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18 Apps Like Panda Helper

This is a screenshot of the Panda Helper  App Homepage.

Like others you will find below, Panda Helper is an exceptional 3rd-party app store that gives you access to apps you would otherwise need to pay for or jailbreak. Panda Helper has an extensive array of options to choose from, but what if you can’t find what you are looking for? Thus we ask the question, what are some apps like Panda Helper?

Apps like Panda Helper are 3rd-party app stores that give you free access to paid apps and games, which are modded and tweaked.

Most of them are available on both iOS and Android devices. You can install apps without needing to root or jailbreak them. Some alternatives include TweakBox, Sileo, and ACMarket.

Another significant aspect about Panda Helper and others that you will find below is that it provides you with updates for the apps when released by the developers. So now we want to know what our other options are, and we have therefore compiled a list of some alternatives that you’ll be eager to try out. So be sure to read on to find out what else is available to you.

1. TweakBox

This is a screenshot of the Tweak Box App homepage.

The name that you will likely find at the top of many lists is TweakBox, and this is because out of all your possible options, it is the best one out there. Like Panda Helper, it has an excellent, user-friendly interface, which many appreciate, and there is an awesome collection of apps and games available to you.

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TweakBox is also available to both iOS and Android users and even offers an array of emulators from which to choose. Another reason as to why this makes the top of our list is that the download speeds provided by it are relatively fast. Also, you can even access the likes of Youtube++,  Spotify++, and InstaXtreme, among others.

The app is also more trustworthy than some others available out there, and it prides itself on its elimination of malware and its regular checks and updates. Like Panda Helper, this is a highly reliable choice to go with, and you can be confident that you will have a fun and secure experience with it. 

2. Sileo

This is a screenshot of the Sileo App homepage.

Sileo is one on this list that is reserved for iOS users and their devices. Sileo offers apps available for a range of iOS versions, including 11, 12, 13, and 14. An excellent feature of this app is that it provides products for 64-bit devices, so there is no wonder that it is even compatible with iOS 14.

In terms of its interface, you are looking at something that closely resembles that of Panda Helper, and thus it is a terrific alternative to Panda Helper. The only downside to this option is that it, unfortunately, does not support Android applications.

For those who do have Apple devices, though, you are spoilt for choice with a large selection of free apps and games. Also, another bonus to this one is that you are more likely to find the mods you want that you have not been able to find elsewhere. The app has a large user base, and it’s not surprising when we look at how sleek and user-friendly it is.

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3. ACMarket

This is a screenshot of the AC Market app homepage.

So we have looked at an option purely made for iOS users; now, we have one reserved for Android users. This is the one place you may want to come and look if you are in search of modded apps for your Android device. You have probably heard about it before, and we would certainly suggest giving it a visit.

Almost any modded app or game that you have been searching for can be found on ACMarket. What is also lovely about this platform is that it offers a very similar interface to the regular Android Play Store. So you will feel right at home here.

Along with the apps and games being free, as you would expect, the platform also offers you suggested apps once you have installed particular ones. It offers incredible ease of use, and if you want something neat and clean, then this is something you’ll want to try out.

4. Zeus

This is a screenshot of the Zeus App homepage.

Zeus is a slightly newer option available to users, which unfortunately are limited to iOS users. It is quickly becoming one of the leaders in its sphere, and it is renowned for offering quality services when it comes to gaining access to all your favorite apps and games that have been hacked and modded.

Zeus also offers you things such as screen recorders, emulators, and unofficial content, which you would otherwise not be likely to access via the official AppStore. Another reason why Zeus is growing in popularity is that it has built a legacy jailbreaking feature that outshines some of its competitors.  

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Additionally, when you are on the platform, you do not need to be concerned about the privacy of your information. This is because Zeus is stringent when it comes to the security of its customers. There is a robust end-to-end encryption policy in place.

On top of being secure for its users, it is also a very tidy and clean app that boasts excellent user-friendliness.

5. TweakDoor

This is a screenshot of the Tweakdoor app homepage.

Once again, we have an unofficial app store option for iOS users, and this is indeed another must-visit platform if you are looking to find hacked modded and tweaked applications. TweakDoor is exquisite because, unlike some other options, you do not need to jailbreak your device to download any available applications.

TweakDoor offers an extensive collection of updated and modded apps that are available right at your fingertips. Another fantastic bonus is that this one does not require you to sign in with your Apple ID, unlike some options out there. This is excellent as you do not want there to be any chance of Apple tracking your activity.  

Another key feature is that the interface is easy to use and peruse, and it also does not occupy much space on your device and will not slow your gadget down. The only downside to this option that must be noted is that it tends to crash at times, which can be highly annoying and causes much frustration.

6. 25pp

This is a screenshot of the 25pp app homepage.

