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12 Apps Similar to Grain Credit

This is a screenshot of the Grain Credit App homepage.

Building and fixing credit wasn’t the simplest thing to do in the past. Sometimes this meant meeting with credit and debt counselors, talking to collections agencies, and even paying credit repair specialists to fix your history.

Personally, it was such a confusing process that it caused a feeling of anxiety just thinking about it. It can be challenging to choose a starting point.

Thankfully, apps like Grain have emerged in the last couple of years, making credit management more accessible than ever. Grain is a digital credit line that helps you build credit fast.

Grain monitors your cash flow by inspecting your bank accounts. The app then decides a suitable credit line it believes you can manage based on your income and spending habits. Grain is useful as a credit builder and emergency fund source. It’s available in the App Store.

Brigit, a similar app, operates similarly. Brigit uses your pay dates to decide on a loan that can help you build your credit. Although Brigit doesn’t offer a revolving credit line like Grain, it helps boost your credit score.

There are apps like Self, which operate more like a secured credit card. You fund the credit line yourself, and using the Self Visa card builds up your credit as you make purchases. There’s no hard credit pull, and the app also offers loads of unique features like credit monitoring.

There’s also Chime, which acts as an actual bank account. Chime has the option to order their credit builder card. This credit builder card is linked to the debit account. You transfer money instantly between the two, and the credit card “pays off” the balance every month with the cash you’ve moved into it.

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Let’s take a look at some of our top picks for apps similar to Grain. These apps all play a role in credit, wealth, and investment management.

Personal Capital

This is a screenshot of the Personal Capital homepage.

Personal Capital doesn’t provide a credit line or tap into your cash flow. However, it is like Grain because it gives you an overview of your complete financial portfolio.

This app tracks and consolidates all of your financial accounts (checking, investment, credit, loans, etc.) and allows them to be managed under one interface. There’s no need to switch between several apps, which becomes frustrating and confusing.

With this app, you can keep track of your credit score, bank account balances, loans, and investments. It also displays your overall net worth based on your financial accounts.

Personal Capital is free to download and use. It is available on the App Store and Google Play.


This is a screenshot of the Unifimoney homepage.

Unifimoney is a bit different than Grain. Much like Grain, it does incorporate your checking account with your credit line. However, Unifimoney is the provider of several account options you have.

When a user signs up for Unifimoney, they are provided with a high-interest checking account, a credit card, and a Robo investment platform. This smart app utilizes the best practices for every user to obtain short-term passive income and long-term growth.

For new investors, this app can eliminate a ton of headaches. It simplifies and unifies all your accounts and gives you the best possible results.

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Unifimoney is free to download for all users. It’s available on the App Store exclusively.


This is a screenshot of the Tellus homepage.

Tellus manages your financial portfolio and helps boost your credit, much like Grain. However, Tellus is an all-in-one app for busy investors.

This app can seriously manage any investment you have. If you’re the type of investor who plays the stock market, has high-yield accounts, and owns real estate, this is the app for you.

Tellus provides high-yield checking and savings accounts, but that’s just the start. This app helps with lucrative real-estate investments from start to finish. Tellus helps with the home loan portion to property management.

If you’re a jack of all trades and have your hand in several pots, Tellus is probably for you. The best part is that the app is completely free.

Tellus is available on the App Store and Google Play.


This is a screenshot of the Earnin homepage.

Earnin is a little different than Grain. However, it does provide emergency funds in the same manner the Grain credit line does.

With Earnin, you connect the debit account where you receive your direct deposit. Earnin can give you an advance on your next paycheck based on wages you’ve already earned in the event of an emergency.

There are no interest fees, and the turnaround is relatively quick. Depending on your paycheck amounts, you can borrow up to $500 per month.

Earnin is available on the App Store and Google Play. It is free for all users to download.


This is a screenshot of the Moneylion homepage.

MoneyLion is an all-in-one personal finance app very similar to Grain. MoneyLion provides you with a checking account and savings account.

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Instead of offering a credit line, MoneyLion offers a low APR loan to help build your credit. MoneyLion also manages crypto investments for its users.

To gain access to credit building loans, members do have to pay a low monthly fee. All the other features are free of charge.

Just deposit your paychecks into the checking accounts, and MoneyLion will use this to determine the loan amount. These low-interest loans are great for building credit.

MoneyLion is available on the App Store and Google Play.


This is a screenshot of the Brigit homepage.

Brigit is another app that is very similar to Earnin. It allows users access to emergency funds in the same way the Grain credit line does. Brigit also alerts you about upcoming payments and overdrafts.

Users connect Brigit to their most active bank account. Based on their deposit and spending history, users can obtain up to $250 per week interest-free. This loan is taken out of your next direct deposit on payday.

