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14 Apps Similar to iTube

This is a screenshot of the iTube App Homepage.

My three favorite apps that are similar to iTube are Spotify, YouTube Music, and Audiomack. These apps have an extensive database of music on their sites. iTube is a background music player and downloader for users to access and interact with music through the platform.

The application can play in the background and work without an internet connection and does not play ads before the video. Users can enjoy music on the app while still accessing other social media outlets such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Streaming on the platform is seamless because it uses low bandwidth and works across different locations, including planes, trains, and the outdoor environment.

Your privacy as a user is also guaranteed on the platform because the application does not phish for private data. Users can access the app for use on both Google Android and Apple IOS operating systems.

Musi—Music Streaming

This is a screenshot of the Musi App Installation page.

Musi is the music streaming app that offers millions of popular trending music for listening to consumers. The main features on its platform include unlimited free music across the top genres. Its platform allows listeners to sort the music based on genre, type, and albums. Other features on the app include a music player, listening on the cloud, customized screen, and day and night mode features.

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Musi is similar to iTube as both applications are dedicated to music streaming and offline use. The application is free for download on both Google and IOS stores. However, there are additional features that require payment before the user can access them on the site.

Riff Studio

This is a screenshot of the Riff App Installation page.

Riff Studio is a social platform that combines creation and listening to provide streaming services for musicians and listeners. Artists, influencers, and fans all come together and create a shared avenue to enjoy music. There is a public room for creators to share and practice with both voice and video.

Additionally, users also listen and discover the content on the platform, both original and others that are already popular beyond the site.

Riff Studio is similar to iTube as both apps support the listening functionality for fans, creators, and other listeners. However, Riff Studio supports more functionalities that enable support and content creation. The app is free on Google and IOS for download by users. There are additional features that need a subscription and payment to access the platform.


This is a screenshot of the Sonos S2 App Homepage.

Sonos is a music and audio platform that would help you to control the systems within your home. The users can customize speakers, soundbars, and other systems for music within the home. The platform also supports television, movies, and gaming. There are other services such as exclusive access, radio, and an opportunity to personalize services on the platform.

Sonos and iTube are similar because both apps are music and audio streaming platforms for users to access music. However, Sonos has additional features such as home streaming from the comfort of the home and an opportunity for users to customize their choices from home.

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The application is available for users to download and use on Google and IOS for free. Its additional features are also extensively available still for free.

APlayer – Free Music Player

This is a screenshot of the aPlayer App Installation Page.

APlayer is a beautiful and powerful music player that allows its users to access content through streaming on their devices. The best part about the user experience comes through its interface that incorporates a dynamic feel with different colors, a home screen widget, lyrics support, and custom control while playing its music.

APlayer and iTube are both conventional apps that support the streaming of music content across various options. APlayer supports content across various formats in both audio and video to extend functionality and sharing. The app is available for download on both Google and IOS for personal and offline use without the hindrances from ads, news, and push notifications.

Vinyl Music Player

This is a screenshot of the Vinyls App Installation page.

The beautiful music player is designed with the music listener in mind. Its platform has a beautiful interface with gorgeous animations and a seamless toggle feature. When users install this application on their gadgets, it comes with seamless streaming and listening functionality with support, shortcuts, and other settings that enhance accessibility.

Vinyl Music Player is similar to iTube because both apps are suitable for streaming and offline music. However, Vinyl is more customizable and gives the proper user browsing and toggling to access the available platform’s extensive features.

The application is available for download on both Google and IOS for free. The user can also access other features and options on the platform, still for free.

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This is a screenshot of the iMusic App Installation Page.

Imusic is one of the largest streaming platforms that gives users access to millions of tracks globally. Its platform is open for users to access and listen to music on an interface with an opportunity to co-create and customize the choices based on genre within the platform.

The users can also upload and discover new music genres on its site. There is a sense of social connectivity and cohesion in connecting with friends on the site.

Imusic and iTube share similar features in access to music for streaming and sharing with friends. Imusic includes unique functionalities such as an opportunity to upload and share your music compositions on the platform. Users can access the application on Google and IOS for free and access the extended features on the site.

YouTube Music

This is a screenshot of the Youtube Music App Installation Page.

YouTube Music is a music and audio app that connects users with the world of music. There are over 70 million official songs on the platform. The users also have access to different forms of music content that include live performances, covers, remixes, and others that you cannot find anywhere.

The user can create personalized playlists and mixes through collaboration with other musicians on a vast music library. The users can also discover and toggle through the content array available on the platform as they enjoy their listening experience.

YouTube Music and iTube are similar because they enable users to listen to music and play on their devices. The app also has extra capabilities such as playing music in the background while doing other things with their device. The application is available for download on Google and IOS.

