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11 Apps Like Brigit

This is a screenshot of the Brigit app installation homepage.

So when one finds themselves in a financial pinch and money is stretched a little thin, one of your go-to options is Brigit or other similar apps. What is terrific about apps like this is that you can acquire a small (sometimes larger) loan from the app without any credit checks needing to be done. So what are some alternatives to Brigit?

Apps such as Brigit allow you access to money at times when you need it the most. The bonus of Brigit and some others is that there are no credit checks or the sort of interest you would pay on something like an overdraft. Some alternatives to Brigit include Dave, Earnin, and MoneyLion.  

Brigit boasts more than 1 million users, and that is undoubtedly a reason to consider using them. Brigit offers loans of up to $250, which is usually enough to get one by in emergencies. However, sometimes you need a little extra, which is why you are here; to see what other options are available, be sure to read on.

1. Dave

This is a screenshot of the Dave app installation page.

Dave is another option that boasts a large user base, and this is unsurprising as it is an incredibly easy-to-use app, and the borrowing of money is made incredibly simple.

Dave and Earnin are two alternative options to Brigit, which are pretty similar. Dave gives you early access to your salary, so you do not have to wait for payday to come around. The cap, however, though is $100, so this amount is significantly less than Brigit.

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There are, however, reasons that make Dave a potentially more appealing option. The most significant one is that it is partnered with LevelCredit, which helps you report your loan payments to the major credit bureaus and thus allowing you to build a credit score.  

It is also a viable option for credit building if you have no or a bad score to date. Another appealing aspect of Dave, especially compared to many others, is that its membership fee is only $1 per month. This is undoubtedly a fair fee to ask and should not deter users. Brigit does offer a free plan, but its premium will cost you $9.99 per month.

So even though the payday loan is smaller, if you are not in desperate need of a more considerable sum of money, but only want to refuel your car and purchase a few groceries, then this is the app for you.

2. Earnin

This is a screenshot of the Earnin app installation page.

Earnin (or as it used to be known as ActiveHours), like Dave, allows you to access your salary before your actual payday and is resultantly not technically a loan app. The purpose of Earnin is to enable you financial assistance when you find that you urgently need money, and going into an overdraft or taking out a loan is not ideal.

With Earnin, you can get up to $100 per pay period; however, there is the chance of being “loaned” up to $500, which depends on your account’s trustworthiness. So obviously, be sure to keep a clean record with them, and your advance sizes are likely to increase.

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Earnin is also remarkable because there are no fees; this means you have no commissions or subscription costs. Instead, they rely on tips from their users, and although it would be nice of you to contribute, if you are unable to, you can even give $0. 

The app gets its money back when your paycheck is deposited; the platform then deducts the money you previously cashed out. So this is their business model in simple terms. Another great feature they offer is that they alert you once your bank balance falls below a certain amount, which helps you handle your finances more efficiently.

Earnin is loved by its users, and its high ratings are a reflection of that. So if you decide to join the many others who are already using this app to help them get a leg up, you won’t be disappointed.

3. MoneyLion

This is a screenshot of the MoneyLion app installation page.

MoneyLion lives up to its name in being a prominent app among its competitors, in offering payday advances. Like Brigit, MoneyLion also gives you a borrowing limit of $250, which you can acquire before your actual paycheck arrives. The only thing to note with this app is that you need to register with a checking account.

A neat feature about MoneyLion is that it will transfer your loan directly into your bank account on the same day of your application. It must be noted, though, that the amount you borrow cannot exceed 10% of the deposit you will be receiving. So, for example, if you want to borrow $250, you will need to have $2,500 coming in.

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If you like Brigit or have perhaps even used Dave before, then this is an excellent alternative for you to use as it also has incredibly high ratings among its users. What is also nice about this app is that additionally to the payday loan, you can also take out a few consecutive loans, which will allow you to participate in the credit builder program.

There is a zero APR (annual percentage rate) with the short-term loans, but if you wish to borrow more significant sums of money, there is an initial monthly membership fee of $1. This amount, however, will increase to up to $19.99, and the APR values for these larger loans will vary. 

Additionally to the financial management tools that you will find with most apps such as this, there is also the feature of managing personal investments. So not only can you loan money, but you can hopefully also endeavor to grow your money with MoneyLion.

4. Chime

This is a screenshot of the Chime app installation page.

