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16 Apps Similar To VSCO

A close look at a phone showcasing the VSCO App.

Mobile manufacturers know that users increasingly use mobile phones to take most of their photographs, and hence their concern about launching ‘smartphones’ with powerful cameras. However, no matter how well they adjust the options and possibilities, users always want more and experiment with new things. Vsco is a very popular application among fans of photography app.

The large number of parameters it offers makes it perfect for both amateur and professional users. In addition to touching all the parameters of the photo, we can use a large number of filters like vsco filters, to which you can also adjust the intensity. Although improving your photos seems like something banal, the reality is that the hashtag #NoFilter is already out of fashion.

Take advantage of these photo applications for Instagram if you want to see improvement and that way you will surely reach the top. Long ago, a decent, professional photo editing job required a desktop computer. You can also do it on the phone. That option didn’t even exist before.

VSCO is the name of the app to edit photos of the eponymous art and technology company based in the United States since its founding in 2011. With the aim of interconnecting its creative community of users, this application contains social functions on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, etc.

It is done in such a way that users can create profiles through which to publish their work, follow that of other members or add hashtags to their publications with which to categorize their images.

Thanks to regular creative events and collaborations with other companies such as Nike, the VSCO network represents an excellent promotional platform for aspiring photographers. A VSCO membership allows you to take advantage of its many editing features.

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Long ago, this app has had its reputation as a decent, professional photo editing job requiring a desktop computer. Does it work on the phone? That option didn’t even exist in the past.

However, mobile devices have evolved, and today it is not only possible to capture high-quality images with the phone, but also to edit them right there! Check our list of the best apps to edit photos and transform your everyday shots into art. Let us now look at apps similar to VSCO add-on.

SnapSeed – Photo Editing Software App

This is a screenshot of the Snapseed App installation page.

Snapseed is another old acquaintance. It is the property of Google, and it is one of the most complete photo editing applications with very advanced functions. It allows you to thoroughly retouch the photographs (also automatically, customizing the entire image or selectively at certain points), apply filters, place frames, etc.

The possibilities are almost endless, and the results can be professional. Snapseed has just revamped its interface from top to bottom and added some new features. It is also available on both Android and iOS, in their app store.

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What Does The Editing Tool Accomplish?

With the app, you can apply predefined filters, or use the editing tool to edit any parameter you can think of for your photo. Almost a million people who use it can’t be wrong, right? It is also very, intuitive.

You don’t have to be a pro at photo editing to know how to handle it and get the best out of your photos. You can retouch brightness, contrast, saturation, atmosphere, highlights, shadows, and warmth. You can also do presets.

What Does Google Offer?

This is a close look at a phone that features the Snapseed logo.

Google also offers an app to edit photos with the iPhone, iPad, or with an Android device and put them on your social media platform. Developed by its subsidiary Nik Software, Snapseed first appeared on the scene in June 2011. It has allowed the development team to fully dedicate itself to the mobile application, available today both in the Google Play Store and in the Apple app store.

The most remarkable peculiarity of Snapseed is its compatibility with the RAW format of images taken with a professional. You can open, edit and save, or export it to any JPG, which you can manipulate, using the editing feature. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to utilize the features below. However, you will need a mobile device.


  • Ability to enhance Image, manually or automatically
  • Brush to touch up image
  • Add text
  • Touch up selfies; including face and different parts of the body
  • Filters
  • Focus effect
  • Photo sharing
  • Create Instagram stories
  • Create Instagram posts
  • Create and upload Instagram photos
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Download Android Version

Download iOS Version

Adobe Photoshop Express – Quick Photo Touch Up

This is a screenshot of the Adobe Photoshop Express App installation page.

Don’t be scared, this mobile version. It has nothing to do with the one Kim Kardashian uses to duplicate her body parts on the covers. If all the tools and thousands of buttons that are in the program you have on your computer scare you, you don’t have to worry.

This video editing app includes several settings, and filters so that you feel like a pro editing your weekend selfies, and all very easy. Why complicate life if everything can be much easier.

What Was It Originally Available In?

With Photoshop Express, Adobe has been offering a free alternative to its popular Photoshop digital editing program for some time. Originally only available as a web application, the company had no choice but to bring the best, and due to high popular demand, a simplified mobile application for iOS, Android, and Windows systems, as well as a desktop version.

The various tools contained in the application are based on well-proven Photoshop algorithms, a quality that makes it attractive to both newcomers and more veteran users.

What Are The Photo Editing Capabilities of the Free Version?

This is a close look at a phone showcasing the Adobe Photoshop Express logo.

Fundamentally free, the connection to the Creative Cloud extends the range of functions of the app to edit photos from the mobile and allows access to the collection of Adobe stock photos and 60 professional predefined styles. The Adobe photo editing app convinces locals and strangers thanks to a series of effects, such as “Infrared”, “Sunset”, “Television image from the 60s”, “Autumn” or “Spring”.