25pp has some drawbacks, which we shall get to, but first, it must be said that this Chinese 3rd-party alternative to the official AppStore is likely one of your best options for finding your desired applications.

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25pp is easy to use, and the apps are all free, and the installation process is incredibly straightforward.  Now we come to the drawbacks, and the first is that the default language is set to Chinese, so you will need to change this to English before getting started.

Secondly, and this one is sometimes a deal-breaker for some, you will need to be using a jailbroken device to get the apps you hope to find. Some do not know how to do this, and others would simply prefer not to do so. However, if this is not a problem for you, then, on the whole, you will be pleased with the ease and efficiency this option offers you. 

7. AppCake

This is a screenshot of the AppCake app homepage.

AppCake is another excellent choice for those of us who are iOS users. And yes, you may be wondering why so many suggestions for iOS. Unlike Android users who already have access to many free apps, many apps and games for iOS have to be purchased.

Appcake is another 3rd-party app store that will likely require your device to be jailbroken, but the vast number of things available to you make it worth it. The platform provides an effortless way of directly installing IPA files to either your iPhone or iPad.

If your device is unfortunately not jailbroken, we suggest that you perhaps look at some of the alternatives on this list. If, however, your device is jailbroken, then you will enjoy the experience this one brings. Also, if you have an iPad, this is the store you want to be using, as many apps are better suited to a larger screen.

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8. CokernutX

This is a screenshot of the CokernutX app homepage.

CokernutX is once again another newer contender on the market, but it is available to iOS and Android users as well as Mac. What makes this platform excellent is that you will not need a jailbroken device or an Apple ID (if you are using iOS). The platform offers an array of options to choose from, including the likes of Youtube++ and Spotify++. 

The platform has been slow to grow in its popularity, but that does not mean that it isn’t an excellent 3rd-party app store. It is strange that more people do not use it as it boasts one of the largest collections of apps and games, and they are all entirely free.

Also, what is appealing to iOS users is that they do not ask you for your Apple ID. Its security is also something that they pride themselves on, and all apps are checked before being made available for you to download.

The user interface is simple, and you will find it to be a breeze to navigate through. If you enjoy playing games and wish to have mods that give you an edge over other players, then this is the place to go.

9. Hipstore

This is a screenshot of the HipStore app homepage.

Hipstore is another more versatile option available as it provides applications to users of iOS, Android and is compatible with PC. Unfortunately, the apps available on this platform are only available to specific versions of iOS, including 12 and 13.

This platform allows you to download some of the best apps available to iOS and Android, all for free. Another bonus for the iOS user is that you will not have to jailbreak your device to gain access to all that is available. 

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Like some others on this list, Hipstore offers ease of use, and the process of downloading your apps is safe and secure. So you will not have to fret about your personal information while engaging with this platform. So with all this and the diverse range of apps to choose from, it is no surprise that Hipstore made it onto our list.

10. Asterix Installer

This is a screenshot of the asterix installer app page from tweakbox.

Asterix Installer is just one more option to choose from for both iOS and Android Users. What is lovely about this and most others on this list is that its user interface is incredibly easy to navigate and understand. Additionally, you will not have to worry about the need to jailbreak your device.

On top of that, it offers a plethora of modded and tweaked applications. Make your device your own by downloading various apps that can help you customize things according to your needs. Also, consider looking through the terrific collection of themes that you can acquire for free.

Its vast range of apps and games and it’s being accessible to both iOS and Android makes it a rather popular choice among users. It also boasts a high rate of server uptime, and therefore you will unlikely face lag when using the store. So be sure to go and give it a look and enjoy all that it has to offer.

11. AppValley

This is a screenshot of the AppValley app homepage.

AppValley has to be one of the best alternatives to Panda Helper, and one of the main reasons is its incredibly expansive library of modded apps and games. On top of that, you will find an array of genres of music and books that you can download too.

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Like most on this list, AppValley also offers you peace of mind when it comes to your safety and security while engaging with the platform and using the apps and games it offers. We sometimes take this for granted, but it is a crucial feature to look out for.

There are numerous options to choose from, and the content is dependable. Also, the user interface is not only seamless, but it is also engaging and appealing to the eye. AppValley used to only be available to Android users, but it has since branched out and is also available for iOS users.

And it offers unofficial apps, which the official Apple AppStore did not accept.

12. Emus4u

This is a screenshot of the Emus4U app homepage.

Emus4u is another exceptional app store originally developed with iOS users in mind, particularly those with iOS 11 and 12 and iPads. Since then, though, it has also been made available to Android users.

The app store enables you to download apps that would otherwise come at a price for free. Two other great features are that you do not have to have jailbroken your phone, and neither do you need to supply your Apple ID when accessing the platform.