The amount you can borrow is based solely on your bank activity and not necessarily the amount of your paycheck. It helps to have a history of good spending habits and positive balances.

Brigit is completely free to download and there is no fee for the loan. You can find Brigit on the App Store and Google Play.

Possible Finance

This is a screenshot of the Possible Finance homepage.

Possible Finance is similar to Grain in the way that it provides a multi-purpose financial tool. With this app, you can gain access to emergency funds, improve your credit, and reclaim what was yours.

Possible can regain money for you that has been lost in unfair fees and other charges. You can gain access to up to $500 through a loan that can be paid back in installments.

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The best part about Possible Finance is that there are no interest fees. The turnaround for the payment is usually one day or less.

There is a downside to Possible Finance. It has restrictions based on location as services are only available in certain states. Availability continues to expand as time goes on.

Possible Finance is available whether you use the App Store or Google Play.


This is a screenshot of the Chime homepage.

Chime is one of the original players in the online bank and finance management scene. They started with just a simple checking account and debit card but have remained competitive over the years by adding new features regularly.

Chime offers a credit building card that taps into the debit account. You simply transfer whatever you’d like to spend into the credit builder account, and Chime “pays off” your credit charges each month.

There’s also a savings account built into the mix. You can make mobile deposits on checks, and if you get into a pinch, Chime can help.

The “Spot-Me” fee-free overdraft can loan you up to $100. Simply get your direct deposit sent to your Chime account.

Chime is completely free to use and download for all users. The checking account has no fees attached to it.

You can download Chime on the App Store and Google Play.


This is a screenshot of the Self Finance App homepage.

Self is a great app to help you build your credit. Like Grain, it provides a complete overview of your financial situation.

This app provides you with a look into your financial situation by giving you access to credit monitoring. You can keep track of your score and also receive tips on how to budget and save money.

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By investing a set amount of money, Self opens a secured credit line through their Self Visa card. Simply make your payments on time each month and watch your credit score multiply.

Self is completely free to use and there are no fees. It’s available on the App Store and Google Play.


This is a screenshot of the Acorns homepage.

Acorns are similar to Grain by allowing you to keep track of your investments. Acorn’s specialty is stocking specifically. It utilizes your debit account for financial growth purposes.

Acorns is more than just an app that allows you to invest in the stock market. The makers of this app changed the game completely.

Basically, with Acorns you can open your debit account or link your current bank. With each transaction, Acorns rounds up your spare change and invests it into the stocks of your choice.

When you set up your account, you can decide what type of investing you’d prefer. Long-term, wealth-building, and even retirement are all options. Simply set up your portfolio by answering a few questions, and Acorns does the rest.

You can also earn rewards based on where you spend your money at. Earn discounts, cash-back, and referral bonuses as you use your debit card.

Acorns is completely free to download and has a small monthly fee. The fee is based on what level of account you’d like to open.

You can download Acorns on the App Store and Google Play.


This is a screenshot of the Current app homepage.

Current is another app with similarities to Chime and Grain. It’s an all-in-one financial service that utilizes your bank account to boost your credit and financial status.

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Current offers financial management services for all users. There are no unfair fees, and all withdrawals are free at over 55,000 ATMs. You can also get paid two days faster with their direct deposit service.

With Current, you have the chance to earn points and rewards on all your purchases. Simply choose the brands you love most and stores you frequent, and Current will reward you for spending there.

There is also Overdrive available for Current users. Simply receive your direct deposit to your Current account, and you qualify for a $100 fee-free overdraft.

Current is completely free to download and there are no fees attached. You can find it on the App Store and Google Play.


This is a screenshot of the SoFi Banking App Homepage.

SoFi is another all-in-one financial tool similar to Grain. Like Grain, SoFi can provide you with a loan based on your cash flow and credit history. SoFi users benefit from their checking account, with options for savings and investment accounts as well.

With the SoFi investment accounts, you can play stocks or crypto. The investment funds can instantly be transferred to or from your bank account.

SoFi also provides a credit profile and tips on how to improve your credit score. You can receive alerts and tips to boost your credit situation.

There is also a SoFi credit card with a low-interest rate. Users also benefit from other features such as rewards and help with student loans.

SoFi is free to download for all users. There are some fees attached to certain services.

You can find SoFi on the App Store and Google Play.

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FAQs about Grain

How does the Grain credit line work?

The Grain credit line is based on your cash flow and not your credit score. Sync your debit account with Grain, and the revolving credit line is established based on your cash flow and spending habits.

How big is the credit line?

The credit line will vary based on your bank account. The largest possible amount is $1,000.

Does Grain check your credit score?

Grain doesn’t determine eligibility based on your credit score. They may run a small credit check, but this is not a hard pull and will not affect your credit line opportunity.