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The 5 Most Expensive Wireless Headphones: Ultimate Auditory Clarity

V-Moda Crossfade wireless headphone

Good headphones can be a major investment. If you include the specification that the headphones need to be wireless, the price goes up even further. The 5 most expensive wireless headphones, however, actually have a great variety in price tag depending on your needs.

While most wireless headphones tend to be in-ear style, often the most expensive ones are the over-ear style. These style of headphones also often offer higher fidelity audio clarity than their in-ear counterparts. This rule is not hard and fast, though. Many factors send the price tag up.

For audiophiles, a good pair of headphones is virtually essential. If you have the extra cash available at your disposal, the follow list of the 5 most expensive wireless headphones provides a great shopping list. They all offer something unique and worth the price tag for some buyers.

5. Sennheiser Momentum Wireless – $500

Sennheiser Momentum wireless headphone

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The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones are decidedly the most affordable option on this list. For over the ear headphones, however, they are on the expensive side. Although they are wireless, they actually are compatible with a standard 3.5mm cable too if they run out of battery.

The construction of these wireless headphones is one of the main things that launches them into the list of the most expensive headphones. They are constructed from stainless steel and leather. This means they have a classic appearance and are also very durable and sturdy for repeated use.

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The battery life is always a concern for wireless technology in general and it is no different from headphones. These wireless headphones will hold a steady charge for about twenty-two hours of use. This is definitely on the high end of the spectrum for even the best wireless headphones.

The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones are also completely noised canceling. Most noise cancellation only filters out one end of the sound spectrum. These headphones, however, actually successfully filter out both high and low frequencies which leaves music clear and crisp.

The headphones also have built-in media controls such as volume adjustments right on the headset. This means you can hit play, slip your phone in your pocket, and have no need to retrieve it to enjoy your music to the fullest capacity. They also have built-in skip buttons.

The Bluetooth pairing on these wireless headphones is also very fast and easy. While some wireless headphones take some time to pair with your device at first, these are quick to set up and pair consistently quickly ever after with their connected device. This makes use a breeze.

Though they are a bit bulkier than some wireless headphones, these are also pretty compact. With a folding headband, they can be stored compactly and easily during travel or when you simply do not need to use them. This makes them a perfect addition to your travel accessories.

The sound quality of the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones is also quite amazing. Most wireless headphones lack a bit of luster since they have to transmit the sound through Bluetooth. The difference between using a cable or not is nearly unnoticeable with these though.

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4. Master & Dynamic MW60 – $550

Master & Dynamic MW60

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The Master & Dynamic MW60 wireless headphones are another great, fairly affordable expensive pair of headphones. These headphones have a distinctly classic, almost vintage appearance which makes them truly timeless. You can keep them for years to come stylishly.

The construction of these headphones is quite good as well. Built from stainless steel and genuine leather, these are made to last and look nice doing so. They also have an aluminum antenna for better signal range than in other models. They are durably made for repeated use.

Like the previous pair, these headphones are also rather compactly designed. The headband piece can be folded down to fit in a pocket or bag compartment. This is especially helpful for travelers or even those looking to take their wireless headphones on their commute with them.

The battery life is a bit shorter than on the previous option at sixteen hours, but that is still not bad for wireless headphones. Additionally, they come with an audio cable to use should the battery die at inopportune times. This is a great backup to have and worth the extra price.

Each person can also customize their Master & Dynamic MW60 wireless headphones to their own personal tastes and style. The come in four different color combinations, so there is something for everyone. Every option is still made from the same durable materials, though.

The signal range for these headphones is also quite good. The industry standard for wireless headphones’ signal range is about thirty feet. In contrast, the Master & Dynamic MW60 wireless headphones are advertised as having a signal range of four times that distance.

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Master & Dynamic as a brand also prides themselves on their sound quality. These wireless headphones are no different. They provide a bright and warm sound quality whether you are connected with the actual audio cable or over Bluetooth. The sound is similar to a record player.

Another feature that makes the Master & Dynamic MW60 wireless headphones so valuable is their modular nature. They are designed in such a way that, if anything should break with use, that piece can be removed and replaced without throwing out the whole pair of headphones.

3. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 3 Wireless 24ct Gold Plated Headphones – $750

Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 3 wireless 24ct gold plated headphones

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The Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 3 Wireless 24ct Gold Plated Headphones are really where our list starts taking a turn into the very expensive category. These headphones are so exclusive that they are each individually numbered. This makes each pair unique. There are only 100 pairs available.

One especially nice feature of these wireless headphones is that you can actually use them for phone calls too. They have a built-in microphone, so as soon as you pair them with your phone or tablet, you can answer calls too. This is a nice benefit of paying close to a thousand dollars.