Chime is undoubtedly a similar option to Brigit; however, it operates slightly differently from others on this list. The reason is that it works much like a mobile banking app, but it helps you to avoid going into overdrafts, allows you to make secure transactions, and sets up automatic savings.

Apart from these, the main feature, which is similar to Brigit, is that it gives you the option to be paid in advance. It isn’t a payday loan per se, but instead gives you early access to funds.  The only downside to this app being that you can only receive your money two days in advance, but thankfully there are no hidden fees.

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By skipping all the routine actions banks do, Chime can make the funds available to you in your hour of need. So if things are a bit tight at the end of the month, you can enjoy a slight relief. Additionally, there is a credit building program with a 0% APR, and in this, Chime is prepared to lend you up to $100.

If you always come out with excess capital at the end of the month, it would be advisable to consider using the Chime savings feature. Also, the app has a network of more than 38,000 ATMs across the United States, which you can use to withdraw up to $500 each day without incurring fees. With all of this at your disposal, it is evident why Chime is an award-winning application.

5. Ingo Money

This is a screenshot of the Ingo Money app installation page.

Ingo Money has a reputation for being an efficient app that enables you to have peace of mind since, in most cases, you will have instant access to your money once it is approved. This process will usually not take very long and, in most instances, can take as little as a few minutes.

This app is similar to Brigit in that it has various features on offer for you to use, and what they all boil down to is that you can manage all your finances in one centralized place.

So what can you do besides getting payday loans? It contains features that allow you to transfer money to different accounts, pay your credit card bills, and do things like purchasing Amazon gift cards. It also has a referral feature where you gain rewards by referring others to the application.

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One of Ingo Money’s key features is that it helps process your checks and ensures efficiency in cash flow between your accounts. It is ultimately speeding up the process and allowing you to avoid time-consuming withdrawal processes.

It is sleek and offers you the convenience that you are looking for. If you are in no rush, the services are free, but if you need near-instantaneous transactions, there is a small fee of $5.

6. Branch

This is a screenshot of the Branch app installation page.

Branch is a definite must-try if you are a fan of Brigit or similar apps. The app is not only a cash advance app, but also comes equipped with social features that many other apps do not boast. These include communicating with co-workers, altering your work schedule, and logging your work hours daily.

This app is quite neat in that it allows you to borrow $150 per day or $500 over a pay period. The only problem with Branch is that it requires that your employer also uses the app. Also, the cash advance only applies to a specific period, so you will need to upload a new set of hours worked for each consecutive application. 

Another fantastic feature is that most of these apps are only applicable to residents of the United States. However, Branch is also available in other countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, and India, among others. Now, depending on the country you live in, the maximum loan is approximately $700.

An exciting feature that this app has is that there is no need for any credit history. All that is required is that Branch asks for private Smartphone data, and it uses this to determine if the hopeful lender is eligible for the loan. It must also be noted that they will protect your data and have no intention of trading it.

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7. Even

This is a screenshot of the Even app installation page.

Even is one of the best among financial planning apps available on the market. One of the key features of this app, which distinguishes it from its competitors, is that it will give you a cash advance of up to 50% of the funds you have earned, so long as your employer qualifies.

So basically, Even partners with employers and enables you, much like Earnin and others, to gain early access to your wages, but its terms are slightly different. So make yourself aware of these and find out from your employer if Even is a viable option for you.

The app is a superb alternative to Brigit as it also offers many of the same features, such as assisting you with allocating funds to expenditures. It also sends you alerts to avoid overdraft fees and other penalties.

There is a monthly fee of $8, which is more expensive than some, but we feel that it is worth it for what you are getting. Once you are a member, the app formally binds employees and employers and enables you to lend an amount tailored explicitly to your salary history. This helps to mitigate the risks that some other services bring by loaning you funds.

So if you find that waiting until payday is just not working for you, and you need to withdraw more than once per month, then Even is a great option with which to go. This app is very well-rounded and offers special finance management tools and insights, and it is valued for its precision.

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8. DailyPay

This is a screenshot of the DailyPay app installation page.

DailyPay is here for the same reason that Even is, and that is due to their revised idea on how one can receive their monthly salary. It allows you to get a sort of “on-demand” payment once hours have been worked.

At first glance, this app may appear to be geared more towards the employer than the employee, but that is not technically the case as it shares many similarities with Brigit. The way the app works is that you build up what is known as a Pay Balance by accumulating work hours as you work during the week.

