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5 Apps Like Neko Atsume

Screenshot of Neko Atsume app homepage.

Apps like Neko Atsume convinced me that a world without cats would be a world less “purrrfect.” I’ve gotten to the point where it’s not enough that I love cats in real life; I’m always looking for ways to do the same virtually. Neko Atsume managed to do this, but it was not the only one. With that said, what other apps are comparable?

Apps similar to Neko Atsume include Fantastic Cats for its Neko Atsume vibe, Cat Room for its home simulation, Kleptocats for its artwork, Hamster Collection for being the same but with hamsters, Boku to Wanko for being the same but with dogs. All these apps have a pet-collector similarity.

If there was nothing left for you to do in Neko Atsume and you felt that the game left a void that keeps you wanting to further engage with your cute fury-like friends, look no further! These apps all have so much to give that will keep you entertained for hours! So, what makes Neko Atsume so popular?

What Is Neko Atsume?

Neko Atsume is a free mobile game made in Japan by developers Hit Point Co. Ltd, and it’s about cat collecting that is available on Android and iOS. You purchase toys and food to lure stray cats to your backyard, and there is a cat-book to complete with photographs of your kitties as well as charming souvenirs they gift you.

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The English version was launched on October 30, 2015, with new blurbs and names adding charm and hilarity. But this game earns its cult status, honestly.

Neko Atsume is comparable to The Sims and Tamagotchis (the briefly popular “electronic pets” from the 1990s). Many people got this game because the artwork was too adorable to pass up.

Three Reasons Why So Many People Play Neko Atsume

It’s about adorable kitties.

Good grief. Everyone adores cute kittens. And, while the animations for the game’s numerous cats are somewhat restricted, they’re endearing. Half the game’s enjoyment is seeing what the cats do with a new toy or imagining what the newest cat you’ve enticed to visit you will look like.

The game is about collecting cats. It has mastered the element of obtaining virtually every conceivable item and cat the game has to offer and nurturing a lovely collection.

Practically anytime is an excellent time to play.

You can play Neko Atsume whenever you have a few minutes between meetings at work or when you’re on a flight. It doesn’t require a data connection, and you may check in on the game in as little as a few seconds.

Do the kitties have something to eat? If not, restock. Are there any cats in the house? Take in their magnificence if that’s the case. With its profound flexibility and almost instant access, Neko Atsume possibly comes closest to being the perfect mobile game.

It’s incredibly customizable.

You are free to name your pets whatever you like. You may photograph both of your kitties as well as their whole play area and share it with your friends. You can alternate the toys on sale regularly, or you can stay with a tried-and-true configuration.

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It’s challenging to let go of Neko Atsume. Instead, the game is all about giving you the tools you need to construct your ideal kitty garden. That’s tempting; it is! It is why I will be sharing other similar apps in gameplay, style, and artwork to refresh your mind once you’ve exhausted everything there is to do in Neko Atsume!

How Are The Apps Similar?

All these apps have various features in common. Either they have adorable little cats in them, or you get to collect cute little pets in a particular manner or fashion with the beauty in the details, gameplay, achievements, story, and many more. With that said, starting with Fantastic Cats, how do they compare?

1. Fantastic Cats

Screenshot of Fantastic Cats app homepage.

Dazzle Play’s Fantastic Cats is a cat-collecting game. It’s their first Android game (Also available now on iOs), and they’ve done a fantastic job creating a unique gaming experience. You would be excited to see how similar this game is to Neko Atsume.

The player put themselves in the shoes of a new blogger inspired by a lovely cat and decided to create her feline blog. She puts out toys to lure cats every day, takes pictures of them, and posts them on her blog.

Like Neko Atsume, you attract various purry creatures and triggering their distinct behavior; however you help the blogger acquire more subscribers and prizes. Gain the trust of a kitten so you can chat with her and receive more coins from her.

Tip: By using catnip, helps trigger different behaviors.

You’ll run your in-game blog and manage subscribers, as well as attract unusual kitties and encourage them to engage in “brilliant behavior” to get more subscribers and rewards.

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Tip: The higher grade of cat food you supply, the more cats you attract.

Like Neko Atsume, some cats show a unique behavior, especially when their favorite toy is placed nearby. When cats exhibit this behavior, they may dress in a toy-related outfit and completely wrap it around themselves. The cutest thing you will ever witness is a cat’s fantastic behavior.

Tip: Discover different unique behaviors to unlock special rewards

Every day, you’ll receive three missions. To get coins, you must complete them, and you might get up to 300 coins or perhaps more. It depends on how challenging the mission is but the checklist in the top-right corner of the screen will take you to the task section to get you going.

If you’re new to Fantastic Cats, don’t forget to finish all of the instructional objectives. Along with mission rewards, and completing lessons will earn you a large number of coins.

2. Hamster Collection

Screenshot of Hamster Collection app in appstore.

Hamster Collection, like Fantastic Cats, is essentially Neko Atsume with hamsters. To attract hamsters to your cage, purchase toys and hamster food, and then pet the hamsters to increase their attachment level.

At the outset of their hamster adventure, players are given a comprehensive tutorial to ensure they grasp all of the game’s minor features. You can only have five distinct hamsters at first, but this soon expands as you extend your cage.

Hamster Collection also contains a “Behavior List” for each hamster, which details their interactions with various toys in a funny manner.

Unfortunately, suppose you want to add additional hamsters to your cage, you must play “Hamster Gatcha,” which involves depositing seeds left by visiting hamsters into a vending machine to obtain a new hamster boosting in value after each purchase.

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On the other hand, the game does not enable you to get duplicates, allowing you to unlock all of them without substantial expenditure. Another vital game element is hamster attachment, which increases over time when players pet each particular hamster.

