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5 Apps Like Psiphon

Phone with Psiphon app displayed on its screen.

The more content uploaded on the internet in the digital era, the more restrictions are placed on the road. Apps like Psiphon assist you to be connected to news broadcasts and many other sites that are no longer linked to your region. However, Psiphon is not the only app to do this. So, what apps are like Psiphon?

ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Hotspot Shield, Surfshark, and Private Internet Access are the best alternatives to Psiphon. Each VPN app has an excellent service history and is a reputable VPN provider. These apps are available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Well, the availability of services is one thing, and the restriction of content access is another. With that said, these apps are the finest VPN services for overcoming geo-blocking to make internet content available to people worldwide. With that said, how do you choose a great VPN app?

What Characterizes A Good Mobile VPN?

Of course, specialized mobile VPN software should be as simple to use as possible. Make sure it works with the version of your smartphone, whether it is a particular android or iPhone, which should be at least Pie for Android and generally for apple devices, iOS 12, or newer.

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The best VPN apps for mobile users should come from a reputable company with a track record of success.

Since you are likely to use a VPN provider on many devices, choose one that supports your computer’s operating system and provides enough licenses for all of your devices.

Other things to think about including tight security – a kill switch is helpful for not being exposed if your internet connection goes down – and, of course, a privacy policy and terms of service that spell out what records and information the provider keeps.

And also to bring to your attention: stay away from the Android Play Store and iOS app store’s shady ones, since many claims to give free privacy but fail to reveal the catch. Instead, it’s safer to use one of the excellent Psiphon alternatives VPN apps. With that said, here is why they are the best alternatives.

How Do The Apps Compare?

It’s no secret that we’re using our phones more than ever before, which means that the best mobile VPN apps are in high demand. There are many alternatives on every app store, available from just about every provider.

Given the number of options, choosing the right one may come across perplexing. However, choosing the best VPN for your smartphone is critical because we spend our lives in our hands.

Instead, they’ll allow you access to geo-restricted streaming services, let you avoid targeted advertisements, get around government web restrictions, and more – all while keeping your data safe when using public Wi-Fi.

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With that said, These Psiphon mobile VPN apps are the best alternatives and are versatile and user friendly, and offer more than just a basic level of privacy protection. So, how are these apps similar to Psiphon? Starting with ExpressVPN:

1. ExpressVPN – Android And IOS

ExpressVPN app displayed on the smartphone over a stone table.

ExpressVPN is a powerful Psiphon alternative, and its smartphone offering has a lot of positive aspects. The specialized software is straightforward to use and understand, but it also has many complex features.

The Express Android app is straightforward to use after being loaded; it’s almost identical to the PC version. That means a simple On or Off activational feature and an easy-to-navigate list of servers, nearly 3,000 in all, spanning 94 countries from Croatia to Colombia. Furthermore, the software is now available in 16 other languages.

The program features an excellent selection of locations, unsafe network detection, split tunneling, a specialized privacy tools menu, and a kill switch for further protection.

When the connectivity speeds we experienced while utilizing the mobile VPN were always fast, now that ExpressVNP’s proprietary Lightway protocol is accessible, they’re just becoming quicker.

If streaming is the main reason you’re looking for a Psiphon alternative, unlike Psiphon, ExpressVPN once again shines. ExpressVPN is perfect for streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and other streaming sites while on the go, including streaming sports channels.

Suppose you have any problems using this VPN. In that case, whether it’s installing the ExpressVPN app or using it, the company’s website has a wealth of helpful material and video instructions, as well as live chat assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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ExpressVPN isn’t the cheapest VPN, but when you join up for a 12-month contract, you get three months free plus a year of unlimited cloud backup from Backblaze. For those who want the most pleasing Psiphon alternative, the price may be worth it, especially since there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee in place to enable you to try it risk-free.

2. NordVPN – Android And iOS

Phone on a concrete background displaying NordVPN app.

As an excellent Psiphon alternative, it’s no surprise that NordVPN, as a champion of the online security game, has built an outstanding mobile VPN app to complement its firm desktop clients. The applications are incredibly safe and provide users genuine anonymity, thanks to the same superb secure software as their PC counterparts.

Nord’s applications are a good solution for anyone who wants to be safe while on the road, and they’ll keep you safe when using public Wi-Fi. They also have unique capabilities not seen in many mobile VPNs, such as Onion over VPN and a Double VPN function like Surfshark (Another Psiphon alternative).

NordVPN just completed a second independent audit of its servers and privacy policy, demonstrating a real dedication to the security of its users.

The design of NordVPN’s applications, on the other hand, is a drawback. The mobile VPN uses the same map-based layout as the desktop clients, which works well on a large screen but makes the applications seem cramped and difficult to use on smaller screens.

However, a swipe up will bring you to a list of VPN servers, and in practice, you’ll only be using the program for a minute or two, with the rest of your time spent enjoying online privacy.

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Aside from that, NordVPN’s app is convenient and user-friendly and will appeal to anybody looking for utmost protection from their VPN.

