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21 Apps Similar to Crowdfire

A close look at a phone showing the Crowdfire App installation page.

The Crowdfire app allows you to gain visibility, and calculate the best time to publish your photos and videos on Instagram in order to reach as many people as possible. With it, you can make reports to monitor the activity of your accounts and discover new strategies to achieve your goals.

This app is useful for any social account, blog, and web page. With this tool, you can now publish your content when you have the best scope of visibility. Let us now look at apps similar to the Crowdfire add-on.

HootSuite To Compose Social Media Posts

Hootsuite allows you to manage all your profiles from the same place on your computer, as if it were the “home” of your social networks. Crowdfire is an alternative to Hootsuite, but it offers more features and updates that make it better than others. It is a true social media management option for the end user.

With the help of the Hootsuite app, you can easily compose your own posts and schedule them to be published later for your followers and marketers to view. The most interesting and the best thing about this application is that it finds and atomically recommends articles and images that your fans will love, so you can share them with all your social profiles and keep up with your social lines.

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Crowdfire schedules all your posts in advance and automatically posts them at the best time to get more engagement. This saves you a lot of time. The app also offers many cool features that make it more attractive. Give it a try and you will surely enjoy it.

Hootsuite is easy and simple to navigate. Obviously, the greater the control and use of the application, the greater the ability to take full advantage of it. One of the reasons is that it has many functions, especially if its use is focused from a professional point of view; for example, for the marketing or communication area of a company.

It is a social management tool for the computer, although it also offers specific apps for smartphones and also for the tablet format, from which you can continue working. Therefore, it is a comprehensive solution to centralize all your social networks, and schedule post. You can make separate posts on a daily or weekly basis.

How to Get the Most Out of Hootsuite

A phone showcasing the logo for Hootsuite app.

Beyond the basic functions that any of the networks that it allows to integrate offer, Hootsuite is also very interesting from a professional point of view because it gives you personalized performance reports, the possibility of monitoring the competition, and also helping you when it comes to finding your target with the most potential in the digital environment.

Don’t worry about the operating system your computer uses. You can try, whether you have Windows or if you work with a Mac because it is an application to work from the web. Therefore, it is 100% compatible with both. All you have to do is create an account with an email address to start working.

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There is no major social network that cannot be integrated with Hootsuite. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, and even Pinterest are fully supported, and even blogs created in WordPress. However, the tool does not stop here because, through different extensions, you can reach other platforms that you can also include in your Hootsuite control panel to save even more time.

What Are Hootsuite Account Types?

A close look at the web browser showcasing the Hootsuite logo and site.

Like many applications that offer this type of complementary services, the difficulty lies between maintaining a quality of service that is differential so that users access their plans, which, of course, require a financial investment. In the case of Hootsuite, the offer has been increased to the four types of accounts that it currently offers. This is great for the small business owner.

Professional: this option allows integrating 10 profiles for a single user with a monthly subscription.

Team: whose price rises per month, open the range to 3 users and 20 social profiles.

Business: it is the most extensive and includes analytics, and global service of up to 35 social profiles and between 5 and 10 users can be covered. As if this were not enough, Hootsuite also offers design custom plans.

Enterprise: prices are also adjusted to what each company asks for.

Is There Any Free Version?

In addition to the paid plans – it offers a 30-day trial, but there is also a free version, limited to one user and three social profiles, which is what people who use Hootsuite for a personal purpose usually use. The impact of Hootsuite is a reality, especially in the business field, and the proof that social networks know that their success is also successful for them is that they continue to integrate functions.

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One of the last things you can achieve is being able to post videos on Instagram directly from the control panel.

Download Android Version

Download iOS Version

Facebook Pages Manager

This is a close look at a web browser showcasing the facebook business site.

Facebook Pages Manager is a free mobile application available to use on the Android and iOS platforms. The application is owned by Facebook, especially for those users who want to manage their Facebook page directly from their phone.

With the help of this application, you can stay informed and respond to customers immediately. You can do mobile publishing, scheduled publishing, post-updating, and managing your page without using a desktop.

With this unattractive name (but yes, very descriptive) you will have the official Facebook application that allows you to manage your pages on the social network from your Android device. With this app, you can publish updates, and respond quickly to comments, speaking on behalf of your professional pages (not to be confused with our personal profile on Facebook).

