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10 Apps Like FloatMe

This is a screenshot of the FloatMe app installation homepage.

Suppose you are like me, then you have likely found yourself in the position of your monthly income not stretching far enough at one time or another. Thus you have had to wonder what your options are in terms of making ends meet. This is where FloatMe and other similar apps come in to help.

So, considering this, what are some alternatives to FloatMe?

What FloatMe, a financial technology solution, allows you access to the wages you have already earned before your payday and with relatively low fees. Another benefit is that there are no credit checks done. Some alternatives to FloatMe include Dave, Earnin, and Brigit.

FloatMe and similar apps aid you in getting a handle on your finances and help you make better financial decisions. They also advise and encourage you to save and manage your money and help you to prevent yourself from going into overdrafts. They also help you meet your bills on time and allow you early access to your earnings.

So, now, to find out about alternatives to FloatMe, be sure to read on.

1. Dave

This is a screenshot of the Dave app installation page.

Dave is likely the best alternative to apps like FloatMe. Like many of these apps, it is available for use on both iOS and Android. With this app, you can create an account and log in with ease and gain almost immediate access to a $100 advance to help you cover any current expenses you cannot cover.

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Getting started with Dave is quite simple; all you will need to provide are your mobile number, email address, personal information, and low balance alert. When you apply to get your money, there are two options, the standard, and express funding. The first can take up to three days, while the latter is the same day, but with a small fee.

It also comes equipped with excellent financial tools, which are there to improve your overall financial health. It comes with budgeting tools and predictive alerts that make sure you control your money and not the other way around. It enables you to plan for both your recurring and forthcoming expenses, and these include things like rent, utilities, and even purchases at restaurants.

On top of aiding you in managing the funds you already have, the app even has a neat feature that helps you find additional ways, such as side jobs, to make money. There are many work-from-home or remote jobs available that you can pick according to what suits you best.

What is also lovely about Dave is that your credit history is not reviewed, and neither are your payments reported to credit bureaus. Also, there is no interest charged on the loans you take. Instead, the app merely asks for optional tips; however, there is a small monthly fee of $1.

2. Earnin

This is a screenshot of the Earnin app installation page.

Earnin is a great app that allows you to gain access to your money for the work you have already done. Just like some other apps, it gives you money without the need to wait until your payday comes around. Like Dave and others, this app does not charge interest and instead asks its users for optional tips.

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To make use of Earnin, you need to have a regular payday, so, unfortunately, hourly workers will not be likely to qualify. Additionally, you will have to have a checking account and a mobile phone. You will then link your bank account as well as give personal and employment information.

Once your paycheck does arrive, the app will deduct your advance from there. Initially, you are only able to withdraw up to $100 per pay period, however over time, as you continually use the app, you will ultimately be able to withdraw up to $500 in advance of your pay.

Like with many of these apps, the idea of accessing your money should only be done so in emergencies and not regularly. This one is a prime choice for those who only need that little extra from time to time and are more than able to repay it and cover your expected expenses.

The app requires access to your checking account information, not simply to transfer money to you, but also so that it can alter withdrawal limits and aid you in practicing responsible financial behavior.

3. Brigit

This is a screenshot of the Brigit app installation page.

This app is a superb alternative to FloatMe as it helps manage your finances by offering budgeting tools, and it gives you early access to paycheck funds. The amount you are allowed to receive in advance does depend on your income, though, but in theory, you can have access to up to $250.

The short-term loan, which comes with no interest fee charged, is transferred to your immediately if you have the Plus Membership so that you do not reach the point of overdrawing your account. On top of this innovative method of keeping you afloat, it also has features that can help you find a side job and enable you to have extra money as and when needed.

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There is a scoring system on the app, and to qualify for Brigit Plus, you will need to reach a Brigit Score of at least 70. Like with most other apps, once your paycheck arrives in your account, it will deduct the amount you loaned, but with a neat feature that notifies you one business day in advance.

If you can and wish to repay the amount before your payday, you can do so by clicking the “repay now” button. Additionally, if you know that you are not going to make the repayment, you can extend the due date to help you avoid going into your overdraft. Once you have made the payment, you are free to access another advance.

As mentioned, the payday cash advances come with no interest. However, if you plan to use the premium version, you will be looking at a monthly fee of $9.99. With this, you will have access to additional features such as instant deposits and auto advances, among other things. 

4. MoneyLion

This is a screenshot of the MoneyLion app installation.

