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15 Apps Similar to Mercari

A close look at the Mercari App logo showing on a smartphone.

Mercari is a brilliant app created by the corporation Mercari Inc. The app is the simplest way for a typical person, looking to make some extra cash, to buy or sell their unwanted possessions. All you need is your phone or tablet.

Trade any brand you love. There are over a million listings. Therefore, you can only guess at all the possible deals waiting for you.

And don’t worry about scammers. Mercari offers buyer protection. So, your money is secured until what you buy arrives, and you state that you got what you desired.

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Google Play

Some of Mercari’s features:

1. Easy trading system: After the buyer gets what you shipped and rated the transaction, you then are prompted to rate the buyer before your account is credited. There is a two-dollar fee for quick payout or an option for a free direct deposit which may take up to a week.

2. Shipping guarantee: The buyer pays for shipping. Mercari provides a two hundred dollar Protection with every shipping label. Therefore, don’t worry; you are covered for things not delivered or damaged during transportation.

3. Take advantage of “Mercari Now” (Limited availability): Items under fifty pounds that can fit in a typical trunk can be retrieved and delivered by way of Postmates.

4. Authenticating: Selling something expensive? You will probably want an accurate selling price. Mercari allows you to have your items authenticated by their team. The process is simple and costs less than ten dollars.

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Mercari is a great app, but there are alternatives out there.

Top 3 Best Apps Like Mercari


This is a screenshot of the Poshmark App homepage.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

A free highly-rated app, Poshmark like Mercari is about buying and selling items. However, Poshmark primarily deals with fashion. Think high-end clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.

Quality is of high concern and the Poshmark community of sellers is held to an elevated standard. The app encourages sellers to list high-end and exclusive items, and will at times eliminate listings for being too parallel to what is already available.

You can rely on easy-to-print pre-paid labels for shipping roofed by the buyer. Therefore, shipping is quick and effortless.

Poshmark may be better, in comparison to Mercari, for sellers of fashion that don’t mind some restrictions.


This is the screenshot of the Depop App homepage.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

Depop, a free app, is all about clothing and fashion too. Many fashion enthusiasts love the site. They sell hand-picked and once loved clothing at reasonable prices.

Depop has a social element to it also. You can easily follow sellers or buyers. Looking for someone with similar taste or style? By following them, you will be the first to know of new trends they are engaged in.

It is often encouraged to start a Depop account alongside Instagram or tick-tock and use both to self-promote.

Depop makes transactions easy with PayPal, a trusted platform that values buyer and seller security.

All in all, if you are into social media and gathering followers while encouraging sales, Depop is perhaps more fit than Mercari for selling clothing.

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This is the screenshot of the 5miles homepage.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

5miles, a free app, is wonderful, like Mercari, for everyday people to buy or sell used possessions locally. The app makes it easy to learn about good deals in your area.

Users can buy or sell items, find a residence, hire freelancers, or learn about job opportunities.

5miles, as the name indicates, allows the selling of items to buyers that are up to five miles away. There is a verification process because of this restriction.

The app also makes it easy to share listed items on social media. Also, there is a cool chat option that can enhance the buyer/seller experience.

Other Apps Like Mercari


This is the screenshot of the Etsy homepage.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

A well-known and high-rated app, free to use, with an awesome website. Think of it as an online marketplace for handmade items like jewelry, vintage things that normally can’t be easily found elsewhere, and other similar items.

Etsy allows for the selling or buying of a wide range of items like fashion, figurines, tennis shoes, and homemade crafts. If you love buying from small businesses/artists that produce their own products usually by hand, Etsy is a great option.


This is a screenshot of the Shein homepage.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

This, free to use, the online store allows users to buy or sell men’s and women’s clothing. Furthermore, the app offers free shopping for items above a certain amount. You will also find beauty products at reasonable prices.

Shein currently allows worldwide shipping with tracking and has a great return policy.

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This is a screenshot of the Carousell homepage.

Download on Google Play Store

This free app allows for the selling of a broad range of items. For example, listings can include items like books, automobiles, furniture, motorcycles, and much more. Carousell doesn’t require extra charges like fees for listings or commissions.

The app is super user-friendly and accessible. Keep in mind though that Carousell currently caters only to a limited number of countries and America isn’t one of them.


This is the screenshot of the ebay homepage.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

eBay, a free space to use, is a long-time contender in the field of allowing users to buy and sell used or new items. Currently one of the most well-known marketplaces online. You will find eBay is a great option.