You may also receive messages and notifications and respond to them. In this way, you can separate the personal activity of the official Facebook application with the professional activity that a page requires, whether for your company, association, fan club, etc.

However, the best thing about the Page Manager on Android is being able to always carry Facebook Insights with you, or what is the same, Facebook statistics. These will show you the most important data about the behavior of your audience and the reach and reception that your posts are having with 2 easy clicks.

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Thanks to this and other features and the always useful possibility to save drafts of your posts and schedule publications, the Facebook page manager is an indispensable tool for every Community Manager, since even from your mobile, you can continue to take care of your community on the Facebook social network.

What Are The Pros?

  • Quick access to all your Facebook pages
  • Allows access to statistics
  • Drafts of posts can be saved
  • Publications can be scheduled
  • Easy process
  • Individual social profile
  • RSS feature

By default when you create a Facebook page, there are four tabs that always appear; namely the photos, the events, the videos, and the likes. However, if you click on the options it gives you to manage tabs, you can change the order at will.

Download Android Version

Download iOS Version

KUKU App For Social Media Management

This is the screenshot of the Kuku Social Media Management App homepage.

KUKU is another social media management app that helps businesses and others schedule all posts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and all other social media in one click. The app helps all marketers save time by managing multiple social accounts at once.

It introduces many new tools to save time and grow your audience. With the help of this platform, you can share a post with anyone. With a philosophy very similar to that of the famous Buffer, offers an alternative that you can use to publish and schedule content on different social networks.

This is available in beta mode, it allows registration with the Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus account, although once done, you can connect other social networks. At the moment, it is not possible to connect with Google Plus or Pinterest, but it will be soon, according to reports.

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In addition to publishing simultaneously, you can specify the best times to schedule each content, always with the possibility of including multimedia content and moderating what is published on each network. The statistics module is not ready yet, but they are working on it, as well as a module to recommend content in case we lack inspiration.

Although they have not yet defined a pricing plan, they comment that those who register now will have a free account forever, so if you do not want to pay for other options. You can find a chrome extension for easier access. Soon, this will be one of your favourite websites and apps.

Download Android Version

Download iOS Version

Simplifi Me

This is the screenshot of the Simplifi Me App Installation Page.

Manage all social media accounts with Simplifi Me powered by Aggregr8tor LLC. It is an excellent application that allows you to create and manage your social networks by following your friends through social media platforms, including simultaneous posting to multiple accounts on social media and comments on Facebook posts.

With the help of this platform, you can share images and videos on Facebook and Twitter.

Download Android Version


THis is a screenshot of the TweetBinder App homepage.

TweetBinder is an amazingly easy app to use for social media management. It will help you to analyze your hashtags, users, keywords. You can use it to search for up to 2000 tweets from the past.

It allows you to create a basic report, which would include general statistics, an interactive temporal graph, a ranking of the most active and most popular users, and a gallery of the most relevant photos that have been shared.

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You can also create an advanced report with more complete statistics, an interactive temporal graph, six user rankings, the economic value of the hashtag, and a gallery of analyzed photos. It has a good economic value of Twitter hashtags and a unique metric that has been developed by the company itself.

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the WordSwag App installation page.

Create incredible text designs for your photos with just one touch, thanks to the Typomatic engine that makes this possible. It is like having a graphic designer in your pocket. It has an extensive bank of free images that you can use to design new photos.

It has hundreds of quotes, thoughts, and jokes so that you never lack content to add to your photos and share them automatically.

Download iOS Version

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the Buffer App Installation and Homepage.

When you want to schedule content on your social media account, you can use paid marketing tools such as Sprout Social or MeetEdgar. However, if your pockets are still not that big, then a great free alternative would be to use Buffer. Buffer’s free plan (Forever Free) allows you to connect a profile from each social network and schedule up to 10 content.

For example, today you could schedule 2 content for the next 5 days and therefore have a certain advantage. It is not bad for a free plan. Some of the features include:

  • 3 social profiles for one user
  • 10 posts to schedule per profile
  • Social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Extension in the search engine
  • App for android and iOs
  • Link shortener

Download Android Version


This is the screenshot of the Canva Homepage.

