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How to Highlight in Apple Notes

Apple Notes app logo on screen.

You no longer have to carry around a pad and pencil to jot down ideas. Rather than storing such items where you will not forget them when you leave home you can use note apps on your Apple device. Apple Notes includes features that allow you to highlight content that is especially important.

Here is how it all works.

1. How to create a new note

Tap the Notes app.

A pencil and paper icon will appear on the lower-right corner as Add Note. Tape this icon.

Use the on-screen keyboard to type your notes.

When you are finished, tap Done.

iOS Notes app with the New Note and Done buttons highlighted.

To return to the Notes home screen, go to the top and tap Notes.

2. How to highlight in Notes

Tap Notes to open it.

Click on a line of text in the note.

Tap Aa to show text-formatting options

Select the highlight icon. If this does not readily appear, tap the plus sign located in the upper-right corner of the keyboard.

Then tap the text and drag the handles to define the content you want to highlight.

Text formatting options in iOS' Notes app.

Tap Done when you are finished highlighting.

The Notes app offers many other functions. If your notes contain private or sensitive information, you may want to password protect them. You can also delete notes or recover deleted notes. Here is how these functions work:

3. How to password protect Notes

Tap Settings>Notes>Password

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Enter the password of your choice and confirm it. You can also active with Use Touch ID or Use Face ID by moving the slider to the On position.

Click Done to save your changes.

Setting a password for the Notes app in iOS Settings.

Open Notes and select note content that you want to password protect.

Tap the Share icon, and then Lock Note to add the lock icon to the protected note.

Tap the lock icon to secure the note.

Locking a note in the Notes app for iOS.

The only way you or anyone else will be able to read the protected note is by entering a password or Touch or Face ID if either of the latter settings have been activated. To change your password, go back to the Notes section and tap Reset Password.

4. How to delete notes

To delete content, you must first open the Notes app.

Swipe right to left across a single note and tap Delete.

Repeat this action for all the notes you want to delete.

Here is how you recover deleted notes:

The Notes app retains deleted notes for 30 days. It is possible to recover any note that you inadvertently deleted during this time.

To retrieve your note, you must first go to the Notes list. From here, tap the arrow in the upper-left corner.

In the Folders screen, tap recently deleted and then tap edit.

Recently Deleted folder in the Notes app for iOS.

Tap the notes you want to retrieve.

Tap Move To at the bottom of your screen.

Tap the folder you wish to move the notes to.

Recovering deleted items in the Notes app for iOS.

You also have the option of creating a new folder. This is done by tapping New Folder.

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Once you transfer the content to this new folder, it will no longer be in a deleted status or marked for one.