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6 Apps Like Ditty

Ditty app displayed on a smartphone.

In 2019 Ditty was shut down, and its admirers have been missing it ever since. Even though Ditty has been gone for two years, users are still looking for Ditty alternatives to this day. There are plenty of Ditty alternatives out there, and you should be able to find something to replace that Ditty-shaped void in your digital life here.

So, what are some applications that have a similar vibe to Ditty?

AutoRap, Wombo, TikTok, MelodyLab, SingPlay, and Riffjam are all apps similar to Ditty. The apps provide various musical and viral video alternatives, while apps like AutoRap have a parallel speech synthesizer. TikTok has both video editing and text-to-speech software.

There are a plethora of musical apps waiting for you to experiment with, especially if there are videos that need that finishing touch for that special or hilarious moment. If you would like to brush up on some musical creativity, these apps are just for you! What that said, how do these apps work?

How Do the Apps Function?


Screenshot of AutoRap app

Although you’re speaking to the camera rather than typing a message, the video produced is quite similar to what you’d receive from Ditty. Fast cuts, great intensity, and an autotuned “rap” produced from your words. There are plenty of background tracks to pick from, and the program will cut up everything you say to keep it on time.

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Do you want to be more creative? Try talking mode to make humorous rap songs on the fly – all you have to do is pick a beat and say anything. AutoRap’s patented “rappification” technology will transform it into a rap song for you to share and enjoy (with autotune and beat matching).

AutoRap is a smartphone software that automatically tunes your voice to music. The bulk of available musical content is rap and hip-hop due to the application’s nature. created the software to be entertaining and straightforward to use.

The software breaks down your speech into pieces and then reorganizes it to match the music you’ve chosen using multiple autotune filters.


Screenshot of Wombo app

Like Ditty, Wombo has filled software ready to make you and your friends laugh. Wombo is the greatest AIpowered lipsync software globally, and all you have to do now is upload a selfie, choose music, and let Wombo handle the rest. What’s the result?

Videos that are amusing, weird, and entertaining, as well as poised to go viral. There’s no need to take singing lessons as this software certainly has a lot of potentials. With an excellent photograph, you can use it to create a funny video for you or your friends.

Wombo is a free and easy-to-use platform. Take a selfie or upload an image from your camera roll, then press a button to have the picture lip-sync to one of a few memerelated songs. The software in the app will work its magic on everything that resembles a face and many things that don’t.

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Screenshot of TikTok app

TikTok, the toprated video-sharing app, has you covered if you like Ditty’s funny viral element the most. TikTok features a ton of crazy audio and video filters, as well as some direct editing effects, so you can quickly make humorous and shareable videos. It’s also big on texttospeech, just like Ditty.

If you don’t want to use the social network, you may save the films to Photos and send them to your friends by private message or email.

Shortform videos on TikTok are lively, spontaneous, and authentic. TikTok has something for everyone, whether you’re a sports lover, a pet owner, or just looking for a good chuckle. Watch, connect with what you enjoy and skip what you don’t, and you’ll find an unending stream of short films that feel tailored to you.

TikTok features films that will brighten your day, from your morning coffee to your afternoon errands.

TikTok has made it simple to find and make your original films by giving simple tools to watch and capture your daily occurrences. With unique effects, filters, music, and more, you can take your videos to the next level.


Screenshot of MelodyLab app

MelodyLab is another app like Ditty. It allows you to record decent videos while playing any instrument or singing and add more recordings to create your compositions.

MelodyLab is a beautiful video song recording program released in the market by Mats Eriksson Inc. It allows you to record your intended videos, accurately convert them to a picture book once done, and then share them with the rest of the world to expand your skills.

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First, you must open the Melody Lab app and pick a new project by giving it the name you wish. MelodyLab allows you to record decent videos while playing any instrument or singing and then combine them to make your tunes.

MelodyLab allows you to have your band with you at all times, allowing you to make highquality music, songs, and other works with ease.


Screenshot of SingPlay app

People often used Ditty not only for the special moments and memes. They used it for creativity and to identify ways to incorporate different words into songs. That is where SingPlay comes in.

The Music and Audio software instantly transforms your mp3 tracks into Karaoke and is entirely free to use. You may sing and record your favorite songs, make your unique recordings, and then share them with your friends and family all around the world via the app.

You can quickly get started, and there’s no need to break a sweat looking for or downloading your favorite karaoke tracks from YouTube. The program automatically transforms your phone’s music into karaoke songs while maintaining the original quality of the music.

Enjoy singing with or without original vocals, save your recording, share it directly with others. Audio and visual effects and voice training are just a few of the options available on your app.