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The user only has to touch the style that he wishes to apply and this is automatically displayed in the original to give way to the adjustments of its intensity by the user. The same can be said of the corrective tools with which aspects such as saturation, brightness, sharpness, contrast, or clarity can be modified.

What Are The Features?

With Adobe Photoshop Express, images can also be rotated, unfolded, or cropped in different formats (“Facebook profile photo”, “Thumbnail for YouTube” or “16: 9”) and optionally also allows adding frames or text (iOS only). Its features also include automatic red-eye correction for people and pets, as well as a self-correcting function responsible for quickly optimizing contrast, exposure, or white balance.

The edited image can be saved to the gallery, posted on social media, or sent by mail or MMS. The iOS app also allows you to create collages when you photo edit.

Download Android Version

Download iOS Version

Pixlr Mobile – Creating Collages

This is the screenshot of the PIXLR mobile editing app homepage.

If you want to create collages in a simple way, your application is Autodesk Pixlr. This editor also offers preset filters in real-time, as well as the possibility to remove red eyes, whiten a person’s teeth, adjust the size of the image, rotate it, add frames, create a blur, and automatic correction.

What are the Features?

Pixlr is ideal for editing photos that will allow you to give your images a unique touch, thanks to the loads of features, tools, and effects that it will make available to us from the terminal screen. The application will allow you to carry out the simplest and most simple edits like resizing a photograph, rotating it, or cropping its frames.

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Also, it offers some slightly more advanced things, like correcting color, fixing annoying red eyes, or increasing the contrast and the brightness of the screen.

Is It Easy To Use?

Pixlr has some amazing features that will make it easier for you. It also has an easy to use interface, which is also easy to navigate. Accessing and using the 600 and more effects will be such an easy thing to do. Pixlr has been known as a very good photo editing tool that will give us all the power of desktop programs, on the small screen of a mobile phone.

What are the Classified Categories?

This is a close look at a phone showcasing the PIXLR app installation page.

Pixlr photo editing application, developed by Ola Sevandersson, was released in 2008 for desktops only. Acquired a short time later by the Autodesk company, currently in the hands of the stock photo agency 123rf.

With Pixlr Mobile today, the application also has the mobile variant of the photo editor for Android and iOS, suitable for both amateurs and experts. Its developers have equipped it with the most important aesthetic optimization functions, which are classified into five categories:

  • Tools: includes classic optimization tools such as red-eye correction, cropping or accentuating contrast, among other general error correction.
  • Brush: thanks to various brushes, the user can develop their artistic skills or retouch the image by lightening, darkening, or pixelizing it.
  • Effects: Effects and overlays of all kinds can be used to modify the atmosphere of the image.
  • Frames and stickers: this category contains hundreds of templates – which must first be downloaded – to frame the images or add fun elements to them.
  • Text: the application also includes a small editor with which you can enter a short text and also select the color of the text or the font. Also in this case the files must be downloaded first.
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What Does It Allow You To Do?

The free photo editing app accompanies all the tools of an intensity regulator that allows modifying the effect of filters, effects, or correctors on the image, which is presented in a live view to which the changes are applied. The user confirms manually.

The undo and redo buttons allow you to step back and forth continuously. Moreover, when the job is terminated, the image can be stored on the device, sent by email, or posted on social networks. Pixlr Mobile also allows you to create picture collages.

What Are The Possibilities?

Do you know what is better than a beautiful photo? The answer is a unique photo, which has had photo editing done and looks the way you want it. The possibilities of Pixlr, which is the ideal editing app seem to be endless, and its coolest functionality allows you to combine two photos to make an unrepeatable image. With this photo editor app, you earn the right to put #artist in your next post.

Download Android Version

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This is a screenshot of the PicsArt App Homepage.

Although PicsArt initially launched its PicsArt Photo Studio & Collage software in November 2011 only as a photo editor for Android terminals, in its first year of life the application has already exceeded 35 million downloads. Today, also thanks to the appearance of versions for iOS and Windows Phone, more than 400 million users have already installed the application, which makes PicsArt by far one of the most successful photo editing applications.

Much of it is due to the essential role that the community has played from the beginning, offering a social platform to share the images and edited templates as well as its own messaging system called Remix Chat. You will love this photo app.

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Download Android Version

CyberLink PhotoDirector

This is a screenshot of the Cyberlink PhotoDirector App Homepage.

With PhotoDirector Cyberlink, a photo editing application, it now has the complete image editing capabilities in its portfolio with which Android, iOS, or Windows users can now retouch their photos. Available for free from the application stores, for a single payment, users can enjoy the full version, which allows unlimited use of all the tools and superior quality of the image in an ad-free interface.

