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How to Restore Deleted Apple Notes

We’ve all done it. Deleted something, either by mistake or thought we were done with it, and then need to retrieve it. I’ve done that with Apple Notes many, many times.

Fortunately, with Apple Notes you can retrieve deleted notes within 30 days.  That’s right, you only have 30 days to retrieve deleted Notes.

It’s easy to do on both desktop and mobile.  When you delete Notes, they go in the “Recently Deleted” folder for 30 days.

Here’s how to retrieve deleted Apple Notes.

Mobile method for recovering deleted Apple Note

Go to the Folders screen.

If you’re in the Notes screen, there’s a link at top left “Folders”.  Tap that to get to Folders screen.

Tap “Recently Deleted”

Recover Apple Note Deleted Mobile

Tap the Note you wish to retrieve.

A popup will appear asking whether you wish to recover the note.  Tap “Recover”.

Apple Notes message about recovering deleted Note

Desktop method for Retrieving Deleted Apple Note

As with most things, it’s faster and easier on desktop just because there’s so much more screen space.

Click “Recently Deleted”

Click the Note you wish to retrieve.  Then drag it to the folder of your choice.

Here it is in a screenshot:

Retrieve deleted Apple Note on desktop
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