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16 Apps Similar to Lomotif

This is a close look at a phone that features the Lomotif app installation page.

If you want to know how to edit a video, there are many free video editing applications like the Lomotif app, which you can use on your Android phone or on your iOS device with its video editing tool. They are applications to make videos using images or even other videos that you have stored on the phone or taken with the camera.

If you like video editing and are looking for interesting options to use on your device, below we share some of the best applications to make video clips that you probably did not know. Let us now look at apps similar to Lomotif’s add-on.

GoPro Quik – Video Editor With A Personalized Touch

The screenshot for the GoPro Quik homepage.

Quik is the name of the new GoPro app that really has nothing again. Do you want to make videos with a spectacular finish easily? Here you have Quik, the old Replay, which GoPro has changed its warm colors for a cold blue. It is now also available on Android.

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It is a video editing app with which you can give your videos a more personalized touch. You can even use up to 200 photos and video clips. It also comes with 28 video styles, ability to adjust source and filters. You can trim and add overlay text, change the video format, etc.

What Are The Steps To Make Videos?

When making your videos or a movie:

  • Decide if the video will be landscape 16:9 or square 1:1 for Instagram
  • Choose a template or theme with its image filters and corresponding transitions
  • Choose between different sources within each template
  • Reorder and duplicate video clips and photographs
  • Crop individual video clips
  • Indicate what area of each photograph is relevant
  • Titular individual photos and video clips
  • Include title between images
  • Decide in which video clips the original sound is kept
  • Choose and add music from the Quik library or your own library
  • Decide when the music starts
  • Share on your social networks or save to the reel in 1080p
  • Set the final duration of the video, for example, adjusting it to 15″ on Instagram

Download iOS Version

Download Android Version

The PHHHOTO App – Set Frames For Videos

The screenshot of Phhhoto app installation page.

The app is free to use and download from app store. It allows users to set frames for their videos and share them with others. It is a simple and easy-to-use application, available to use on both iOS and Android platforms, and you can access it anytime, anywhere in the world.

The app has packs of exciting frames that make your photography more beautiful and attractive. PHHHOTO is not only an application that adds frames to your video, but it is also a powerful tool that makes your photos from your camera roll look more enhanced by providing many new filters and widgets. You can also use it to make a slideshow.

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How Do You Enjoy The Services?

To enjoy the services, you must download and install them on your mobile phone. What happens after you install the app? After the installation is complete, you need to choose the PHHHOTO app video, add frames, click the Save button, and share it with others.

It includes basic functions such as completely free to use, update with new functions, user-friendly interface, more than hundreds of frames and filters, etc. This app has a good rating, whether when used with Android or iOS. Millions have downloaded this photo app on their device.

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Cute Cut App – Create High Quality Videos

This is a screenshot of the Cute Cut App installation page.

This is a video editor, which helps to capture movies and provides editing features. It is easy and simple to use, allows you the ability to create videos of the highest quality. It has a lot of interesting functions and tools to use. It is designed for people who like to share celebrity clips on their social media pages, building their fan base.

The app has advanced frames, backgrounds, filters, and tons of amazing features. The interface is easy to use with tools to change the format of your video, and the ability to customize your video.

Cute CUT is an excellent video editor for Android platform, phones, and tablets. This app is available for free in the Google Play application market. Now it is no longer necessary to work on the computer to edit or create videos. You can do it comfortably on your smartphone.

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This great application offers all the necessary tools for professional video editing on your phone. To make the task even easier, Cute CUT has an intuitive interface that can be used in portrait or landscape mode. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never edited or created your own videos before. With this video editor for Android, it’s really easy and fun.

Is It Easy To Navigate?

Cute CUT is easy to use, as simple as dragging and dropping the different video segments to arrange them. There are multiple tools available to create videos:

  • Add videos from the camera or gallery
  • Use images and photos from the album or the camera
  • Include texts in our video films
  • Drawing tools
  • Add voice files
  • Include music in videos

It has a very interesting feature is the ability to draw on films, for which there are more than 30 drawing tools. Cute CUT allows you to create HD and SD movies. It also supports portrait-type orientation movies.

You cannot miss the transitions in a video editor. In this case, you have more than 20 customizable transition effects. When you finish your work, you can export the videos to the gallery, send them by mail, publish them on YouTube and Facebook, etc.

How Do You Record A Video?

Recording a video with the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, obviously does not involve major complications. However, when it comes to editing tasks, things start to get complicated, especially when the right tools are not available. It is true that there are free options for Apple mobile users that have many limitations, but in the case of Cute CUT, a video editor for iOS that offers multilayer timeline support, this is convenient.

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Despite being a free application for iOS, it incorporates a series of quite extensive video editing tools that, although it may take some time to get used to, once it is achieved, is not difficult to understand why it is a great application

Is There Detailed Instructions?

Cute CUT will allow the user to combine different types of multimedia files, including images, audio and video, in the multilayer timeline. Added to this, the text and the ability to draw will result in professional-looking creations that could hardly be achieved in any other similar application.

Although it seems somewhat intimidating at first, the application ensures that the user understands everything that they may be able to do. This happens through a detailed guide and practical video tutorials accessible from the Settings section.

How Do You Start The Editing Process?

Once the users have understood the most basic functions of this video editor for iOS, just click on the + button to start the editing process. Next, Cute CUT will ask the user to choose the resolution and orientation, they want to apply to their video.

This can be modified at another time by accessing the video configuration options. It is important to mention that in the editing area there are many buttons that can be identified by simply pressing and holding any of them to display the name and a brief description of their functions.

Download iOS Version

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Vigo Video (Formerly Flipagram)

This is a screenshot of the Vigo Video App Installation Page.