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Users can also access and listen ad-free in the background with numerous smart downloads by subscribing to the premium version. There is a promotion pricing for new users who download the application for the first time.

Music Tube | Free Music

This is a screenshot of the Music Tube App Installation Page.

Music Tube is a free platform that lets users organize and create a playlist and share their preferences and experiences with friends. The platform has millions of free songs where users can easily search using keywords and country. There are other quick options for navigation, such as hits, trending, and familiar music categories. Users can also play audio and video in the highest quality, including a background mode.

Music Tube is similar to iTube because both streaming sites enable their users to access and listen to music through their devices. The app is available for download on Google and IOS stores. Users can also upgrade to premium to watch music videos and access all music tracks without banners and pop-up ads.

The subscription amount for premium is a flat rate of 30 dollars a year and a similar rate for renewal after its expiry.

MusicX – Music Player

This is a screenshot of the Music X App Installation Page.

MusicX is a seamless way to connect and access the world of music and provide users with all files they need on their devices. The key features on the platform include a simple design to control and enjoy a good musical experience with features such as a ringtone cutter, sleep timer, and support for all the popular music formats.

There are smart features on the platform such as a save and remember, headset support, and custom choices on the playlist.

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MusicX and iTube are similar because they are perfect for users to stream music and access their devices. MusicX has a more user-oriented platform with numerous control that help them to define the user experience and outcome. Users can access the application on their devices from the Google and IOS stores for free. They also get and access all the features on its platform at no additional cost.


This is a screenshot of the Spotify App Installation Page.

Spotify gives its users access to millions of songs from all over the world on their devices. The platform has various features that add to users’ experience, such as a search button for favorite songs based on title, artist, or even album. Users also enjoy playlists based on their mood and activity from the comfort of their mobile devices, tablets, desktop, and other gadgets within the home.

There are thousands of podcasts and originals on the site.

Spotify is similar to iTube as both applications offer a streaming and listening experience to their users. Spotify is a bigger platform with millions of songs that are available for users on its site. Users can access the application on their gadgets for free on both Google and IOS stores.

There are premium features on the site that users can also access by paying a renewable subscription.

eSound: Free Music Player for MP3 music streaming

This is a screenshot of the eSound App Installation Page.

eSound has a platform where users can access and listen to any type of music from their device. The main capabilities of the application include streaming music, making a playlist, finding and discovering more music on the site, and listening to everything that is trending.

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Users also benefit from unlimited free time while streaming and have numerous controls on the platform. The application is also popular for its unlimited online tracks with over 150 million songs to choose from and enjoy. Additionally, one can also download, listen and enjoy this music offline on their devices.

eSound and iTube are both streaming applications where users can access a wide variety of music. The application is available to download for free on Google and IOS. There are extra features on the site that are also available through subscription and in-app purchases.

Audiomack: Download New Music Offline Free

This is a screenshot of the Audiomack App Installation Page.

Audiomack is a popular streaming app that lets its users download and access music offline. The music options on the site include mixtapes and customized playlists. Users do not need an internet connection to access music on the platform because they can download the music on their devices. They can also upload their own music into the platform of curated content.

Audiomack and iTube are similar because they both have a platform for streaming content available. Users can also download and listen to music offline from their devices. The application is available for download on both Google and IOS for free. However, users can also pay for the premium content on its platform.

Spinrilla – Hip-Hop Mixtapes & Music

This is a screenshot of the Spinrilla App Installation Page.

Spinrilla is a hip-hop mixtape app that is primarily dedicated to the lovers of music in this genre. A user will have access to streaming content from popular and underground music artists that soon become favorites. Additionally, this is a good option for users who want to enjoy access to content, especially from favorite rappers, before they go mainstream. Its platform is perfect for discovery and an opportunity to enjoy favorite music within this genre.

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Spinrilla and iTube are similar because they both support the streaming of favorite music to their users. However, Spinrilla is dedicated to discovering new hip-hop music and the single genre alone. Users can access the application from Google and IOS store on their devices at no cost.

However, they can also access other features through subscription purchases that are available on premium within the same platform.

My Mixtapez Music

This is a screenshot of the My Mixtapez App Installation Page.

The app gives its users access to unlimited music for streaming. Its platform is extensive because the music is available through mixtapes. Users can search their favorite music using genre, artist, disk jockey, or producers in the taskbar. The platform also ensures that music rights are protected, and the mixtapes from DJs are only for promotional purposes.

The latest mixtapes and music are available on the site for the enjoyment of users.

My Mixtape Music and iTube are similar because they both have music content available for users to stream and enjoy. The application is available for download on both Google and IOS stores for free. However, the premium feature includes no ads and unlimited options for streaming and selected features on the platform at a flat fee of 3 dollars.