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How to Find Someone on Telegram App

Woman using Telegram app on iPhone.

The Telegram app is a fantastic app if you want to go above and beyond the standard messaging tools. Finding people to chat with is a breeze, even for people like me who don’t have many connections. You can find other users with the Telegram app using these strategies:

Inviting Your Friends and Social Media Contacts

One way to find other people on the Telegram app is to use the “invite friends” feature. You’ll need to open your Telegram app and then tap on the three-bar menu icon in the top left corner of the screen. 

Telegram Welcome Page

Next, tap on the seventh menu option to “invite friends.” You’ll then see a long list of all your contacts. Scroll down your contact list to find friends you want to interact with using the Telegram app. When you’re finished adding your friends to the list, you’ll then need to tap “invite to telegram.” 

Telegram Invite Friends tab

Your friends will then receive a link to download the Telegram application so that you can communicate with them regularly using the app. You can apparently use the “invite friends” feature to share the Telegram app on social media pages to find and interest more people as well.

You’ll still need to tap on the “invite friends” menu option. However, instead of selecting friends from your contacts list, you’ll tap on where it says “share Telegram” right above the first person in your contacts. Then you’ll find the icon for your respective app and share the Telegram link on any sites you feel will gain traction. You might find new people that way as well. 

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Find People Nearby

Telegram People Nearby page

One of the quickest and most resourceful ways to find someone on the Telegram app is to use the “find people nearby” feature. To do this, you’ll need to open your Telegram app. You’ll see a three-line menu icon on the upper left side of the screen. Tap that to display the menu options. 

Look at your menu options, and you will see the fourth option that says “people nearby.” Tap that to open the contents. If you have your location enabled, you’ll see a list of users near to you. The list will also include the exact distance those individuals are away from you. The distance information makes it easier for you to select people closest to you if you prefer to only associate with local people. 

Communicating with New People

A group of friends using smartphones.

You can view anyone’s profile who seems interesting and learn more about that person. The profile information may show details, such as the person’s username, gender, interests, sexual orientation, relationship status, and the like. Having those details available will allow you to decide whether you should contact the person. 

You’ll have several menu options once you get on an interesting person’s profile page. Messaging the individual is one choice you have. You can also choose to add that person to your contacts, block the user, or start a secret chat. Additionally, you can request a video chat with the individual or press the phone button to make a call.