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How to Get Notes on Apple Watch

Apple watch visible apps on screen.

You never know when a good idea will pop into your head. If you are not in the habit of carrying around a notepad and pencil, there is another way to ensure that great thoughts do not perish. You can put such notes on your Apple Watch.

There is currently no way to actually download Apple notes software onto an Apple Watch. The best way to get notes to an Apple Watch is to download one of the many apps that have been designed for this purpose. There are plenty of them available on the market.

Here are some of the more popular apps:

First, to help those who are visual learners here is a YouTube video that hits on many of the same points described below.

1. Notes for Apple Watch

Man with Apple watch and an iPhone.

This is perhaps the most straightforward Apple Notes app. It allows you to compose and manage your notes directly on your Apple Watch. It supports the FlickType keyboard, and you can organize notes with a variety of color themes.

Upgrading to premium will make it so that you can automatically sync all your notes between your iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad.

2. Quick Notes

Man holding iPhone X and wearing Apple Watch.

If you only want the ability to view notes on an Apple Watch, then this app is ideal. If you make a note on your iPhone or iPad, it will appear when you open the quick notes app on your Apple Watch. This app is readily available on the latter.

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You need only click it to see the content.

3. N+otes

Apple Watch syncing on phone.

It must be acknowledged that actually typing notes on an Apple Watch is really out of the question. It would take you forever and a day to get all that you want on this particular interface. Using your iPhone is much simpler.

The N+otes app allows you to sync your Apple Watch with your iPhone.

4. Bear

Woman using Apple Watch and phone.


The home screen of the Bear app on your Apple Watch will give you a list of all existing notes on your iPad, iPhone, and Mac. You can access any of these notes through the app. There is also a dictation button at the top.

You can add a new note by tapping it and voicing your thoughts.

The app allows you to create long notes by uttering commands such as comma, semicolon, and next line. If you want to delete a note, you need only swipe left and choose the delete option.

5. Notebook

Man choosing app on his Apple Watch.

Notebook another popular app. The first time you open it, you will be asked to sign into your iPhone or iPad in case you want to use it across all devices. There are ways of bypassing this option.

The home screen on the app of the Apple Watch gives you the option of taking notes through voice dictation or audio recording. There is a 30-minute time limit for voice recordings. You can also playback your audio recording on the watch itself.

You can also insert checklists inside the notes on your iPhone and iPad, which will automatically sync up with your Apple Watch so that you can view them.

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6. OneNote

Person using Apple Watch.

This app is best if you are in the habit of taking quick notes from time to time. You cannot change or edit existing notes. However, you can add new notes through voice dictation.

It is not possible to see bullet points or numbered lists on OneNote.

7. Noted

Apple Watch with Walkie Talkie app on.

This is another great way to get notes on your Apple Watch. Noted app is designed for users to take voice notes on Apple Watch and then organize them on the iPhone. The app interface on the watch is pretty straightforward.

All you need do is press the record button. Once you have finished saying what you want to, the app will automatically sync everything with your iPhone. You can also add tags to your voice notes at the time of the recording.

This will help with the later organization of your notes.