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Where to Buy Used iPads Online (Killer List)

A close look at a woman using an iPad Air2 tablet.

iPads are incredibly useful, fun devices that can help you stay connected with friends, play games, and work efficiently. They also let you connect with other Apple devices, like the Apple Watch.

But they’re also expensive to buy brand new! That’s why buying a used iPad is an excellent option.

When you buy used, it’s also better for the environment, since the parts are recycled rather than manufactured from new. Refurbishing used devices to keep them out of landfills, where their components contribute to soil and water pollution.

Buying a used iPad online lets you take advantage of large inventories rather than staying limited to whatever is on hand at a local store. You can also search by features, price shop, and chat live with customer service agents who can answer your questions.

When it comes to buying used iPads online, there are plenty of options. Choosing the best website to order a used iPad from can be difficult since they all have different policies, warranties, and availability options.

That’s why we’ve composed a list of the best places to buy used iPads online. From small businesses to massive big box companies; from websites with tons of search options to simple browsing experiences, there’s something for everyone.


Gazelle’s gorgeous website brings you the best in used and refurbished devices, making it one of the best places to buy used iPads online.

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Like the animal it’s named for, Gazelle is sleek and graceful, making it very easy to find what you’re looking for. Easily browse through their “top picks,” or look for a specific device. Their icon-based “carrier” section lets you quickly see whether a device has been unlocked, or whether it’s a WiFi-only device.

As a reseller, Gazelle provides its own “Gazelle Certified” seal of approval for everything they sell. Their certification process includes a thirty point inspection that considers both functional and cosmetic aspects of a device. They also provide light refurbishment and ensure that all devices are reset to factory default settings before being shipped.

Some of the items for sale on Gazelle have a high price point, especially ones that are newer and in excellent condition. Luckily, they offer a financing program through Affirm which lets you pay in monthly installments without taking on credit card debt.

Best Buy

You’ve probably visited this big box store and its website for new devices, but did you know you can also buy used iPads online through Best Buy?

Their powerful website includes an extensive search bar on the left side of the screen, which lets you search for used iPads based on their condition, price, storage capacity, or color. You can also limit your search to certain models or to iPads with specific mobile carriers. If you’re looking for a deal, check out their options to search within their clearance section or search by a percentage discount.

Buying a used iPad through a store like Best Buy offers you a number of options that other reseller websites may not have. For example, some of their used iPads are available for in-store pickup, so you can see and inspect the item before taking it home.

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Because Best Buy is a major retailer with connections to other large companies, they’re able to package things like a free year of Apple TV, a free subscription to Apple Music and Apple News, or a tech security package with your purchase, even when you’re buying something refurbished.

Extra deals are also an option when you shop for a used iPad at Best Buy. You can earn and apply Best Buy membership rewards points to your purchase, or check out their student discounts.

A close look at a man using an iPad Air2 tablet.

Mac of All Trades

Despite their cute and clever name, Mac of All Trades is a serious, powerful website for anyone looking to buy a used iPad online.

All their used iPads are listed with clear specifications that let you easily see what you’re looking at as you browse. If you’re not interested in browsing, you can use their sorting tabs at the top to narrow items down by the condition they’re in or use their left-hand search menu to select for color and storage capacity.

Every order placed through Mac of All Trades comes with free shipping to all 48 contiguous United States, plus a tracking number that lets you see exactly where your purchase is as it makes its way to you.

Nervous about buying a used iPad online? Mac of All Trades takes the risk out of buying used devices with their four-part refurbishment process. They carefully unpack each piece, then perform a visual inspection and a hardware check before erasing all data and cleaning the device inside and out.

Mac of All Trades also offers a warranty program for all items sold via their website. Their Standard Warranty is good for one year from the date of purchase, while their Platinum Warranty lasts two years. Warranty service normally takes five business days.

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Swappa is a simple, streamlined website that lets you browse for used iPads online. With a five star rating on Trustpilot and 24/7 live customer support, they’re a trustworthy online source for used devices.

What makes Swappa unique is its transparency – each page includes a price guide at the bottom, which shows you the full range of prices for various used iPads and similar products. Each page also has a short FAQ about the devices you’re looking at.

An excellent choice for anyone who is buying a used iPad online for the first time, Swappa also provides an in-depth buyer’s guide for everything they sell, which can help you make informed choices and get the perfect device for your budget and needs.

Swappa takes a lot of the guesswork out of buying used with their stringent requirements for sellers. Their marketplace does not allow broken items and requires that all items have fully functional batteries, no cracked screens, and are ready for activation by their new owner.

Want to keep your new iPad in the same great condition you got it from Swappa? Check out our tablet case overview to find the iPad case that’s best for you.

Back Market

Don’t be fooled by their name – Back Market is a trustworthy way to buy used iPads online. With a 4.3 star rating across twenty-two thousand customer reviews, Back Market is a popular and easy to use the website for buying refurbished and pre-owned tech.

You can search or browse by device type, but you can also check out their “Work From Home” and “Flash Sale” sections for a different shopping experience.

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One unique aspect of Back Market is their “Very Best” feature. Whenever you search for something, you’ll see their very best item for sale in that category, presented at the top of the page. Scroll down to see more fresh products, then even further to see their entire range of used iPads for sale.

Each listing on Back Market includes a clear overview of the item’s specifications, plus a sale marker that tells you how much the used item has been discounted from the price of the same device brand new.

All Back Market products come with a 30-day return window, a minimum of one year warranty, and free shipping.


One person’s clutter is another person’s treasure, and the Decluttr website lets you benefit from someone else’s choice to get rid of their Apple devices.