With eBay, you can search through a broad range of items from sellers who generally offer reasonably priced products, used or new. As a buyer, you can also utilize eBay’s bidding system where you can outbid other buyers to get an item at a price you decide is worth it. If you are a seller, there are free listing options along with the ability to allow your items to be sold at a set price or bid on.


This is the screenshot of the ASOS app homepage.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

ASOS is a free and popular app that offers the buying/selling of fashion or beauty products. The app largely aims to appease a younger audience.

The app allows the user to search through a broad range of items. This is possible with a great search bar, where categories are used to keep things easy to find.

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The app also has a convenient push notification system. Therefore, you can effortlessly get alerts whenever a sale begins or is about to end. No need to miss out on good deals.

ASOS has a large userbase and is available in over a hundred different countries.


This is the screenshot of the StockX Homepage.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

Do you just love sneakers? StockX, a free app, is the definitive paradise for all sneakerheads. It is a safe and easy way to buy or sell shoes from well-known brands, like Nike.

Additionally, the app allows users the ability to buy or sell watches, urban clothing, purses, and other fashion items.

StockX focuses a lot on quality. Therefore, there is an authentication process to ensure that brands being sold are legitimate.

The app has found itself praised by many popular publications, like the Forbes and New York Times. Therefore, you can believe the hype and trust that you are on a safe platform.


This is a screenshot of the Tophatter installation page.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

Tophatter is a free app that has found popularity for its unique bidding system. Its ninety-second auctions are what make the system fun. With over a million listings currently, there is a broad range of items to pick from.

This app encourages the user to indulge in the excitement of competing in quick auctions. This process ensures the user will have fun shopping and generally buy at reasonable prices.

Tophatter has cool and unique features. For example, the app gives alerts about newly available products, and every item starts at a dollar for biding. The user only pays if they win.

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This is a screenshot of the PLNDR homepage.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

Plndr is a free mobile app made by Karmaloop. This platform is all about flash sales for clothing. Anything from streetwear or high-end fashion is available. You can expect discounts that will take off up to 80%.

It has an easy and simply comprehensible interface for iOS or Android. A great feature is the ability to invite friends to use the app. Each friend that joins the fun will earn you credits for their referrals.

Plndr lists plentiful known brands. Shop for deals across the globe with ease by way of attractive features like fast checkouts, utilizing various deals at once, announcing products to social media, and locating a nearby store.

The app has over a million users and is available in more than one hundred popular nations.


This is a screenshot of the Tradesy homepage.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

Tradesy, a free app, is great for people looking for designer outfits, accessories, and even handbags but at a discount. Women will find it has a great selection of clothing styles for their desires.

The app also will send its users free shipping set to use to ship almost anything. Tradesy as well guarantees that only authentic items are listed for sale.


This is the screenshot of the Thredup homepage.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

ThredUp is a highly rated app that is free to use. This app is fast, easy, and a great solution for selling used clothes to the world.

Whether it is everyday ladies’ attire, maternity, or items like jewelry, ThredUp is seamless for finding your next outfit. The market calls its process of reselling “upcycling” and aims to process heaps of garments internationally.

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Additionally, ThredUp is all about discounts and deals. You can find offers around ninety percent off the typical price on certain items.

Furthermore, selling is simple and easy. The app’s team will handle most of the process for you. After they send you what they call a “cleanout kit” (this comes with a free shipping label), you fill it with your used clothing. The ThredUp staff will then inspect your items. The clothing they accept will be listed at a reasonable price by the system with no effort on your part.


This is the screenshot of the LetGo Homepage.

Download on Google Play Store

Letgo is a free app with a good following. If you ever found yourself wondering what to do with extra clutter, then this app is for you. As the title dictates, the app encourages to list things that just need to be let go of. So, with the app, you can take items in your home you have no use for and make some extra cash easily.

This app is great for sellers, but also it’s a wonderful place for buyers. There are lots of items listed at reasonable rates. The app is also user-friendly with a welcoming community.


This is a screenshot of the Varagesale homepage.

Download on Google Play Store

This app is free and versatile. VarageSale allows you to buy and sell in its marketplace. However, it is one of the few platforms that require an identity check. All users must be managed manually before getting permission to buy/sell. Users can view customer responses, read or submit reviews, or even check ratings for listed items.

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VarageSale is a reliable app with a comprehensible interface. It also allows users to cruise relevant classified listings effortlessly to ensures a tailored shopping experience.

The app likewise supports numerous popular languages like French, English, Chinese, etc.