As with Brigit, MoneyLion is there to aid you in getting out of tight spots between your paychecks. The app has two primary features that it offers. The first is the ability to access a part of your paycheck at least two days before your actual payday; this is with the RoarMoney account.

The other is that it offers small loans which come with no interest attached.

There is also a feature known as Instacash, which is a service that helps you to get up to $250 at any time and with no interest. What is also great about this is that there are no additional membership fees that come with it. The only thing you will incur is a transaction fee for any accelerated transfers of money.

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The app not only helps you out when you need to borrow funds, but also helps you to save and invest.  It is an award-winning mobile banking app with auto investing and personal finance and helps customers gain control over their money. There is also no minimum balance that you must have, and there is no fee at 55,000 ATMs across the States.

To create an account, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a bank account, either a prepaid card or debit card. Additionally, you need to be a permanent resident of the United States and have a Social Security Number. Then you will be able to log in and gain access to the app. 

There are free-to-use services such as Instacash advances and a paid Credit Builder Plus, which is $19.99 per month. The Credit Builder Plus membership allows you to apply for a credit builder loan. You will need to provide certain information for this, and the loan has a 12-month term, where the payments are deducted each month.

5. Chime

This is a screenshot of the Chime app installation page.

Chime is a financial technology platform from America and offers customers what is known as SpotMe. The app offers mobile banking services and does not charge any fee. This means that you will not have monthly fees, a need for a minimum balance, or experience foreign transaction fees.

What is different about this app, as opposed to some others, is that you are provided with a Visa debit card. You will then have access to an online banking system available through an iOS or Android mobile. The SpotMe component offers customers the ability to overdraw their accounts to an amount of up to $200, and the main perk is that you do not incur an overdraft fee.

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Your SpotMe allowance will likely start at $20, but will then increase up to $200, and this depends on your account history, the direct deposit amounts, and their frequency, as well as what your spending habits are.

Like some other apps, this one also offers a direct deposit program that allows you to access your incoming payment up to two days early. The app’s payday loan has a limit of $200 and, like most others, will then deduct the money once your pay officially arrives.

So what will you be required to do to be eligible for all of this? Firstly, you need to be at least 18 years old. You must be an American citizen and will need to provide your full name and your Social Security Number. And finally, you will have to use your email with a password to gain access.

6. PayActiv

This is a screenshot of the PayActiv app installation page.

PayActiv is another cash advance app that enables you to access the cash you’ve already worked for without a fuss. This ultimately means that you can get early access to the funds you may desperately need. This is great when you may not be able to wait until your payday comes around.

People who find that they often reach a point where they are in a financial emergency will surely benefit from this app. The model is quite simple, and like most other payday loans, it is simply deducted once your salary arrives in your account.

The app prides itself on being a Public Benefit Corporation and helping people to gain a hold on their financial well-being. The app partners with businesses to offer employees on-demand access to money that has been earned, but not yet paid to them. So what it does is receive reports from your employer on the number of hours worked and make payments accordingly.

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The app comes with many helpful features such as budgeting tools, means of savings, and financial health measurements. All that is required from you, unlike other apps, is to be at least 16 years old and have a regular paycheck. When it comes to how much you can access, this will be determined according to the employer settings.

Why would you want to use this app? Firstly, it does not charge you any interest on money borrowed, and you also do not have to undergo credit checks. There is also a relatively low fee for access to your earned wages, and you can gain instant access to this money.

7. Current

This is a screenshot of the Current app installation page.

Current is a checking account that can only be accessed through the mobile app. The main reason for this app’s existence is to help its users engage in better spending habits and help them spend less, particularly on fees.

Current is a free-to-use app for those who only hope to use the basic functionalities, but there is also an option to upgrade. For this, there is a $4.99 subscription fee, but what is nice about this app is that they offer you a 30-day free trial, after which you can decide with which plan you wish to continue.

The app, like others, gives you early access to funds that you have already earned, and you can get them up to two days before your actual payment. This may not seem like a large window, but for some, when money is tight, those two extra days can feel like forever.

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Also, a lovely feature that this app offers is an overdraft facility of up to $100. It is free, which is unlike what you would receive from any traditional banking institution. Another unique feature that the app offers is gas hold refunds, which you accumulate when you fill up at a station. These funds will also be available immediately.

8. Possible Finance

This is a screenshot of the Possible Finance app installation page.

Possible Finance offers you small installment loans that help you build your credit score, and it also provides you with financial tools. The app, unlike some others, does report your repayments to prominent credit agencies so that you are ultimately rewarded for consistently paying on time.

