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How Fast Does a Lightning Cable Charge?

Close up photo of chrging cables for phone.

You know the experience of owning a phone that you need to charge all the time. Admit it, we all love to spend a lot of time on our cell phones these days, and it can sometimes lead to situations where we have to constantly charge our phones over and over again because we are burning through the batteries on them very quickly.

This is an experience that people are all too familiar with as they get frustrated by having to wait around for their phone to charge yet again. This may be a good reason to consider investing in a lightning cable charger. 

Lightning Fast

A lightning cable connects apple iPhone to MacBook.

As the name implies, a lightning cable charger is intended to charge one’s electronic devices at lightning speeds. The average smartphone user does not want to have to spend any more time than absolutely necessary to get their phone charged up so they can continue using it, and that is why they rely on something like a lightning speed charger to help them get the job done. 

When tested on an iPhone, the lightning charger was able to charge up that phone to 50% in approximately 30 minutes. That is if the phone was an iPhone 8 or later. This is pretty impressive considering these phones can provide hours and hours of usage before needing to be charged again. The fact that they can be revamped in just 30 minutes is a very big deal. 

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What Happens As Batteries Degrade?

A lithium polymer battery is swollen due to degradation.

One important thing to remember about lightning chargers is that it is possible for the batteries in smartphones to degrade over time. This means that there may be issues that come up as the phone starts to age. There are reasons why people buy new phones all the time, and a big part of the reason why this happens is that they don’t want to pay for something that is simply going to degrade over time.

They want to deal only with something that has the latest battery technology and can handle the newest software updates that the smartphone makers are seemingly always putting out on the market. 

When one is carrying an older phone, they run the risk of having the batteries in that phone degrade over time and not being able to hold a charge for very long at all. It is quite common for them to be put in a spot where they simply have to upgrade or face the consequences of not having done so.

A phone that can’t hold a charge very long can be extremely frustrating as it is not able to function in any of the expected ways, and that can lead to less than ideal results for customers.

Is A Lightning Charger More Expensive? 

A photo of charger cord connects to the iPhone5C.

There are times when a lightning charger is more expensive than a traditional charger. That said, the price difference between the two is usually pretty negliable. When you think about all of the extra value that you can get from a lightning charger, the extra money that must be spent in order to get it is not all that terrifying.

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In fact, you may consider it well worth your trouble if you are able to get a lightning charger that can actually charge your phone up more rapidly. 

How much would you be willing to pay for a phone charger that can get you powered up and back to using your phone as normally as possible? Most people consider that to be worth quite a lot to them, and you will too once you see all that the lightning charger can do for you. 

Can This Charger Be Used Anywhere? 

A photo of an iphone being charged on the bus.

If you can find an outlet to plug your charger into, then you can use this charger wherever you need to. You may want to bring it along with you whenever you go on a trip or when you are away from home for any reason. There is no better feeling than knowing that you have the power to charge your smartphone very rapidly no matter where you are going.

You can get it taken care of and move on to the next tasks in your life. That is a one-two punch that you just don’t get with other products. People adore their lightning chargers for this very reason. They see them as providing a lot of extra value to their lives, and they just want to show them off to anyone who they might come into contact with.

Do These Chargers Come In Different Designs/Colors?

Top view of charging cables in different designs. 

You can absolutely enjoy chargers that come in different designs and colors when you get a lightning charger. The beauty of this type of charger is the fact that you can customize it so much to fit your specific preferences. Never again worry about not having a charger that speaks to your personality.

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You deserve that in your life, and you can get it by looking for exactly the color and design of a charger that speaks to you. People will take a long time trying to hunt something like this down, but the good news is that it is all available to them when they purchase a lightning-fast charger.

The companies that make them know that people purchase a charger in part because of how it looks, and they have gone above and beyond to make their chargers into something interesting to look at.

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Can I Use My Phone While It Is Charging? 

A young woman is charging her phone while using it.

The charger companies may technically say that you shouldn’t use your charger while it is actively charging (to prevent any potential health risk), but most people do so anyway. The phones are so useful in our daily lives, and it is nice to know that we can still use them even as they are charging.

Being separated from them even for a short period of time like this is more than what some people want to put up with, and that is why people are always asking about if they are allowed to use their phones while they are plugged into the wall. They can do so, and it may just turn out to be what they end up doing. 

Those who may be concerned about the use of their phone while it was charging can at least rest assured that they will not have to wait long until the phone is charged. It should take just about 30 minutes or so until their phone is powered up enough that they can disconnect it and use it for several more hours once again.

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When you realize that this is the type of power that a lightning charger can provide to you, then it becomes obvious that you can get a lot of value out of the lightning phone charger that you have selected.