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12 Apps Similar to Badoo

The Badoo App Installation page shown on a phone.

Badoo is a fun dating app that allows you to chat with and meet other users. The app is completely free to download and free to use. It is currently available for both Android and iOS platforms. There are in-app purchases and an optional subscription for additional features.

Badoo has verified profiles. This helps to ensure the people you chat with are who they say they are. The system helps you to easily find singles right in your own area. You can quickly browse through profiles by swiping right or left. A video-chat system allows you to see and speak directly with other users.

Badoo is currently used by over 100 million people. With such a massive user base, you’re sure to find interesting people to connect with. Badoo only takes up 155.3 MB on iOS devices and 56 MB for the Android version. This app is intended for users ages 17 and up.

You can find links for Badoo below. There is no shortage of great dating apps on the market today. We will cover three of the top choices that are similar to Badoo. Following the best three apps of this nature, we will also cover nine more alternatives to Badoo, in no particular order.


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The Top Three Alternatives to Badoo

1. Tinder

This is the screenshot of the Tinder App Homepage.

Tinder is such a popular app that it needs little introduction. This is the app that popularized the very concept of “swipe right.” Tinder is an app for chatting, dating, and meeting new people, just like the Badoo app. It’s also rated for users ages 17 and up.

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Tinder has helped people to make over 30 billion matches to date. The sheer popularity of the app makes it one of the best to use. More users mean more unique people to connect with. Tinder also makes it easy to connect with others no matter what your orientation happens to be.

This app is free to use and download on either Android or Apple devices. Users can make in-app purchases that cost anywhere between $0.99 to $299.99 per item. Tinder needs permission from your phone’s photos, camera, location, microphone, and more in order to function properly.


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2. Match

The Match App Homepage screenshot.

The Match dating app was created for the same purpose as the Badoo app. It also works in much the same way. It’s available on both Android and iOS platforms, just like Badoo. It is rated for users aged 17 and older, which is the case for most of these dating applications.

Match is currently being used by over 10 million people. This app is free, but like many others, it does include in-app purchases. These can range between $5.99 and $154.99 depending on the specific item. match requires 132.3 MB of space on iOS devices and 113 MB on Android devices.

One of the great things about this app is that it is run by dating experts with over 25 years in the business. The system allows users to be picky so they can find exactly who they are looking for. Messaging and video chats are both available, just like in the Badoo app.

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Google Play

3. Bumble

This is the Bumble App Homepage Screenshot.

Bumble is another excellent dating app that’s similar to Badoo. It has many of the same features such as swiping through profiles and a video-chat system. One of the differences, and the thing that makes Bumble so great, is that it’s about more than just dating. It’s also for networking or simply for making new friends.

Bumble is free to use and has some great, free features. It also offers additional features for a small fee. Bumble has three different modes called Date, BFF, and Biz. Dating is exactly what it sounds like. BFF is for friends only. Biz is a great way to network for job and career purposes.

Networking isn’t just all about business. Users can also network with friends who share the same interests and passions as they do. Bumble is for users who are 17 or older. This app currently has over 10 million unique users.


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Nine More Apps Like Badoo


The Jaumo App Homepage Screenshot.

The Juamo app is free, but it does contain in-app purchases and advertisements. Juamo VIP is a paid version of the app with no ads and some extra features. Signing up is quick and easy. You can then become a part of a network of 50 million users.

Juamo is a dating app just like Badoo. It’s also great for just making new friends and talking to interesting people. You can search for members by age, location, habits, and interests. Juamo makes it easy to find the type of people that you really want to talk to. This is a lightweight app that won’t use up your system resources.

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Google Play


This is the Hinge App Homepage Screenshot.

Hinge is a relationship app that is designed to be deleted. At least that’s the company’s motto. This means that the algorithms are designed to help you meet and connect with that special someone. The goal is to find real love so that you can delete the app once you no longer need it anymore!

Hinge is free to use just like Badoo is. There is also a paid version with some additional features. The designers of this program want to make sure that you find someone with a compatible personality. Factors such as interests, religion, and politics are all taken into consideration. Hinge is for building a lasting relationship.


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This is the Kippo App Homepage Screenshot.

Kippo is a dating app just like Badoo, but with a unique twist. This is a dating app built specifically with gamers in mind. Kippo has a unique game-card system for customizing your profile. In this way, the app allows users to show their personalities and the types of games that they really enjoy.