3. Hotspot Shield – Android And IOS

Phone on a wooden table displaying Hotspot Shield app.

Hotspot Shield might be the ideal answer for you if you’re looking for a Psiphon alternative and a speedy mobile VPN app.

Hotspot Shield is all about speed first and foremost. Whether you’re using a 5G connection or superfast Wi-Fi, it’ll be able to keep up – reaching up to speeds of 380Mbps on a 600Mbps connection, making it a high-speed VPN.

Designers have done an excellent job bringing Hotspot’s Windows 10 VPN version to the smaller screen, as they did with others on this list. That means you’ll receive the same great UX and a slew of new features, like the option to schedule when the app connects automatically (when you open specific apps, for example).

Thanks to its unique Catapult Hydra protocol, Hotspot Shield has consistently ranked towards the top when it comes to sheer server performance. That’s useful to know when it comes to your smartphone because it means you can leave it operating in the background without fear of performance degradation.

This VPN company has recently enhanced its unblocking capabilities, causing Psiphon users’ jaws to drop, making it a good choice for streaming VPNs. And, if you’re prepared to make a long-term commitment, its multi-year membership pricing is now among the best available.

4. Surfshark – Android And IOS

Screenshot of Sufshark app homepage.

Because of its market-beating prices (And mentioned earlier), Surfshark is an easy first option for those looking for a Psiphon alternative.

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Unlike Psiphon, Surfshark’s user interface changes very little from desktop to mobile. Assuming that its desktop product is simple, its creators didn’t have difficulty adapting it to the lower screen size.

It means you’ll have quick access to security features like a dedicated kill switch, split tunneling, and a builtin malware blocker. It might be challenging to develop anything unique in such a competitive industry, but Surfshark is certainly trying.

It’s the only VPN app you’ll see with a GPS spoofing capability, which allows it to provide the coordinates of your preferred VPN server. Not something everyone will use, but it’s a valuable tool if you need to obtain a location for playing Pokémon Go, for example.

If you want assistance, you can easily submit a support request from inside the app. However, the app is simple to use, that you won’t use that feature very much. With a VPN subscription that covers unlimited devices, you can use it on multiple devices, such as your laptop, TV streaming device, router, and more.

5. Private Internet Access App – Android And IOS

Screenshot of Private Internet Access app homepage.

The app from Private Internet Access is simple and has many features and settings to play with, making it a great Psiphon alternative. Maintain an activity log as well with automatic connection, kill switch, snooze, favorites lists, and like Psiphon, connection status data.

Ports can be defined locally and remotely, encryption can be configured, handshake methods can be configured, and even vibrate the handset to indicate when you reconnected, thanks to port forwarding, proxy support, and UDP and TCP protocol settings.

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You can also define local and remote ports, choose custom encryption and handshaking methods. Software with a large on or off button in the center of the screen and the IP address on the bottom is remarkably user-friendly, as previously stated. The performance is excellent, and the privacy policy is very advantageous.

However, with its lack of live chat assistance, PIA lags behind some of the other Psiphon alternatives. While there is no free trial, the membership is reasonably priced regardless of the plan you select. Obviously, a multi-year plan will save you the most money.

Which Is The Best Overall VPN Alternative To Psiphon?

When it comes to the best Psiphon alternatives, ExpressVPN comes out on top. It’s a well-designed software that’s easy to set up and use while providing a wealth of useful functions.

Split tunneling, a dedicated kill switch, and access to more than 3,000 servers are all included, as is the ability to unblock websites and watch Netflix programs from other countries.

What Can You Use A VPN App For?

Man hands connecting to VPN through a mobile phone app.

When you’re not at home, a mobile VPN is a fantastic method to protect your privacy, and it’s especially vital to be cautious when using unprotected public Wi-Fi. Despite its convenience, it’s an ideal spot for hackers to execute man-in-the-middle attacks and compromise your data.

In a VPN, all data sent over that network is encrypted to prevent this from happening, rendering it worthless even if intercepted. The ability to watch content from different countries is another valuable feature of VPNs.

If you want to watch Netflix while on vacation, you could discover that your favorite shows aren’t available. You can access the material you know and love by utilizing a VPN to move virtually.

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Should You Get A Free VPN APP?

It is astonishing how many free apps VPN apps are available on the Play Store and the iOS app store. There will be some good ones, while others will be terrible, but none of them will be extraordinary.

If you don’t use your VPN software very often, I recommend opting for a free one. Otherwise, you’ll quickly run into unpleasant use limitations and realize that free versions often only have a handful of servers.

And, considering that Surfshark costs less than $2.50 a month to download, It may be a good idea to put your hand in your pocket for the best Psiphon alternative.


Psiphon and other VPN apps specifically built to be full-featured network apps have proven to be quite beneficial. Millions of individuals already use these VPN alternatives all over the world to connect to the internet.

These alternatives are the finest tools for accessing the open internet. Whether you are trying to access a popular news program or series only available in a different country or want to add an extra degree of security when utilizing public Wi-Fi connections, these Psiphon alternatives are your best bet.


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