Obviously when designing it is always good to have a good payment tool in the style of Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. Now if you do not have the pocket for these design tools and what you need is something simple for your blog, then you should take advantage and know the Canva tool.

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Currently, more than 2 million people trust Canva, and you will be lucky to try this free tool that comes in handy to get out of the way, especially since it is a service that is in the cloud and has a great variety of templates and options.

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the SumoMe App Installation page.

The most interesting thing is that SumoMe has a whole suite of applications beyond the famous social buttons. As simple as installing the app on your website and activating the social buttons, they will already have something like bubbles in the computer version or like the small bar you can see with social buttons if your visitors are reading the blog from a Smartphone. It is really simple, and fast. So far, it has seemed like a free alternative to many other paid tools.

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the Tweetdeck app installtion page.

TweetDeck provides the user with numerous features that can be used on any social media network, which includes:

  • All the Twitter profiles you want
  • Preview organized in columns: Home, User activity, Notifications, Search, Lists, Collections, Trending, Likes, Private messages, Mentions, and Twitter Followers
  • Scheduled posts, Messages from all accounts, Mentions from all accounts
  • Scheduled posts and direct messages
  • Keyboard shortcuts for every action
  • Link shortener
  • App for android and iOS

Download iOS Version

Download Android Version


This is the screenshot of the MetriCool App Homepage.

Metricool is a utility app that integrates RRSS administration and statistics, along with web analytics for any social channel. With Metricool programs, you can access Instagram account, Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. It is really useful.

It is one of the pages to see Instagram statistics reviewed. It is a great Instagram tool. In addition, it offers a free plan to manage a social media account.  It allows one user. Other features include:

  • Blog and social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • 3 months of historical retention
  • 50 monthly publications
  • Complete analytics of the blog and social networks
  • App for android and iOS
  • Link shortener
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Download Android Version

Download iOS Version

Social Bearing

This is a screenshot of the Social Bearing App homepage.

With Social Bearing, you are allowed only 1 Twitter user along with a complete analysis of your account. You also have the ability to do complete hashtag analysis and search for keywords in tweets, hashtags, and user accounts.

Download Android Version

Rite Tag

This is the Rite Tag homepage screenshot.

RiteTag is a social media manager app, which allows only 1 user. You can add your social media networks including Twitter, Facebook page, Pinterest, Linked In, and Google+. You have seven days to schedule posts for free and send a scheduled tweet. You get hashtags suggestions. The app comes in Android and iOS versions as well as for the Google Chrome extension.

Download iOS Version

Download Android Version

Swipeable Panorama

This is a screenshot of the Swipeable Panorama App Installation page.

This application allows you to publish panoramic photos in multiple photos on Instagram without losing the resolution. This app gives you a new experience to share your content.

When you took your panoramic photos, you may have found yourself with a serious problem when you wanted to publish them on Instagram because they did not fit the size of the social network. The tool allows you to crop and divide your panoramic photos into equal grids to publish them in multiple photos.

Download iOS Version

Download Android Version


THis is a screenshot of the PhotoFunia App Homepage.

This application for Instagram will help you make many montages with your photographs that you will use to congratulate a friend or share a creative photo on your social networks. It allows you to create photos on billboards, in the sand, on-road signs, texts with fantastic effects, magazine covers, and highly original gifs.

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It has a large bank of effects and every week you can find something new to edit and make your montages. It is a very easy-to-use tool. You choose the effect, upload the image from your gallery, and you get your own artwork.

Download Android Version


THis is a screenshot of the SocialGest App Homepage.

Socialgest works from the website (which you use on your computer) and it also has a mobile app. It allows you to schedule posts on Instagram of all kinds (photos, videos, and carousels). It’s honestly one of the best tools for IG.

It is not mandatory to install the app on your mobile. It allows you to manage Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. In addition, it is one of the programs to upload videos to Instagram. You can schedule your posts on Instagram with Socialgest as well as:

  • Select the account
  • Upload the image
  • You add the text (you can include emoticons)
  • You choose the day and time you want the post to come out
  • You press the send button

Socialgest will send the post to IG, without notifications or reminders. Perfect!

