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9 Apps Similar To Yik Yak

Hand holding a phone with Yik Yak app.

Nowadays, we can’t picture our lives without internet communication. We can transmit communications to any location on the planet. But, If you miss the anonymity or the simplicity of Yik Yak’s social networking on your android device, here are the nine best Yik Yak alternatives that you should check out:

  1. Jodel – Best Yik Yak Alternative
  2. – Connect Anonymously
  3. Ask.FM – Ask Anonymously
  4. Whisper – Share and express
  5. Candid – Speak Your Mind
  6. Psst! – Anonymous Private Messaging
  7. Wakie Chat – Talk to Strangers
  8. NoName – Private and Anonymous Chat
  9. Anomo – Sociably Anonymous

There is no shortage of anonymous messaging apps available these days. These applications come with diverse styles, interfaces, and functionalities to wow their users. If you need an anonymous chat app for whatever reason, these are the apps for you. Having stated that, how do they relate to Yik Yak?

How are the Apps Like Yik Yak?

Even if you’ve never heard of Yik Yak, you probably know someone who has. Users of the messaging software could publish brief, tweetlike messages on a board visible to those within a 5-mile radius. It was trendy in university towns due to its anonymity and focused on local communities.

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However, these nine apps all share similar features to Yik Yak, and they can all be used anonymously.

1. Jodel – Best Yik Yak Alternative

Smartphone with Jodel app on the screen.

Jodel is one of the best Yik Yak replacements since it is the most similar to the app in terms of features and functionality. The software is entirely free and anonymous. To register, provide your location, and you’re ready to go.

Jodels are postings on the app split into three categories: newest, most commented on, and loudest. The first two are self-evident.

The most popular Jodels among users is the Loudest Jodels (the voting mechanism is identical to Yik Yak’s). Jodel is already well-known among college students, particularly in Northern Europe. Users may view other people’s posts within a 10-kilometer (6.2-mile) radius — a little greater than Yik Yak’s range.

Like Yik Yak, the community reviews the post, and postings are removed if more than five individuals give them a low rating. Jodel distinguishes itself from Yik Yak in numerous ways. First and foremost, it appears to be different.

The feed is significantly more colorful, with each post highlighted in a different hue, which may irritate some users but benefit others. Jodel began in Germany, but its success expanded to Europe, including Sweden, France, and Norway.

While Yik Yak dominates the North American, UK, and Australian markets, Jodel dominates the European market. Both firms are vying for the same target audience: young students who want to share their thoughts with other students in their area while remaining anonymous.

It is just a matter of time before those two firms go head to head for the same market. Who will triumph in this battle? It’s difficult to say.

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2. – Connect Anonymously app showing on the smartphone screen.

With Connected.2me You may either build a profile with a photo and some information about yourself or leave it blank. This software ensures your total security and anonymity. People can talk with you using a pseudonym that conceals their identity once you reveal your profile.

Like Yik Yak, you may follow others’ identities to find out when they’re online and discuss with them. Celebrities, experts, and specialists may all expose themselves on, and you can interact with them as well as pose questions or reveal your secrets. You can join the random chat as soon as you start the app.

Connected2Me today has 2.8 million registered members from all over the world; most of them are in their teens and early twenties, according to the creators. The site’s mobile user base has grown significantly, from 700,000 in December 2019 to 1.4 million in January 2021.

Both registered and non-registered users can use Connected2Me for free. However, the site makes money by allowing registered users to buy credits and promote their accounts, increasing their exposure on the site, perhaps resulting in more individuals interacting with you.

3. Ask.FM – Ask Anonymously

Dark room with phone showing Ask,FM app on its screen.

Ask.FM is an anonymous question board app. While you must sign in to use the app, and it doesn’t genuinely make your profile anonymous except when you’re asking questions, it still has a lot of momentum due to the vast number of individuals who use it to have intriguing discussions with strangers, much more.

You may make a profile for yourself and then share it with your friends. If you wish to meet new individuals, use the search feature and input your interests, the app will list persons who share your interests.

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To earn ASK coins, you must ask and answer questions. To gain ASK coins, send open questions to your friends. The more intriguing your questions are, the more likely it is that someone will respond!

Answering any question, whether open, anonymous or delivered via Shoutout, is another method to earn ASK money. Gather ASK coins to spend in the ASKfm market.

You may select whether or not to reveal your identity each time you ask a question by tapping on the “Ask anonymously” option, which will change to “Ask openly.” If you don’t want to receive inquiries from anonymous people, go to the settings, then to the “Profile” area, and turn this option off.

4. Whisper Share And Express

Close-up of smartphone with whisper app displayed on its screen.

Whisper has been around for a while, and while it is pretty similar to Yik Yak, its user base includes people from many areas of life. Whisper includes capabilities such as anonymous posting and commenting on other people’s posts.

Whispers (as Whisper postings are known) are classified based on popularity, region, and other criteria. There’s also a search option where you may look for Whispers that include particular terms and connect with individuals who share your interests.

Whisper is a young-targeted anonymous chat and publishing app. Whisper was founded in 2012, a year before Yik Yak, and it now has over 30 million monthly active users and generates about 17 billion whispers each month.

Whisper’s developers, like Yik Yak’s, benefited immensely from providing anonymity to its users. However, instead of ‘Yaks,’ users on this platform can send each other’ whispers.’ Whisper also supports groups, allowing you to form groups for your institution and have a more Yik Yak-like experience.

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The program employs ratings for users to maintain material at a user-moderated level, so users may determine whether or not to speak with an anonymous individual based on the rating other people have given them. The software makes every effort to avoid harassment and abuse, and you can permanently ban users if necessary.