While most websites that sell used iPads online promise to do comprehensive checks on all resold devices, Decluttr provides even more clarity by explaining their complete process for all types of devices. Their iPad and Tablet Certification page lists over 100 separate aspects of their inspection, sorted into categories like Functionality, Battery, Screen & Cosmetics, and Device & Protection.

Everything you order through Declutter comes with free tracked shipping. Also, Decluttr offers a free twelve-month limited warranty that covers both technical defects and faults caused by poor workmanship or incorrect materials.


The people at JemJem really know their way around Apple products, since they started out as a company trying to make cheaper, more affordable versions of the most popular Apple devices. However, once they realized they couldn’t compete with the quality and style of Apple’s technology, they shifted to becoming a refurbisher and reseller.

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JemJem’s expertise in Apple products means they are the only internet store that offers refurbished versions of the complete line of Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, and even MacBooks. Their Apple How To Blog is a great shopping companion, providing helpful guides to a variety of Mac products and features.

All items sold through JemJem come with a free 90-day warranty. Unlike other iPad resellers, which sell items as-is, everything you buy from JemJem is guaranteed to come with a charger.

Not only do JemJem’s technicians ensure that every device they sell is 100% quality tested and restored to factory settings, but they also fully sanitize everything before shipping it out. This ensures that even though you’re buying a used iPad, it’ll be as clean a brand new device fresh out of the box.


If you like going apple picking every fall, you’ll love checking out Orchard, where you can “pick” a totally different type of Apple!

Orchard offers a comprehensive, well-stocked inventory of used iPads, plus a search feature that lets you sort by model, size, color, and condition. Each device comes shipped with a third party charger cable and block. Plus, when you check out, you can add the option for other accessories like earpods and screen protectors.

At Orchard, every device sold is fully tested to ensure that it’s in perfect working order. Their “condition” labels only refer to the cosmetic appearance of a device, meaning you can get a deal on a used iPad without sacrificing functionality or quality.

For those who like to comparison shop, Orchard makes it easy. Scroll to the bottom of their website to see their “Compare” section, which explains the differences between Orchard and other online iPad resellers.

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A woman using an iPad while drinking coffee.


You may be familiar with Walmart as a one-stop-shop for things like groceries and home goods, but their website is an excellent option for those hoping to buy a used iPad online.

Walmart’s website actually pulls from a number of certified refurbishers and resellers, allowing them to compile a massive inventory of options. If you’re worried about where you’re buying from, you can search by customer rating to ensure you’re only buying from the most trustworthy sources.

Because Walmart sells nearly everything and anything, you can complete your purchase by adding accessories or browsing their branded Apple shop.

Tek Replay

A small company with a clever, witty voice throughout their website, Tek Replay is a fun and simple way to buy used iPads online.

Unlike many other websites that buy and sell used iPads from individual consumers, all the products sold on Tek Replay come from manufacturer-approved vendors.

All iPads and other devices on sale at Tek Replay are tested at their in house diagnostic lab, which uses both a physical inspection and industry-leading diagnostic software. Any parts that are found to be defective are replaced by their repair team.

Tek Replay offers free shipping as well as a free one year warranty on everything they sell, as well as the option to purchase a more extended warranty.


It’s not just a place to buy and sell video games and assorted gaming merch – GameStop also lets you buy used iPads online and in their store.

Many of their used iPads are available for in-store pickup, so you can check out the specifications online and then pick up your device in person. You can even use the search function to look for iPads with in-store pickup or models and devices that are available now.

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Buying a used iPad through an established store like GameStop means you can bundle your savings together by using your PowerUp rewards or a GameStop gift card. Why get just one game when you can get a powerful device capable of running any game in the app store?

It’s Worth More

“Know Your Worth” is a common mantra these days, and it’s also important when you’re buying refurbished technology! It’s Worth More is a company with a “passion for technology and knowledge for growth,” and they want to put that passion and knowledge to work for you to help you buy a used iPad online.

With over three thousand five star reviews and a 9.4 rating from Reseller Ratings, It’s Worth More is a trustworthy, reliable site for used and refurbished iPads. Browse their extensive inventory, or use their powerful search to select for the carrier, color, condition, and storage capacity.

It’s Worth More also offers a thirty-day refund window and a free year-long warranty that covers hardware defects. Any device eligible under the warranty will either be replaced, repaired, or refunded.

Unlike many other reseller websites, It’s Worth More is savvy on social media, with an interesting and helpful presence on Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube!


At eBay, you can buy just about anything – and we mean anything. If you’re looking to buy a used iPad directly from its former owner, rather than a third-party marketplace, eBay is one of your best bets.

Since new items are listed on eBay every day, you can set an email alert and see every new iPad that becomes available for sale. Or, you can use eBay’s search functions to see what’s already there.

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Although eBay is famous for its auction model, which lets you bid on items and compete with other bidders, many items available on eBay also have a “buy it now” option for anyone who isn’t interested in waiting for an auction to complete.

eBay also offers a number of payment options, including PayPal and even Apple Pay!

A woman using her iPad tablet to cast Netflix to the TV.


Though this online retailer is better known for furniture and home goods, there are plenty of used iPads and other electronic devices available on Using their website, you can search for used iPads based on color, customer rating, flash memory capacity, and other features.

Although Overstock sells certified refurbished Apple products, you’ll also occasionally find brand new iPads on their website as well, many of them at a discount. Try sorting by “new arrivals” to be the first to scoop a newly listed iPad, or sort by price to see what offers are currently available.

If you’re looking for an even better deal, and you’re willing to wait a few days before choosing and ordering your used iPad, sign up for Overstock’s email list and visit their website a few times – they’re always offering new discounts, coupons, and promotional codes.