 Emus4u comes with extra features that some others on this list also have, including a screen recorder and a junk cleaner. Its user interface is also simple to use, and the layout is pleasing to the eye.

13. AppEven

This is a screenshot of the AppEven app homepage.

Another option for the iOS users out there is AppEven, which is also worth looking at. The beauty of this app store is that it actually works on all iOS versions, which is unique as many are limited in the versions they support.

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There are exceptional collections of original and tweaked applications that you can peruse and download from the store. You can also get valuable mods of paid apps absolutely free. There are also modified games that you would otherwise not have access to through the AppStore.

Finally, you do not need to have a device that has been jailbroken, and neither do you have to enter your Apple ID. Downloading AppEven is simple enough, and so is the installation process. So you will be exploring all your favorite apps and games in no time.

14. TutuApp

This is a screenshot of the TutuApp homepage.

TutuApp has made its name in the 3rd-party app store circle, and there is no surprise as to why as it offers millions of apps and games which you can scroll through and download as you like. It is also more versatile as it is available for both iOS and Android users.

What is also nice about this platform is that it offers you the choice between the original and the modded version of applications. Also, there is the tremendous benefit of not having to jailbreak your iOS device to make use of it.

It has a simple yet clean user interface, and you can easily find your way around without any issues. So if you are looking for an option that is safe, secure, and offers a vast array of choices, then this is the one for you.

15. Aptoide

This is a screenshot of the Aptoide App homepage.

Aptoide is an industry changer in terms of being an alternative Android app store but also is available for iOS users. The platform boasts an excess of 200 million users worldwide and has seen over 6 billion downloads of over 1 million apps. It is one of the leading players within the app world.

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The framework of Aptoide is slightly different from some other app stores in that it focuses on social collaboration and helps to tailor recommendations to developers and customers. It offers developers OEMs and gives them incentives to provide you with the best possible choices.

Here you will find various options to choose from, and the user interface is also pristine and comprehensive. If you enjoy innovation and technological advancement, you will appreciate what this platform has to offer. Not only in the apps and games on offer, but the way they package themselves.

16. FtiOS

This is a screenshot of the FtiOS App Homepage.

FtiOS is yet one more unofficial app store for iOS users, and you will find that it is pretty similar to the AppStore in terms of the featured apps. Obviously, they come with tweaks, and although some are unofficial, they come with additional features. 

FtiOS has a rather attractive feature for those using an iPad with its larger screen, and that is the advantage of having a split-screen so that you can scroll on two sides independently. There is also an array of themes that you can choose from, including a dark mode.

And most importantly, you have access to thousands of apps from numerous categories like utilities, modded apps that contain more features, and hacked games. So with all this and more waiting for you at a touch of a button, be sure to go and check it out.

17. HappyMod

This is a screenshot of the HappyMod app homepage.

HappyMod is another 3rd-party app store that is only available to Android users. As stated on their website, anywhere that offers HappyMod for iOS is a scam. Like with all similar apps, HappyMod allows you to download modded apps and games from their store for free.

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They have a vast array of the latest apps and games for you to choose from, and the download speed is lightning fast. On top of speed, they pride themselves on delivering a safe and secure service to you. So you can download any of their available apps and games without worrying about malware and such.

And finally, one thing that is unique to HappyMod and is not shared by many others is that it supports numerous languages from English to Portuguese, Arabic, and Italian, just to name a few. Also, once you have set the app to your preferred language, you will receive regular updates about the latest and best apps and games available.

18. iPABox

This is a screenshot of the iPABox app Homepage.

iPABox is also an excellent alternative for those who liked Panda Helper. The app store is one of the oldest app installers to date. Thankfully, it is sure to keep itself up to date and ahead of the competition. It is the home to thousands of unofficial apps and games.

The store does not charge you anything and instead makes its money via donations from loyal users and advertisements. They also state that all future updates and features will also be free to you.

They also offer downloads at terrific speeds, and has been in the business for long enough, they are more than aware of the importance of security. The only downside to iPABox is that it is limited to only servicing iOS users.


Panda Helper is an exceptional tool and unlike various other alternatives. Panda Helper is honestly one of the best unofficial app stores that you can get for Android and iOS. Panda Helper is also great because it is trusted by many and is a safe option to go for.

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You also do not need to root or jailbreak your device to use it.

This incredible free source of multitudes of tweaked apps and modded games is something that many have come to know and love, but as we have seen, there are alternatives available to us. So be sure to give our list a careful read-through and find the one that best suits you.

Many of these options are just as good as Panda Helper, and we certainly hope you find what you are looking for. Just remember that although these app stores help gain free access to apps and games, if you find one you like, do consider forking out a little and actually purchasing it; I’m sure the developers will be grateful.


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