebook.

You will get reactions and comments in real-time, which is so much fun.

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3. Pollscape – Poll in Real-Time

A screenshot of the pollscape app homepage.

This is another app where users ask questions and collect opinions from people. You can have daily questions and queries and curiosities and have other members give you opinions. It is accessible to users from all over the world. Users can browse through polls posted by other people and leave interesting, fun, and casual opinions about different topics.

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You can also leave ratings and votes on different polls on topics, such as dating, sports, politics, business, lifestyle, and so many others.

The selling point of this app is that it is fast, whether you want to answer or ask a question on the platform. Type in the question you want to ask and choose whether it is a yes or no question or a multiple-choice question. If it is a multiple-choice question, you need to type the choices. The app also presents you with one question at a time, and you can tap to answer.

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4. What Would You Choose? Rather

A screenshot of the What Would You Choose? Rather App installation page.

This is an app by DH3 Games. Unlike the first three apps up there, this app is like a game that is full of questions, queries, and stats, and you can navigate through these and keep track of the answers. You will get hundreds of scenarios to choose from and the game expects you to choose what you like the most.

Some of the scenarios you have to choose from include whether to be a superhero or a villain, whether to do laundry or do dishes, or whether you prefer singing or dancing. Some of the scenarios might be confusing as you may love both, but you still have to pick one that you love. It is a fun way to gather people’s likes and dislikes and a great way to bring families together.

In all the scenarios, there is no vulgar language at all. You have to deal with ads, however, but that is a small price for the fun in the app.

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5. Best Price Comparison Shopping

This is a screenshot of the Best Price Comparison Shopping app installation page.

If you would love to compare prices online, this app lets you do just that. You can use it to hunt for deals and discounts for several products, including mobile phones, laptops, TVs, and cameras among other electronics. The app scans hundreds of online shopping sites and brings back the results of millions of products from across the sites.

Some of the eCommerce stores that the app explores include Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Ezoneonline, Univercell, Infibeam, The IT Depot, Next, The Mobile Store, and Saholic among hundreds of others.

You will see the best prices for products online, and you can also see deals, such as discounts and others. There are also expert reviews and consumer reviews on the products, so you can be sure of the quality of the product you want to buy.

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6. We Heart It

This is a screenshot of the We Heart It app homepage.

This is a photo comparison and saving site. The app allows you to discover and compare photos from your most favorite subjects and saves them for you in the cloud or can save them on your iOS or Android device. It works almost the same way as Pinterest, but you have the ability to explore and compare photos before you save them.

You can search for tags from photos and add tags to the photos you upload. When exploring, you can search for these tags and see what other users have been uploading. Users can follow each other’s accounts to access the content of these users as soon as they upload photos.

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When you follow an account, any content they upload and any changes they make will appear on the primary feed. Click the heart button when you find a photo you like.

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7. The Moron Test

A screenshot of The Moron Test App installation page.

This is another app with questions. However, this comes in the form of a game with puzzles and so many other challenges to get through. It is not a Q&A app like the others, but a challenges app that comes in the form of a game. Developed by DistinctDev, the app was meant to make users develop a sharper brain function by exposing them to puzzles and challenges that awaken the inner genius.

Each section one opens, there are hundreds of puzzles to get through. Like Wishbone, this app allows you to see results from around the world of what people are doing. There is a leaderboard, beautiful graphics, global achievements, great music, and sound effects, and funny characters to complete the gameplay.

There are sections, such as Winter Break, Old School, Tricky Treat, and Skip Day among others. You can play the game with friends and watch them win or fail in the game.

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Google PlayStore

8. SurveyHeart – Online Survey, Questionnaire & Poll

This is a screenshot of the SurveyHeart app homepage.

SoPo is completely like Wishbone with only a few differences. Wishbone allows you to compare anything while SoPo allows you to review and poll everything. It is a social review and polling app developed by the Social Polling App Inc.

You can see the topics that are trending and then compare different scenarios and topics like you would on Wishbone. You can share your opinion through the app and even vote on different polls posted by users. If you want to create a poll or ask for opinions, the app allows you to do just that. You only need 30 seconds to create polls.

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You can send up to 10 poll cards for more fun every day. Once you create your polls, you can share them on social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram. This way, you can garner opinions and votes from several other people.

You can search for polls from the app and give your opinion. You can also follow topics and seek the opinion of other people and have so much fun.

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9. InboxDollarSurveys

A screenshot of the InboxDollars App homepage.

This is another polling app where you can seek the opinions of people. You will get real-time feedback from your poll questions on whichever topic you choose. You can search polls and questions on different topics posted by other people and answer them. However, this app pays people who answer survey questions. When you start a survey, you have to pay.

The app claims to have millions of members who love giving their opinions and votes on different topics and scenarios. You can, therefore, use it to compare anything just like you would with Wishbone. The questions on surveys are mostly about brands and products helping companies get better.

There are different crowd communities, including women, animal lovers, music lovers, and YouTubers among others.

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10. Doubts

This is a screenshot of the Doubts App installation page.

Doubts is another free question and answer app. The platform allows you to ask questions and doubts from the users and get instant answers from the users. You can type in your questions into the question boxes and get answers with ease.

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It also allows you to switch between different search engines in the search for answers to your questions. The simple user interface makes it easy for you to search for questions on different topics and ask your questions to the audience. You can use it as an app that solves your problems, and you can also use it for your homework.

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Google PlayStore

11. Answers

A screenshot of the Answer App installation page.

This is another Q&A platform designed for students. Unlike Wishbone, which allows you to compare anything and get answers for fun, this app allows you to get answers for school work. You can post your doubts and queries and get answers ASAP. You can also answer questions to help other people with their homework.

It is a free app that helps students solve their most challenging problems at school. Before you post a question, you can explore features to see if there are solved questions that can help you.

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Google PlayStore

12. Slido

A screenshot of the Slido app homepage.

Slido is like Wishbone, but for businesses. It is a paid app that you can use to poll people. Unlike Wishbone, it has a limited number of members with the free app only allowing 100 members to interact. During the interaction, members can ask live questions and answers and create polls to be voted on.

You will collect analysis of results from the polls and get live feedback from the users. It is for business meetings and companies that want to get information from their employees on any day. The paid version accepts up to 200 members and unlimited polls and quizzes.

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Wishbone FAQs

Can teens use Wishbone?

Yes. The app is rated `17+, but teens as young as 13 can use it. The app does not allow illegal or sexually explicit content, making it a good choice for teens.

What is Wishbone all about?

The app is about polls and questions and answers. You get a poll to choose one of two items, and you can also create a poll for other users to vote on.

How Does Wishbone make money?

Since this is a free app, there are ads popping up every other minute. This can be distracting, but it is the price of using a free app.

Are there parental controls on the app?

No. You cannot control what the teens see. However, the app doesn’t allow teens or anyone else to search for pornographic or inappropriate content.

Is Wishbone free?

Yes, you never have to pay anything to start using the app.