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4 Apps Similar to ClassDojo

ClassDojo app displayed on the phone.

You undoubtedly knew you’d use technology, such as classroom management software like ClassDojo, in a classroom in the future. Still, I doubt anybody could have predicted its increasing need due to the epidemic of 2020. Furthermore, technology integrated into the educational system has widened the gap on new opportunities.

With that said, ClassDojo is not the only app in the market that may tend to your classroom needs. Similarly tailored apps are available under a click of a button. With that said, what are some ClassDojo alternatives?

Edmodo, Seesaw, ClassTag, and Google Classroom are apps that are similar to ClassDojo. Each app helps monitor a student’s progress in their schoolwork and keeps in touch on daily communication between teachers, students, and parents through an in-app chat and task or assignment monitor.

The most challenging aspect is determining the differences across digital platforms so you can select the finest classroom software. You may find that you’d like to limit yourself to one (or two) classroom apps so that your students don’t have to go back and forth between them.

How Does ClassDojo Work?

Screenshot of ClassDojo homepage.

An excellent bridge between home and school facilitates learning.

Teachers may capture photographs and videos in the classroom and share them via ClassDojo using smartphones or tablets. A snapshot of a finished piece of work with grades, a video of a student discussing a task, or a hypothesis developed for a scientific experiment might all be examples.

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Students might be assigned assignments in films, tests, pictures, or drawings by their teachers. Teachers review submitted work before posting it on student profiles to be viewed by the entire family.

These tasks are then kept and tracked as the student progresses through the grades, providing a comprehensive picture of their development. ClassDojo may also be used to assign positive values to the class and identify improvement areas.

For example, a student may receive an achievement, such as “good teamwork,” but then receive a needs-work warning for not having completed any homework. The instructor assigns a number from one to five points to each student’s behavior. Negative behavior is also measured on a scale of minus one to minus five points.

Following this, students receive a score and can strive to improve it. It also provides both teachers and parents an instant score to track student development. Teachers may manually complete their class roster in the app or import names from documents such as Word or Excel.

Students are then assigned a different monster cartoon character, randomly selected for convenience. Teachers can then invite parents by printing and mailing invitations or sending an e-mail or text message with a unique joining code. By now, you can see how convenient ClassDojo is.

Statistics on ClassDojo

Free Version
Best For:
Formative Assessment
Classroom Management
Behavior Management
Parent Communication
Features by Rating:
Engagement: 5/5

The features make it simple to communicate with parents individually or as a class. Kids will like the monster avatars, and everyone will benefit from the student portfolios.

Pedagogy: 5/5

It’s an effective tool for keeping track of students’ progress, creating objectives and communicating with parents. Teachers will need to set the proper tone and conduct themselves professionally and ethically when using the platform.

Support: 4/5

There’s a vibrant community, excellent onboarding materials, extensions, and a message translation tool. Accessibility features should be added.

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How Is Edmodo Similar?

Screenshot of Edmodo homepage.

With a social LMS platform, you can manage classes, material, and communication.

The first is Edmodo. Like Class Dojo, Edmodo is a learning community that includes both teachers, students, and parents. Teachers may use a Facebook-like site to connect with their students, post assignments, and share materials. Additionally, you can connect with your friends and their schools worldwide.

How Can You Get Edmodo for Use in the Classroom?

Go to Edomodo website and click the “I’m a Teacher” option to establish a free Edmodo network account. You can select a profile, upload a photo, organize courses, manage alerts, and give the group “addcodes to your students when they create an account.

Students’ procedures for joining Edmodo are slightly different: they need to provide a group “add” code after creating an account. Students should be encouraged to choose how they wish to send and receive e-mail and text messages and add a profile photo.

Although browsing Edmodo has an initial learning curve, most of the functions are very easy.

Below you will find some of the features Edmodo can provide:

  • To remain in touch with students, write posts or send messages to them.
  • Inside Edmodo, you may create quizzes and digital exchange assignments.
  • Based on their work, provide pupils personalized badges.
  • There is a variety of learning groups available to students.
  • Easily organize your lessons and subjects.

Statistics On Edmodo

Free Version
Best For:
Assessment – Like ClassDojo
Formative Assessment – Like ClassDojo
Classroom Management – Like ClassDojo
Parent Communication – Like ClassDojo
Instructional Strategies
Professional Learning
Features by Rating:
Engagement: 4/5

Users will enjoy the social component and Facebook-style layout, but teachers will need to remain current on material and closely supervise student interactions on the site.

Pedagogy: 4/5

It is an excellent alternative for a free learning management system and parent communication tool without a complex learning curve: community elements aid collaboration and professional development.

Support: 4/5

Users may get plenty of guidance from tutorials, a thorough help section, a vibrant community of users, accessibility features, and online forums.

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How Is Seesaw Similar?

Screenshot of Seesaw homepage.

Teachers, students, and parents will appreciate the versatility of this digital portfolio.

Then there’s Seesaw. Like ClassDojo, Seesaw is a digital portfolio that tracks pupils’ progress over time. You may use Seesaw’s library of thousands of preset activities. However, uploading files to Google applications is also possible.

Teachers may keep track of their students’ assignments and provide comprehensive comments on each one. Up to 10 members of a student’s family have access to their portfolio. It allows everyone to keep informed about their child’s growth.

How Does Seesaw Work in a Classroom?

Seesaw is a collaborative learning platform for teachers, students, and families. Teachers in primary grades, middle school subject area teachers, elective teachers, and after-school programs can utilize it. However, students in elementary schools are most likely to use it.

Students can be members of several classes, much like in ClassDojo. Administrators at schools and districts have various choices for managing school-wide announcements, monitoring teacher and class rosters, and scheduling summer school programs, among other things.