When you reach a point where you need to have a cash injection, you can gain access to your balance and your payday earnings. Then once your payday comes around, whatever amount you borrowed will then simply be deducted from your paycheck.

The transfer fee for sending the money from your DailyPay balance to your bank account will only cost you a small fee of $1.25. The app helps alleviate insecurities one may feel between paychecks, and it also affords employers with happy staff who have more ownership over their finances.

For employers, using DailyPay as a means of payment can be used as an incentive during the recruitment of new employees. What is noteworthy about this app is that there are no additional fees, apart from the transfer fees, as mentioned, which won’t put much of a dent into your wallet. Overall, the app received highly positive reviews, and we would recommend looking into this as an option.

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9. Affirm

This is a screenshot of the Affirm app installation page.

Affirm takes a slightly different approach than that of some of these other apps in that it is not merely a cash advance app, but offers a range of features. These include components that help to make controlling your expenses easier as well as give you the means to ensure you have secure payments.

It does not allow you to loan money in the traditional sense; however, it is a handy tool, especially if you do a substantial amount of online shopping. Additionally, you can send money to other users safely and securely in a way that takes seconds.

An excellent way to think about this app is that it is somewhat of a shopping management tool. The app helps you to spend less money while being able to buy more for your buck. It also allows you to keep better track of your expenses as you may not have been doing so before using the app.

Affirm provides you with personalized offers from a range of thousands of shops, and what is a bonus is that the app works online, so you do not have to download anything. You merely create your account and are ready to start shopping.

So why is this on the list? Well, that is because the app allows you to purchase products now while paying later and not worrying about any hidden fees. The app can almost be thought of as being a virtual credit card.

10. Empower

This is a screenshot of the Empower app installation page.

When you hit a bump in your financial road and need that little extra to get you by, Empower has your back. They are willing to lend you up to $250, and with this comes no interest charged, no late fees, and a bonus is that there is no credit check.

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You can receive this advance of $250, but you must have a healthy account and have been active for at least 60 days. So this will not work for those who hope to download the app and get a loan instantly. Additionally, you must have $500 as your minimum average monthly income.

The app comes with various services for you to use, including interest checking, tracking your expenses, recommendations, and automated savings. The APR that applies to Empower loans sits at a low 0.25%, and the price for the complete money control services is $8.   

The app’s automated savings is known as the Empower AutoSave Account. It is an intuitive savings account that helps you try and stay ahead of potential financial needs that will arise in the future. The app looks at your weekly savings targets and then automatically transfers money to that account, ensuring that you stick to your goals.

At some establishments such as grocery stores, gas stations, and even restaurants, the app also helps you save money by giving you 10% cashback if and when you make purchases at specific places.

11. Varo

This is a screenshot of the Varo Banking app installation page.

Varo, or Varo Bank, is one of the more complex and intricate apps offered to users. The app has a high rating as the others on this list, and it also boasts of having more than 1 million users. The services that you can acquire through them are bank accounts, saving, and checking accounts.

As far as the bank account components go, Varo has a unique manner of working these. However, what you can expect is rather tempting as there are no fees on an overdraft of up to $50. Surprisingly there are no monthly fees, which one would expect from a service like this.

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As well as them not having monthly fees, there are also no transfer fees, foreign transaction fees, and you also get to experience no withdrawal fees at more than 55,000 ATMs across the states.

If you want an app like Brigit, but find that you require more cash than you would receive from it or similar apps, as we have discussed, this is potentially the answer to your needs. Varo will provide personal loans of between $3,000 and $25,000, and these can be paid back over 3 to 5 years. This is with a relatively low APR of between 6.9% and 23.9%.

The only significant difference that you will find between Varo and others on this list is that when it comes to loans, they do perform credit checks. So, unfortunately, not everyone will be eligible to receive money from them, but if you have a good credit record, they are more than worth looking into as a possible option.


Loaning money nowadays is much easier than it used to be before when financial institutions were basically your only legitimate options. Now though, loaning is at your fingertips, and you can do it without the terrible interest rates and queues that come along with going via a bank. Also, if you have no or a bad credit score, you do not have to worry about that as such checks are not done by most apps.

With this being said, though, it should come as no surprise that we offer this information to you with a “user discretion advised” clause. Do not make use of these apps purely for the sake of it or if you do not need to.

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Instead, only use them in emergencies and practice responsible financial behavior that sees you spending and saving wisely. We certainly hope that we have been able to help you find what you are looking for, and we wish you excellent financial health.


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