Screenshot of Riffjam app

Riffjam is a free music filtering tool that allows you to bring your passions or aspirations to life, similar to Ditty. It’s a basic mobile app that’s exclusively accessible on iOS. With this software, you can quickly record messages, swipe through different audio filters, and create amusing music videos.

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To use its services, you must first download and install this free software on your iOS device. After you’ve completed the installation, you’ll need to sign up with an email address, fill out some important information, and let the fun begin!

Making entertaining music videos is not difficult with Riffjam. You will have fun doing it that you may have that immediate urge to send it to your family or friends after playing around with the different video filters.

What is Ditty, and Can You Still Use the App?

Zya’s Ditty was a popular musicbased social networking app that was launched in 2015. Users could utilize the service to turn text into short songs or music videos. Zya, on the other hand, had opted to end Ditty’s life on October 15th, 2019.

The firm behind Zya received $11.4 million in April 2013 to offer it as an app. Then, in March 2015, the firm released Ditty, a new app as part of Facebook Messenger’s opening up to third-party apps.

While nothing is known about the reason for the shutdown, Zya had advised users to download or export their current Ditty’s before the service went to sleep since they were no longer be available after that.

Ditty was a free program that allowed you to create funny and ridiculous songs using only text entries. It made a funny song out of anything you type in text and lets you tweak it. This program allowed you to produce funny music for your friends and family (Even in the form of GIFs).

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You could also record videos and customize them with a variety of hits and classic tunes. Posting your designs on any social media network, such as Twitter or Instagram, was a popular feature and where the app’s memory remains.

Even though there are apps similar to Ditty, online websites can also turn text into a vocal text to a speech synthesizer that will remind you of the good ol’ Ditty days. So, what sites will bring back the “Ditty” in you?

Online Web Apps that Offer Music Manipulation


Screenshot of MeloBytes homepage

The majority of internet music generators are limited to instrumental sounds. This ambitious AI program can also sing along since it analyzes lyrics and generates unique, procedurally produced tunes.

Melobytes’ basic edition allows you to specify the language of the lyrics for analysis, as well as tonality, pace, time signature, and vocalist type (male, female, robot, duo). In the dialog box, type your lyrics to create an original song with your words! Or, hey, make a robotic cover of a popular song.

Reverb, echo, and distortion are all options. Melobytes will also create a video to go with your music if you’re still feeling adventurous. So there you have it: combining Melobytes and AI, you can move from simple lyrics to a fullfledged music video.

Melobytes is a website in the Audio & Music category that claims to “turn any word into melody.” Melobytes has three options, including webpages as well as iPad and iPhone apps.


Screenshot of Musenet app

What would the Harry Potter movie theme sound like if played by Nirvana? How about Beyonce performing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony? Well, you can see for yourself at Musenet, and you can even decide how they perform. Musenet is an OpenAI project that uses a deep neural network to create music depending on your preferences.

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Artist genres such as The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Frank Sinatra, Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Types of Video Games, and many others are included in the AI’s database. If you genuinely want to have fun, choose the Advanced Options rather than the standard settings.

You begin by selecting a style or an artist. Then you pick whatever instruments to include from the piano, strings, winds, percussion, harp, guitar, and bass, as well as the intro. Finally, set the “tokens” meter to determine how close it will sound like the artist.

You have four possibilities once you generate a section of the track. Listen to all four, choose your favorite, and then compose the next section of the song. Continue doing so until you’ve reached a fourminute time limit to create your piece using musical icons.

You’ll spend hours trying different permutations and combinations since it’s so much fun. You may then download it as a music file to utilize in your projects after you’re finished. It’s fantastic!

What are Musical and Vocal Software Synthesizers?

Software synthesizer in laptop and phone.

A software synthesizer is a computer program that simulates the sound of a hardware synthesizer. Some software apps specialize in replicating a single synthesizer – usually a well-known antique model – while others cover a wide range of functions.

Some work as standalone apps, while others work as plugins in a different environment. Quality varies greatly, but as computer processing power has increased, soft synthesizers have improved in quality and become more frequently utilized, not to mention less expensive.

In many respects, the vocal synthesizer modifies the human voice’s role and adds far more to the ensemble than the acoustic voice alone. In other words, the singer is integrated into the whole output rather than being a distinct layer over the instrumental background.

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Singers are typically viewed as their puzzle pieces and the focal point of the songs. We may build a tight-knit group or band by changing the human voice and giving it a more instrumental function, making the music even more significant and adding to the integrity of the song.


Whether it is for humor, creativity, passion, or to pass by the time, the alternative apps to Ditty will remain and exist for the user activity. Even though Ditty is no longer available, those who have used it before will find the alternative apps relatable to Ditty as well as refreshing with their twist.

Suppose you wish to dive further and deeper into artificial intelligence song synthesizers. In that case, some websites apps allow you to experiment further or finetune your media to bring creativity to the next level.


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