CyberLink kPhotoDirector is among the most comprehensive mobile photo editing solutions on the market. The photo editor for Android, iOS and Windows offers, on the one hand, the typical tools to improve the quality of the images without modifying them excessively, among them, functions to adjust aspects such as saturation, sharpness or color, or those to correct red-eye or any other type of photographic error.

Objects can also be cropped and the image can be unfolded or rotated.

Download Android Version

Adobe Lightroom

This is a screenshot of the Adobe Lightroom App Homepage.

With the Lightroom app from Adobe, touching the color of a photograph or implementing effects is easy for presets and images, if you know how to do it and the result is incredible. It is possible to touch different settings without having much knowledge, although you will get much more out of this application if you have previously worked with the previous ones for a while.

It also helps to read about photography and photo editing features, because when you get to the different Lightroom settings, you will be able to understand what each one does.

Download Windows Version


This is a screenshot of the Typorama App Homepage.

If what you want is an infinite catalog of fonts to create unique Stories, Typorama has been created for your needs. It allows you to create designs by adding photos and texts with very varied (and different) fonts. The same application offers you predetermined images, although there is also the possibility of creating our designs with your own photographs.

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Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the Perfect365 App Homepage.

Here’s the selfie revolution: it doesn’t matter that you’re not wearing makeup or pouting that day, Perfect365 is here to make your life easier. It is an application that makes up to the taste of each one, offering the possibility of adding blush, eye lines, eyelashes, and even highlighter.

Download iOS Version

Download Android Version

Facetune 2

This is a screenshot of the Facetune2 App Homepage.

Many instagrammers have been criticized for showing their own image that is not close to reality, and all using applications such as Facetune 2. This retouches the imperfections of your body, allowing you to make your legs longer or add curves wherever you want.

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the AirBrush App Homepage.

AirBrush has basic editing tools and advanced editing tools, which allows you to retouch our selfies with a myriad of tools. You can illuminate your face, eliminate wrinkles, and make your eyes bigger. Everything is possible.

Download Android Version

A Color Story

This is a screenshot of the A Color Story  App Homepage.

If what you are looking for is to fill your own images with effects and colors, A color story has been made for you. With more than 100 filters, more than 40 different effects and more than 20 free editing tools, this application is capable of transforming the initial image into pure art.

Download iOS Version

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the Vector App Installation Page.

In Vector you can create detailed vectors with its advanced photo editing tools. It will also be very easy to group, align, put masks, order, and scale the objects. Without a doubt, it is one of the most outstanding apps in everything related to advanced vector editing with which you can work later in other applications or macOS or Windows programs.

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Without a doubt, it is a completely different application from what you have seen so far, focused on photo editing while fixing the white balance, lens blur, and lens distortion. It is a really powerful tool to be able to make very attractive graphic designs in a few seconds and share them on different social networks.

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the PhotoLeap App Homepage.

One of the editions of photographs that most like are those in which you can blur the background or change it completely. It is precisely these functions in which Photoleap stands out. For this reason, you will be able to use its powerful tools with which to create creative backgrounds. You can create unique backgrounds with surreal touches in a really simple way. Its layering technology is also very remarkable and makes its final results so good.

Download iOS Version

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the Darkroom App Homepage.

An iOS app with Darkroom can be the ideal companion for these photos that are taken on iPhone with the «challenge mode» since you can adjust everything related to these effects in your photos already taken. But not only that, in this app, you can also find interesting editing functions with which to set different parameters such as contrast and other settings, as well as being able to add filters and frames.

Surely on many occasions, when you have come across a photograph taken with portrait mode, you have wanted to edit the blurred part separately and on the other hand the focused subject, well, Darkroom is just the tool that will allow you to carry out this action. Used well, this application can bring you very attractive results.

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Download iOS Version


This is a screenshot of the AfterLight App Homepage.

The developers of this photography app are cataloged as truly passionate about quality filters and textures, so they wanted to transfer this passion to their app and the truth is that they have succeeded. You can find dozens of very powerful editing tools that allow you to edit quality photos either from the iPhone or iPad, in addition to not consuming excessive processor resources that make the phone or tablet heat up.

Within the app, you will find more than 130 filters that you can apply to your photographs, which is also always in constant expansion, so you can discover new options from time to time. As was mentioned before, the possibility of giving texture to images is another of Afterlight’s strong points.

In fact, it has more than 60 different options. You can download it on any device including your iPad.

Download Android Here


This is a screenshot of the Artory App Homepage.

The value for which this application is so interesting lies in the enormous variety of templates, where you can find them in numerous styles. In addition to the templates that you can use, Artory also offers the user the possibility of modifying their images thanks to the different filters that you can apply to all the photos that you upload to the application.

Of course, the text is also another of the very important elements when creating powerful Instagram stories and with Artory, you can enter it whenever you want and in the way you like the most. You can create multiple photos, Instagram Story, and photo collages to your heart’s desire.

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Download iOS Version

Download Android Version