When you achieve new connection levels, you will be awarded materials to combine with other items to make one-of-a-kind toys. It might imply more unusual cage arrangements that you can take photos of for display, or it can mean that gamers can photograph individual hamsters.

However, this Neko Atsume alternative is both available on Android and iOS platforms.

3. Boku To Wanko

Screenshot of Boku To Wanko app homepage.

This game is what it says in its name: Neko Atsume with dogs! Purchase toys and food to entice a total of 42 dogs to your yard, then keep them returning so you may collect their “treasure.”

As a result, Boku to Wanko, translates to “me and my pup, ” perfectly encapsulates this extremely familiar-looking animal-based game. Like Neko Atsume, the goal of Boku to Wanko is to attract a posse of furry companions to your garden.

You may accomplish this by leaving toys and food dishes out. When the Wankos come, you can photograph them to include in your Wanko photo book.

Each dog’s profile shows how many minutes they need to spend in your yard before bringing you his prize, so you won’t have to take a deep breath when Tubbs chews up all of your Ritzy Bits for the 86th time without leaving a souvenir.

They’ll reward you with bones and in-game money that’s roughly comparable to Neko Atsume’s gold and silverfish when they ultimately get tired and totter off. When a dog visits you frequently enough, it will reward you with a unique gift. The same as in Neko Atsume.

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Boku to Wanko is accessible in Japanese and English on both iOS and Android devices.

4. Catroom

Screenshot of Catroom app homepage.

Catroom is a cat collecting game like Neko Atsume but with a twist! One side to the game is that it has similar achievements, and you can set up different areas to accommodate various breeds of cute collectible cats.

The other side includes mini puzzle games that you can progress at to help unlock new features and items for your rooms. Catroom enables you to amass as many cats as possible. In the Baby Room, you may even look after kittens!

Furthermore, you may prepare and consume meals and sweets in the kitchen, which is highly fascinating. Getting to do this is the best part; you get to spoil them and make sure they have the most refined cat paradise possible! Visit your friends’ online chat rooms to play the game with their pets.

This game is ideal for natural cat caregivers or, in other words, fur parents! It’s enjoyable, relaxing, and stress-free! You must first construct a Cat Room for them, and then you may give it a name and then adorn it with various objects.

Catroom is a Japanese game in which items and furniture are essential. Because you will be customizing your space with various things, be prepared to come across a variety of furniture and other items that you may use to adorn the area. Never hesitate to build your theme since you may mix and match a plethora of elements.

You may feed them, clean their bedding, and assist them in other ways. After that, you’ll be able to take care of the mini garden, which you may then utilize the ingredients in your mini garden in your meals and sweets.

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Taking care of your cats entails being in command of all aspects of their lives! At the very least, that’s the agreement! With all that said, Catroom will surely take away that Neko Atsume itch!

5. Kleptocats

Screenshot of  KleptoCats app homepage.

KleptoCats are your devoted feline companions. When you send these “cat burglars” out for a stroll, they show their gratitude by delivering gifts. All you have to do is pet and feed them, and they’ll be your best friend forever!

Keep them pleased, and they will bring you valuable stuff to decorate your space. A happiness meter at the top shows how glad your cat is, and if the furballs get overjoyed, they may even deliver rare crystals that can be used to buy additional cats.

Kittens that you’ve gathered thus far can be seen napping or playing with toys in the background. The presents they bring are put in your room at random. Hats, ribbons, and ID tags may all be used to dress up your cats.

On the other hand, items cost money, and you can obtain in-game currency by catching kittens or playing a fun tap-a-paw mini-game. KleptoCats contains everything a fan of Neko Atsume might want in an animal collecting game. There are lots of cute kittens and souvenirs to collect and display in your room.

Other Games From The Developers Of Neko Atsume

Suppose you are interested in more games created by Hit Point, the developers of Neko Atsume, and have become enchanted by their quality in animation, graphics, gameplay, and creativity. In that case, there may be another game that might pique your interest. So, what game might this be?

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Tabi Kaeru

Screenshot of Tabi Kaeru app homepage.

Tabi Kaeru stands for “Travel Frog” and is a slow-paced, soothing game about a frog that explores a mystical world. You may pick plants and make fancy lunchboxes for their frog while staying at home. The frogs will go for their adventure after their food is packed, and while they’re gone, they’ll write letters home with pictures of what they’ve discovered.

Japanese is the only language in which the game can be played and is not yet available in English. Tabi Kaeru would have made a fine addition to this list if it was available in English. However, Journey Frog is a simple game to pick up and play, even if you don’t speak the language.

Neko Atusme On PlayStation 4 VR

Kid playing VR racing game in PlayStation 4.

Have you thought Neko Atsume was only available on Mobile? Think again! Neko Atsume is available on the PlayStation 4 platform in VR  and is a virtual reality version of the popular smartphone game itself.

If you’d like to look and move around a room and see those cute little faces looking at you and enjoy the game all over again with you in the center of it all, then give the game a go! You can move the toys around with your VR gear; the toys will respond to your every movement, and so will the cute little visitors!

Not sure about you, but I could be entertained for hours! Hit-Point announced the game in September 2017, and it was published on May 31, 2018, for the PlayStation 4 video game platform. The PlayStation VR headset is fully supported.

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There are undoubtedly different apps like Neko Atsume out there that you should try if you haven’t already. If cats aren’t your thing, you can even experience a similar game with a dog or a hamster!

Hit Point, the makers of Neko Atsume, are continuously producing games with their innovative visuals and artwork, so stay tuned if you’re a fan of their work!

Alternatively, if you want to keep at Neko Atsume and you have a PlayStation 4 with a VR set, you may lose yourself for hours in Neko Atsume VR – virtual reality at its finest!



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