It is an app for creating videos and doing easy video editing. It is the easiest way to create, share and relive your memories in a fun and animated photo and movie presentations. It has editing tools that are very easy to apply to cut, merge or duplicate your photos and videos in a very simple way.

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It has an extensive music library with popular songs to apply in your video montages, and you can use the application’s camera to make playback videos.

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the Picstun App Installation Page.

It is a professional image animation tool that can be used to add some video effects to a PIC and animate it. With this application you can make very creative gifs with the photos in your phone’s gallery, using animated video effects to make messages on special dates such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, New Year, etc.

It is used in a very easy way to video edit Instagram video: upload the image, choose the effect and get your animated gif ready to share on your social networks.

Download Android Version

Square Sized

This is a screenshot of the Square Sized App Installation Page.

It is the best photo editor to enlarge square photos on Instagram without cropping them. You have always found that when you post a photo on Instagram, you cut off part of it if it does not have the exact measurements. You will not have this problem with this app because it helps you to square your photo with the Instagram format and you will be able to publish it in full.

It has many filters, collage templates, backgrounds, and you can apply the text to them to give your Instagram posts a different touch.

Download iOS Version


This is a screenshot of the FilmoraGo App installation page.

This is a professional video editing application for any social media platform, without a watermark or time limit. It is an incredible photo editing tool that will help you make funny videos in a very easy way. It has a variety of tools for editing your videos.

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It is capable of adding animated texts and personalizing them in a very original way. You can crop, rotate, flip, reverse play, adjust color, use film effect layers and filters, and an audio mixer.

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the Swipeable Panorama App Installation Page.

This application allows you to publish panoramic photos in multiple photos on Instagram without losing the resolution. This app gives you a new experience to share your content. When you took your panoramic photos, you found yourself with a serious problem when you wanted to publish them on Instagram because they did not fit the size of the social network.

The tool allows you to crop and divide your panoramic photos into equal grids to publish them in multiple photos.

Download iOS Version


This is a screenshot of the Splice App Homepage.

It is one of the best free video editors for iOS that can be used to modify videos in a short time.  After you have edited, Youtube subscribers and Instagram followers will be able to view your awesome videos. It includes a large number of effects, filters, and you can customize your videos by adding text, even control the playback speed.

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This is a screenshot of the Clipper App Installation page.

With this video sharing app, you can also easily edit movies, organize all your video clips, as well as enhance videos by adding impressive effects. You can even edit fragments of the video and crop them vertically. Of course, you can add background music, and basically, you have everything you need to make a high-quality video.

Download iOS Version

Clips Maker – Video Clips

This is a screenshot of the Clips Maker App Installation Page.

It is an application that teaches you how to create videos using the images stored on your phone or photos taken with the camera. You can use them for your Instagram story, meme titles, and Instagram reels. It is very easy to use since you only have to select the elements, apply the effects, cut, and edit. You can also add background music.

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Download Android Version

Video Maker – Make Video Pictures and Music

This is a screenshot of the Video Maker App Installation Page.

This is an Android video maker app, which comes loaded with lots of free video maker features and tools. You can use the specific feature to enhance your photos, unlimited clips, and music.

It is an application with which you can make photo videos, add text, background music and you can also give it greater customization with more than 30 impressive visual filters, you can even add stickers or convert the videos into mp3 audio files.

With a single timeline, you can drag both videos and images into your creation. From there, you can trim the footage and choose the exact moment you want the videos to start and end. This way, if you only want the moment when your father falls (and not the studs he says later), it only takes a few movements of your fingers.

If the video ends at the wrong time, or you want to make a change, just drag it to the right place on your timeline. By clicking on the end of each clip, you can add transitions and fades, and thus hide those moments when the camera shakes. You can also import soundtracks or add annotations, just by clicking on the timeline.

Once this is done, you can now render your complete creation to have an MP4 file with a variety of resolution and quality options.

Download Android Version

KineMaster Video Editor

This is a screenshot of the KineMaster App Homepage.

KineMaster is a video editing app with lots of great features. Some of the main features include:

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1. Upload video and audio clips, multiple images for further editing

2. Contains basic video editing tools, such as cropping, cropping, rotating, etc.

3. Adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast of the images

4. Use effects, text strings, transitions, and special effects on videos

5. Offers free and free professional versions.

Download iOS Version

Download Android Version

Triller Video Maker

This is a screenshot of the Triller App Homepage.

Using the Triller app is simple. To get started, choose a song from your device’s music folder (or from the songs included in the app). You select a short clip of the song that will be the basis for your music video. By activating the recording function, the clip plays like camera movies, allowing you to lip sync or just film whatever you want.

If you record multiple takes, the app will automatically edit them to create a composite music video. You can choose from several different filters to vary the look of your shots. You have limited control over the shots the app chooses for final editing.

Once the video is complete, you can share it with other users through the social functions of the application.

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the VidMax App Installation Page.

VidMax allows you to download videos from various social applications, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It also allows you to download videos of WhatsApp statuses and share them again. The download process is very simple and only requires a few simple steps.

First, you must copy the link of the video you want to save and paste it into the search bar. The app will give you a preview of the video. Once you are sure that the obtained video is correct, you can go ahead and tap on the download button.

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Download Android Version

Airbrush Camera

This is a screenshot of the Airbrush App Installation Page.

With AirBrush, you can do wonders. It has a very effective tool that eliminates imperfections, such as spots or blackheads. You can also whiten your teeth in a matter of seconds and obtain a perfect complexion with the help of its polishing effect. However, that’s not all because you can increase or decrease any specific area of an image, add depth to your photos or adjust their size with a simple touch.

Moreover, if you’re feeling creative, maybe you can take advantage of its filters and effects to enhance any image or portrait. Once you are done, the application will help you export your enhanced photos to your social media accounts.

Download iOS Version

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