Below you will find some of the features Seesaw can provide:

  • To track student achievement, link Seesaw to curricular standards.
  • Co-teachers and other instructors can be added to a student’s profile.
  • When submitting an assignment, provide voice instruction.
  • View feeds from the entire class or individual students.
  • For projects, students can submit video, photo, sketch, or text with voice.

Statistics On Seesaw

Free Version
Payment required for bigger classrooms and added features.
Best For:
Assessment – Like ClassDojo
Formative Assessment – Like ClassDojo
Portfolios – Like ClassDojo
Classroom Management – Like ClassDojo
Reviews by Features:
Engagement: 5/5

The diversity of activities that allow students to exhibit development in various ways will entice them, and instructors and families will be interested in seeing each student’s unique content.

Pedagogy: 4/5

Teachers may adapt the curriculum to kids’ learning styles and provide parents with information about their children’s development. Teachers may connect and engage with students regularly using quick and easy feedback and moderating options.

Support: 5/5

Differentiation is a natural match since teachers may customize assignments to students’ learning requirements. Communication with parents has been simplified thanks to a translation option.

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How Is Classtag Similar?

Screenshot of Classtag homepage.

Teachers and families are in sync thanks to this flexible, user-friendly application.

Next on the list is ClassTag. Similar to ClassDojo, ClassTag is a platform enabling instructors and their students’ families to communicate, share material, and organize their classrooms.

Teachers may add or import caregiver information and invite them by an access code, mobile messaging, or e-mail to establish an account and create their courses. Teachers may make announcements, events, sign-ups, notes, and more from the dashboard.

Events, volunteer requests, to-do items, and parent-teacher conferences are four interactive activities with specific interactive elements that allow users to sign up for chores such as delivering a snack or giving materials or cash to the class.

How Does Classtag Work in a Classroom?

To keep everyone in the loop, teachers may use ClassTag to send and receive messages, promote upcoming events and deadlines, organize parent conferences, seek supplies or volunteers, and upload photographs or files of day-to-day activity.

It would also help share weekly student homework, mainly because teachers may attach material to their announcements, such as files, photos, or videos. Teachers may free up some headspace by using automated sign-up reminders to focus on the lesson instead of worrying about a follow-up.

The option to communicate messages to parents or guardians in their chosen language stimulates participation and fosters a sense of belonging in one-on-one contact. You can send home tailored teaching communication through your student bag.

Statistics on Classtag

Free Version
Best For:
Differentiation – Like ClassDojo
Formative Assessment – Like ClassDojo
Parent Communication – Like ClassDojo
Classroom Management – Like ClassDojo
Reviews by Features:
Engagement: 3/5

For adults with a busy schedule, ClassTag is a valuable tool. The site’s user-friendly layout makes it simple for instructors and families to get the most out of it.

Pedagogy: 4/5

Through conferences, volunteer opportunities, and contributing to classroom needs, the platform encourages school-to-home communication and promotes family participation.

Support: 4/5

More family relatives will be able to access the service because it is available in over 50 languages. Teachers can quickly get on board thanks to the built-in demo class and on-screen tips.

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How Is Google Classroom Similar?

Screenshot of Google Classroom homepage.

Document sharing, communication, and collaboration that’s simple and exceptional.

The last on the list is Google classroom. Very much like ClassDojo, Google Classroom is a tool for instructors to manage their workflow and communicate with their students. Though it wasn’t meant to be a complete LMS from the start, it’s rapidly becoming one.

You can download an Android app, an iOS app and use it through a website. Teachers have a section for each of their classes when they log in. Teachers and students might be able to distinguish between courses with different colors and banners.

Teachers may also establish themes, which can be large areas such as science or social studies, ideal for teachers who want to keep everything in one Google Classroom. Topics like “Civil War” or “Matter” can be used more explicitly by teachers.

How Does Google Classroom Work?

With its capabilities and integrations, Google Classroom offers a plethora of options for creating, assigning, and facilitating learning. Teachers, for example, may use add-ons like ClassDojo to mark up student work and return it without leaving the app.

When it comes to differentiation, teachers might give assignments to individual students rather than the entire class. Teachers may discover that using Google Classroom to organize their classrooms may encourage universal design for learning material and activities for their students.

Google Classroom handles all backend organization, so it’s easy to reference prior assignments or student work. (Folders are created in the teacher’s Google Drive for each class, and each type has folders for each project).

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Also, because Google Classroom now interacts with Google Meet, students may quickly attend video meetings using simple links. Teachers may use all of Meet’s new education-focused features, including Q&A, polls, and handraising, to keep students interested and actively engaged.

Exit tickets can also be used as a formative assessment, thanks to automatic grading. Use the class Stream for social reasons, check-ins, and other such activities.

Statistics on Google Classroom

Google Classroom  
Free Version
Best For:
Instructional Design
Assessment – Like ClassDojo
Classroom Management – Like ClassDojo
Reviews by Features:
Engagement: 4/5

Google Classroom may be as interactive as the teacher wishes. Students are frequently thrilled to check in and discover what’s waiting for them if teachers use the platform to its maximum potential.

Pedagogy: 5/5

Although assignment management is beneficial, teachers who utilize Google Classroom to plan interactions with students get the most significant benefits.

Support: 5/5

Google has gathered a comprehensive range of third-party applications that feature built-in integration. The site walks teachers and students through some of the features the first time around.



Even though many classroom management apps like ClassDojo exist, Edmodo, ClassTag, Google classrooms, and Seesaw are great alternatives. To sum it up, Edmodo is a school-appropriate social media platform that can help you engage your students more effectively.

Use Google classroom for a complete classroom management system at any grade level. Classtag is the best way to stay in touch with parents and manage student differentiation. Choose Seesaw if you want to manage your classroom with a focus on quick student feedback.

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