Download iOS Version

Download Android Version

Sked Social

This is a screenshot of the Sked Social App Homepage.

Sked Social operates with the following social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter. It guarantees the automatic publication of posts and stories on IG to get your inactive followers to start paying attention. It has a mobile applet for the App Store and Play Store.

It has a visual planner, which makes it possible to preview how your feed will look after the scheduled publications have been made. Using Sked Social is very simple because it is such an amazing social inbox. You can upload the image or video to the platform, and define the date and time.

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This utility posts automatically, without notifications or messages. The images are stored in a library. Sked Social offers many functionalities for IG: analytics, Bio link, product labeling, etc. It really is very complete.

Download iOS Version

Download Android Version


This is the screenshot of the Tailwind App Homepage.

Tailwind’s developer is Instagram Partner and Pinterest Partner. It is a social media management software, which also functions as an app. It allows you to monitor content and manage any social media post on Pinterest and on IG.

It is great to keep in touch with your Instagram followers on a consistent basis. It has an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It is a great scheduling tool and great for Instagram marketing. The process to plan your posts is as follows:

  • Upload the content you want to publish. This can be done from the website or from the mobile version
  • The app will send a notice to your phone when it’s time to post
  • Tap on the notification. The Instagram app will open with the photo already mounted, you just have to paste the caption that Tailwind previously copied to the clipboard
  • Finish sharing the image on IG

Tailwind has a mobile version for iOS and Android, so it is ideal if you want to include Pinterest in your Social Media strategy.

Download Android Version

Social Pilot

This is a screenshot of the Social Pilot App Homepage.

It is a very complete tool, created by a Hindu startup in the United States. You can manage profiles, pages, and groups of the main networks on the planet: Twitter app, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube, Instagram,, and It has an extension for browsers.

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You can manage statistics. It allows the automation of RSS feeds. It has a Mac mobile app and an Android version. You must install it if your intention is to schedule photos for Instagram. The interface is in English, German and Spanish.

To schedule Instagram posts, create a post on the SocialPilot dashboard:

  • Click on Publications -> Create a publication in the sidebar menu
  • Write the content and add the image you want to share
  • Select the IG account you want to post to
  • Click Add to queue to schedule the post
  • Defines the date and time

At the established time, you will receive an insertion note on your mobile device. Tap on the push notification and the scheduled image will be loaded. Then the Instagram application will start.

In IG, you can apply filters to the image or tag users and add a geographic location. The caption you have entered into SocialPilot for the image has already been copied to the device clipboard. Just paste your content into the title field on Instagram and share the post.

Download iOS Version

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the AgoraPulse App Homepage.

With Agora Pulse, you can manage posts on any social media platform such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter. You must have the applet installed on your mobile. Make sure you’ve set up IG accounts on AgoraPulse.

You must also have your mobile notifications active. You can put together the posts, schedule them, and queue them both on the Agora Pulse website and in the mobile app. On the PC, from the main screen, select the Publishing menu option.

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In the right sidebar, press the Schedule Post button. At the indicated time, you will receive a notification from the AgoraPulse mobile app. Click the notification to view the scheduled item. You can queue it.

You will see a reminder message so that the correct Instagram profile is selected. As soon as you have pressed the Publish now button, you will be redirected to the Instagram app. The image will load automatically, but you must paste the text that has been previously copied by Agorapulse to the clipboard.

The rest of the process is done on Instagram.

Download iOS Version

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the Planoly App Homepage.

Planoly is a social media management app for consistent engagement with your followers. It allows you to take images from your computer, PlaceHolder, Dropbox, and Google Drive. You can automatically post to IG as it is Instagram Partner and also Pinterest Partner.

This application also includes a utility to edit stories and another to include links in your Instagram profile.  It is best to have the mobile edition installed to receive a notification and be able to share the image on Instagram. It is available for Android and also in the Apple App Store.

Planoly supports scheduling stories and social listening. The procedure to publish photos or videos is similar to that of the previous applications. You should write the text that accompanies the photograph. Otherwise, the one that the application places by default will appear.

It shows the number of times the hashtag has been used when you are typing it. It is a plus that other applications do not have. Actually, it makes everything very easy for the user and with a very nice interface.

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Download Android Version