5. Candid –Speak Your Mind

Screenshot of Candid app homepage.

You can also try Candid, which is an excellent Yik Yak alternative. The app has a nice look, and postings are in decks with curved corners, similar to how iOS 10 handles widgets and alerts.

The program divides postings into four categories: “New,” “Hot,” “Community,” and “Nearby.” It’s easy to understand the names, and essential information is usually in “Nearby” and “Community” (The app can be linked with your job or school).

You may also join groups based on your interests and anonymously express your opinions using the app. If you don’t see the type of organization you want, you may always start one and recruit members.

Candid also has messaging capabilities, allowing you to communicate with people you’re interested in or who have similar viewpoints.

The program does ask for your phone number and access to your Facebook account, but you may easily bypass these steps if you want to stay anonymous.

6. Psst! – Anonymous Private Messaging

Screenshot of Psst! app homepage.

Psst! Anonymous is a private messaging software very similar to Yik Yak, built on a social networking structure. It is an anonymous social networking and messaging application that enables smartphone users to communicate securely over the internet.

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The app’s main features are letting users manage their messaging platform once they have sent messages and providing an identity-less private messaging system.

For the sake of the readers’ information, Psst! Anonymous is nothing like a standard texting app. You may use this program to share your thoughts, experiences, and news, as well as for private texting.

It provides secure means of communication, allows for highly advanced social networking, is fully customizable, and allows users to delete records once the recipient has read the message.

Other users of this program can vote on your posts, leave comments, and interact with them. If you’re interested in someone, you may subscribe to their posts and receive notifications anytime they make a new post.

7. Wakie Chat – Talk to Strangers

Screenshot of Wakie app homepage.

Wakie Chat is an anonymous chat software that allows you to communicate with strangers about any topic. It is an excellent alternative to Yik Yak, and if you’re bored, or if you’ve had a long and stressful day, and you want to relax and have a good time, then open this app and start meeting new people.

The fundamental concept behind this software is that you may express yourself without fear of being criticized. Regardless of your beliefs, looks, nationality, language, or other characteristics, you will be accepted here.

Wakie is a welcoming environment that transforms strangers into friends willing to listen to you with an open heart. Maybe you want to put your newly acquired foreign language skills to use?

Or perhaps you’re under pressure to preserve a secret that you can’t honestly discuss with a friend? You can find the proper conversation with the right partners for every life case in the Wakie app.

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8. NoName – Private And Anonymous Chat

Screenshot of NoName app homepage.

Next on the “Yik Yak paddy wack, give us users a similar app” is the app NoName. It is a smartphone app that offers users an anonymous chat room. NoName is a chatting program developed for those who enjoy speaking with genuine and new people in a secure and confidential atmosphere.

Looking for interesting people to chat with when you are bored, this is the place to be. NoName is an app that will allow you to have real-time conversations with real people on open issues. After starting the program, all you have to do is enter your username, and you’re ready to begin conversing with new individuals.

There is no need to establish an account because NoName does not need any registration or account setup. Using NoName, you can talk about any topic you want without restrictions.

You may also build your profile and submit a photo to increase your chances of being seen by others. The chat rooms provided by NoName are suitable for all types of sharing and attachments.

9. Anomo – Sociably Anonymous

Screenshot of Anomo app homepage.

Last but not least, on the Yik Yak alternatives is Anomo. Anomo is an anonymous social networking program that allows users to keep their identities hidden while developing social relationships around a similar interest.

This easy-to-use software is one of the most innovative and inventive ways to engage with actual individuals who are foreign to you. This mobile-based community is essentially democratizing the way individuals interact socially.

This all-in-one social bundle will provide you the ability to interact with other individuals based on shared interests. Once you’ve created a profile, the app will learn about you and match you with individuals who share your interests.

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As a result, it will aid you in discovering matching friendships all around the world. Anomo also allows users to communicate anonymously via talking, playing games, and doing various other tasks.

You may safely share your personal information if you feel safe while speaking with someone. You can also choose to remain anonymous at all times if you so want.

Is Yik Yak Still Available?

After a devastating end in 2017, the anonymous gossip app previously popular among college students has resurfaced.

On Monday, August 16th, 2021, Yik Yak was reintroduced to the iOS App Store under new management, reigniting interest in the long-dead social network. As of yet, the app is not available for Android phones.

Although the app does not currently have clear misleading policies, a sidebar within the new app directs users to “stay safe” sites that cover a variety of concerns that may occur on the app, including ridesharing, bullying, sexual consent, and COVID-19.

Being aware of a social network’s issues and regulating them at a large scale are two very different concepts. Yik Yak is anonymous, but it’s also a locationbased app that focuses on what’s going on in real life within a certain radius, which could exacerbate the moderating issue.

On the new Yik Yak, which focuses on location-based sharing, users can send messages, known as “yaks,” to anyone within a five-mile radius. If you’re in a remote area without yaks, you can pass the time by reading the confessions on a list of popular national postings.

For the time being, many of the highest-ranking posts are exuberant talk about the app’s comeback from former Yik Yak enthusiasts — primarily younger millennials who have since graduated from college.

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Although Yik Yak has resurrected, you still have a lot of apps to choose from that offer similar functionality and that most people on your campus, school, or work are ready to start using. One of the best Yik Yak alternatives is Jodel, which functions may even surpass Yik Yak.

However, Jodel may not be the only alternative that might suit your needs. In addition to Yik Yak and Jodel, there are several other anonymous messaging apps that you can use.

Better yet, most of them pay attention to how to protect you from abuse and harassment. However, I hope you will protect your personal information, keep yourself safe and be kind to others when using these apps.


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