Gamers are not always a sociable bunch. Kippo makes it easier to connect with people who share your love and passion for gaming. This app is free with a pro version that gives you some extras for a small fee. Through Kippo, you can chat with gamers from around the world, or connect with someone locally.


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This is the screenshot of the OkCupid App Homepage.

OkCupid is yet another dating app that’s similar to Badoo. This app even offers virtual dating, so you can stay social from home. Virtual dating can be a great way to get to know someone before finally meeting up in person. This is a lightweight app with a free version, just like Badoo.

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OkCupid is free but it does have in-app purchases. These range in cost between $0.99 and $179.99 per item. This app has a user base of over 10 million. It is currently available for both iOS and Android platforms. OkCupid is an app that was designed to accommodate all orientations. Users should find it easy to connect with that special someone.


Google Play


This is a screenshot of the eHarmony App Homepage.

The eHarmony company has been in the business of connecting people since the year 2000. The company started as an online dating site long before apps were even a thing. Now you can get eHarmony’s match-making expertise right on your Apple or Android phone.

This app is set up in a similar fashion to Badoo. It’s a dating app with many of the same features. The difference is, eHarmony creates profiles and algorithms in an expert way in order to connect people with those who have a high chance of compatibility.

This app is all about creating real love and long-lasting relationships. There is a free and paid version of this software.


Google Play

Plenty of Fish

This is a screenshot of the Plenty of Fish App Installation page.

Plenty of Fish is another dating app for users ages 17 and older, just like the Badoo app. The app is highly rated by users on both the iOS and Android platforms. It can help you to discover new singles in your area. It connects people based on their interests and other criteria.

Numerous filters allow the user to find exactly who they are looking for. Best of all, users can create their profiles, chat and meet others all for free. The creator of this app makes their money via in-app purchases just like Badoo. Plenty of Fish has over 50 million users.

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Google Play

Elite Singles

This is a screenshot of the Elite Single App Homepage.

Elite Singles is a dating app that is free to download and use, just like Badoo. Like most of the apps on this list, it offers in-app purchases. Unlike Badoo, this app is specifically for singles aged 30 and up. Also different here is how the overall program works.

Users fill out an application. They will then get several matches each day. There is also an open-search feature so you can browse to find the right match.

Elite Singles allows the user to quickly upload photos from their Facebook profile to their app profile. There are currently over a million users. Elite Singles boasts that users on average have higher education levels and incomes when compared to other apps.


Google Play


This is the screenshot of the Hi5 App Homepage.

Hi5 is another app that follows the Badoo formula. It’s free to use with in-app purchases. It’s designed for users ages 17 and up. It’s once again available on both iOS and Android platforms. This dating app is all about chatting, flirting, and having some fun as you get to know new people.

Hi5 allows users to meet people nearby or from around the world. The app also offers some games to play with other users. This is a neat way of breaking the ice and getting to know others. This is another app with a large user base of around 10 million people.


Google Play


This is a screenshot of the MeetMe App Homepage.

Last, but not least, is the MeetMe app. Just like Badoo, this is a dating app that is free to download and free to use. Additional features can be unlocked through in-app purchases. These can range between $1.00 to $99.99 per item. MeetMe is another app that’s for those 17 and older, just like Badoo.

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This app has a massive user base of over 100 million. It allows for video chats and live streams. The app also makes it easy to find others with shared interests. The app receives ongoing support from its developer and is regularly updated.


Google Play

Badoo App FAQs

1. How safe is this app?

The software is safe and secure for your phone or other mobile devices. Badoo also allows users to only interact with verified accounts. Explicit images are automatically detected and blurred before you receive them. Users will get a warning before they open messages containing such images.

2. How much does this cost?

Badoo is free to download and free to use. It does, however, contain in-app purchases. There is also a subscription fee for premium features.

3. What can I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

There is a link called “forgot password,” right on the sign-in page. When you click the link, it will walk you through the steps of setting up a new password so you can recover your account.

4. How do I change my location in Badoo?

In your profile, you will see a pencil symbol next to your current location. This is an edit feature. Simply click on the pencil and then enter a new location, or choose one from the drop-down menu.

5. Can I reactivate a deleted profile?

If you deleted your account less than 28 days ago, then you should have received an email from Badoo. This email contains a link to reactive your account. If it’s been longer than 28 days, you will, unfortunately, need to create a new account.

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