This app sees itself as an alternative to traditional banking institutions and the payday loans offered by other apps. Usually, the loans are short-term and come at a high cost, and are to be repaid on your following receipt of payment; it is not the case with Possible Finance. 

With Possible Finance, you are provided with up to eight weeks to repay your loan, and this comes in the form of bi-weekly intervals. To apply for a loan with them, you can do so by using the app, and all you will have to do is provide them with your bank information (with a minimum monthly income of $750), ID, and your Social Security Number.

Before applying for a loan with them, you must ensure that it is compatible with your bank or credit union, as it, unfortunately, does not work with all banks. If it is compatible, you can then go ahead and apply, and you will be notified within 24 hours as to whether it has been approved. 

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When it comes to repaying your loan, if you want to pay it off before the due date, you can do so without any prepayment penalties, and if you see that you will not manage to make all the payments in time, you can change your repayment date with no extra fees. Some locations may incur a monthly fee and interest, but its APR is likely lower than many other payday lenders.

9. MyPayNow

This is a screenshot of the MyPayNow app installation page.

MyPayNow is a relatively new alternative to FloatMe that allows users to collect their pay the same day. Unlike some other apps, this one will offer you up to a quarter of your wage, and you can order the funds 24/7. An additional bonus with this app is that the employer does not have to be registered with the app for the employee to retrieve the funds.

The app prides itself on giving you your pay on-demand, and there are no limits on the number of requests you are permitted to make per pay cycle. You can request as little as $50 or as much as a quarter of your paycheck. And what is more, the money can be in your account in as little as 60 seconds.

Getting started is quick and straightforward. All you will have to do is fill in your details and answer a few quick questions regarding your employment. Once this has been completed, their artificial intelligence technology will calculate how much of your wages you are eligible to have early access to through the app.

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Like in most similar apps, the funds you accessed are then automatically deducted from your next pay. Following this, your MyPayNow balance will be reset, and you will be free to make use of your next pay advance as you need it.

There are no hidden fees; everything they will deduct is made clear to you upfront. What you must be aware of, and also look out for in other apps, is the required repayment percentage. For this app, you are looking at a 5% fee on the amount which you borrowed.

10. Klover

This is a screenshot of the Klover app installation page.

Klover is an excellent finance app that offers interest-free cash advances on money that you have already earned. Additionally, there are various tools at your disposal, such as overdraft protection and insights into your spending habits. If you can wait, you can still access your money earlier, but at a slightly slower rate.

If you need your money to be delivered quickly though then there is a small charge.

So basically, you can request a cash advance, which usually takes 1 to 2 business days, but if you desperately need the money, then you can have it deposited on the same day, but for a fee. This fee can range from anywhere between $1.99 and $14.99.

There is, unfortunately, a maximum amount that you can borrow, and that is $100. However, you can increase that limit through the app’s point system. The points are increased by regular use of the app and can then be redeemed for a Boost.

You will need to download the app, and you will be signed up in moments once you have supplied your information. You will then need to link your bank account and also verify your paycheck. You will need to wait between 1 and 2 days for your account to be verified, but then you will have access to the app and its features to help you maintain good financial health.

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You should be aware of a few requirements, though, and these include the fact that your bank statement’s paycheck description must match up to previously deposited paychecks. There must have been a least three consecutive deposits over the past two months, and your earning schedule must be weekly or bi-weekly.


There are numerous options available to get you that extra bit of help when you desperately need it. Many of us have probably experienced a small financial problem that can quickly turn into a significant crisis. And for those of us who are literally living from paycheck to paycheck, it has likely been a reality once or twice at least.

Thus I have compiled this list of some of the best cash advance, payday, and banking apps similar to FloatMe. All of these apps have their pros and cons, and it is a good idea to scour through all the finer print before jumping in hurriedly and making an immediate decision.

Now, although these apps can help to alleviate short-term financial dilemmas, you do not want to find yourself locked into a never-ending cycle of borrowing and paying back. Therefore, we suggest that you take advantage of the apps’ financial tools that offer you help in terms of matters such as savings and money management.

Good financial health can go a long way and will help tremendously in mitigating financial stress.


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Google Play Store: Dave

Google Play Store: Earnin

Google Play Store: Brigit

Google Play Store: Money Lion

Google Play Store: Chime

Google Play Store: PayActiv

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Google Play Store: Current

Google Play Store: Possible Finance

Google Play Store: MyPayNow

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