Each pair of these headphones is also hand-assembled and gold platted by Crystal Rocked in London, England. This means each pair has a truly customized vibe about them. They are truly exclusive. They also use Swarovski crystal elements for added bits of flair and luxury included.

The lining of the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 3 Wireless 24ct Gold Plated Headphones can also be customized to a certain extent. Customers can choose between black or white lining, both of which are comfortable and extremely padded. The choice depends on your own preferences.

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The signal range on these headphones, unlike the previous option, is actually right at the industry standard of ten meters. This is both for music listening and for phone call signals. While this is shorter than other options, this distance will serve quite well in most situations and settings.

The battery life on these wireless headphones will also get you through a full day of use. While the twelve hours of battery life is not quite as extensive as other expensive options, it will certainly get you through to the next charging opportunity easily. You can easily listen all day.

When the battery does need charging, the headphones will notify you as well. They have an illuminated LED battery fuel gauge built-in to the design. This is a much nicer approach than having your music suddenly cut out when the batteries die. These give ample advance notice.

Although they are exclusive and limited edition, the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 3 Wireless 24ct Gold Plated Headphones do come with a twenty-eight-day guarantee. This ensures that your money was well spent. If you are not satisfied with the workmanship, the company refunds your money.

2. Shure KSE1500 – $3,749

Shure KSE1500

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The Shure KSE1500 wireless headphones are the only pair on this list to be in-ear style. This is because in-ear headphones tend to be a bit more affordable than the old-school, over-ear kind. These are the exception to the rule. At nearly four thousand dollars, they scream luxury.

Though they are technically wireless, these headphones do come with a number of cables and accessories because they seek to provide the best possible sound you could imagine in earbuds. This means the headphones need to be connected to an amplifier to get the full range of sound.

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While this might deter some buyers from these headphones, the sound is truly unparalleled. The amplifier box has adjustments for parametric equalization and built-in DAC. This means the sound is as true to life as possible and you can adjust it as your needs present themselves.

With all the high-quality sound provided, the battery life of the Shure KSE1500 wireless headphones does suffer a bit. With the amplifier, these headphones only have a battery life of between seven and ten hours. This is significantly less than the other options on this list.

One nice feature of these wireless headphones, though, is all the accessories included in the package. For instance, the amplifier has its own carrying case constructed from leather and the earbuds themselves have their own zippered carrying case. This keeps everything protected.

These headphones are really the only earbuds available that use electrostatic drivers to deliver the best possible sound. Typically earbuds do not employ this technology because they are so small. Shure managed to develop the technology in a small enough package for tiny earbuds.

Another nice feature is that you can charge the amplifier through your computer USB port. It is compatible with Windows and Apple devices, so no matter what your operating system, your headphones can stay charged and ready for anything. You also do not need a full wall jack.

The main complaint with the Shure KSE1500 wireless headphones is that they have a lot of accouterments compared to other options. Since they need that amplifier, they are less compact than traditional earbuds. The high-quality sound, however, more than makes up the disparity.

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1. V-Moda Crossfade Wireless – $40,000

V-Moda Crossfade wireless headphone

Image Source

There are really three tiers when it comes to the most expensive wireless headphones. The V-Mode Crossfade Wireless Headphones fall into their very own class at forty thousand dollars. The brand itself is known amongst DJs for high quality and stylish looks; these are the height.

The Crossfade models come in a variety of price points – some even on the affordable side – but these bring a whole layer of luxury never before seen. They can be totally custom made with really any precious metal because of 3D printing. They are the ultimate custom audio experience.

They also use dual-diaphragm sound staging which creates a high fidelity sound really unparalleled by other wireless options on the market. The design of the speakers creates a sound with more depth than any other option on this list or really on the market for wireless options.

The frame is also made to last a lifetime. It is totally constructed from steel, but it is covered with a luxurious padding to make it comfortable for long periods of time. You will not find a collapsible headband on these. They are not made to be stored; they are made to be adored.

The wireless functionality of these headphones also allows them to connect to smartwatches as well. This drastically increases the distance you can wander away from your phone or tablet. If you have a smartwatch connected, the headphones can go essentially anywhere you want to go.

To add to the luxurious feel of these headphones, the earphones are also padded with memory foam covered in leather. This creates the softest feel out of any other wireless headphones. If you plan on wearing these often, you will be very glad of the high-quality attention to comfort.

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Like many other options, these headphones do come with an optional audio cable. This means the usability is extended after the battery dies. With twelve-hour battery life, however, you are not likely to need it often. Plus, thirty minutes of charging yields three hours of battery life.

Ultimately, the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless is the ultimate luxurious, exclusive wireless headphone experience. With the options of various precious metals, they can be truly as unique as you are. They are the ultimate status symbol for any audiophile looking for wireless sound.