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10 Apps Like GoPuff

Phone displaying GoPuff app surrounded by plated foods.

GoPuff may be a quick and easy delivery app to get meals, necessities, and groceries delivered right to your home. If you feel that GoPuff is not for you or its services do not cover your area, then I’ve got you covered. Many apps like GoPuff have made it simple to have food, groceries, and more delivered to your door.

With that said, here are ten GoPuff alternatives:

  1. UberEats – Best Overall
  2. Door Dash – Best Fast Food App
  3. Insta Cart – Best Grocery App
  4. GrubHub – For Simplicity
  5. Shipt – For Efficiency
  6. ChowNow – For Affordability
  7. Walmart grocery – For Convenience
  8. – For Variety
  9. Caviar – For Reliability
  10. Postsmates – For Availability

These apps have been made simple to order from your favorite restaurants or grocery stores using delivery apps by simply tapping on a few buttons. Contact-free delivery alternatives, which all these apps offer, also eliminate the need to stand at the door and wait or risk exposing yourself to COVID-19.

These apps keep you updated on your order’s location and where the driver needs to meet you to drop off your order. With that said, how does the GoPuff app work?

What Is GoPuff?

You may get snacks, necessities, liquor, and other items using the GoPuff app or website. After inputting your delivery address, the Gopuffa app will display everything accessible from the nearby retailers. After that, GoPuff allows you to add goods to your bag and pay online.

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When you make an order, the local shop is notified, your item is prepared, and a vehicle retrieves it and brings it to you through contactless delivery.

GoPuff was created to be the one-stop-shop for everyday necessities. GoPuff is constantly growing and adding new, popular items. So, what do similar apps and GoPuff have in common?

How Are The Apps Similar To GoPuff?

All of these apps include one thing in common: they all provide a delivery service. They either deliver gadgets, DIY equipment, fast food, essential goods, liquor, fresh produce, or combined. All the apps are available for Android and iPhone users.

Some apps might be perfectly tailored to fit your exact needs, and some are that much more convenient with cutting-edge simplicity. Let’s look more closely at how these apps may be the Gopuff replacement you’ve been looking for.

1. UberEats – Beast Overall

Uber Eats app displayed on a smartphone.

First on the list is UberEats. UberEats was selected best overall because it promotes excellent customer service and looks well after its staff and drivers. UberEats spread throughout the globe rapidly, and to this day, they are still expanding.

Maybe you’ll trust Uber to deliver your meals if you trust them to drive you safely around the town. Like GoPuff, UberEats is a standalone delivery service presently accessible in several locations, including Chicago and Los Angeles. The app is also available both on the Android and iOS stores.

Even though UberEats and Uber are two separate applications, they share many features, such as estimated delivery times and cashless transactions. Even in smaller cities, UberEats is an excellent alternative for availability. The software also earns perfect scores for usability and browsing friendliness.

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What To Expect When Using UberEats?

UberEats offers a $10 Eats Pass membership that includes free delivery and a 5% discount on purchases over $15. There are also gift cards available.

UberEats charges a 15 percent service fee on the subtotal of an order, as well as a minor order fee for orders under a specific amount (typically $10). Prices may differ depending on the restaurant and its location.

In addition to implementing contact-less deliveries, Uber Eats gives more sanitization choices and materials to delivery employees and launches other initiatives to help provide support and prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

UberEats covers more than 500 cities in 24 countries, including Amsterdam, Austin, Baltimore, Singapore, Tokyo, Portland, South Africa, and many other locales worldwide.

2. DoorDash – Best Fast Food App

Phone with DoorDash app displayed on its screen.

DoorDash, like GoPuff, is one of the finest apps. You may order from your favorite national and local restaurants or have snacks, groceries, liquor, and other necessities delivered right to your door. KFC, Taco Bell, Grill’d, McDonald’s, Sushi, Pizza Hut, and others are its nationwide partners.

As one of the most popular meal delivery applications in the United States, customers may order meals through DoorDash in the following categories: fast food, breakfast, Mexican, Asian, vegetarian, dessert, pizza, Italian cuisine, Thai cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Chinese cuisine, BBQ, and other.

Many eateries use the DoorDash platform for advertising free shipping deals during this time. Simultaneously, DoorDash offers consumers a list of the fastest food delivery restaurants. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

DoorDash is accessible in over 800 cities across the United States and Canada, including Atlanta, Seattle, Boston, New York, and Chicago.

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You can trace the arrival of your order, and they consider everything from the quality of the cuisine to the time it takes to make it to the weather and traffic. Customers who sign up for a DashPass membership get unlimited deliveries and pay no delivery fees.

3. InstaCart – Best Grocery App

Hand holding a phone with Instacart app displayed on its screen.

Instacart is a well-known supermarket delivery service that was established in 2012. The app has a vast product database with over 500 million goods, and it ships things from small supermarkets to national retailers such as Walmart and Kroger. It is currently available in over 5500 cities in the United States and Canada.

With Instacart, you may have your groceries delivered to your house, pick up your order at the store, or have a store employee carry food to your car. Apple and Android users can use the app.

You may use the app to keep track of your orders and connect with the shopper at any moment. On orders above $35, you may pay $3.99 for same-day delivery. One-hour deliveries and orders under $35 may have different delivery costs.

Instacart, unlike other applications like GoPuff, levies a high cost, even if you upgrade to the $149 yearly Instacart express membership. Its Primum service provides free delivery on orders over $35, no busy pricing fees, a lower service cost, and the ability to buy at various locations on one order with a 0% delivery fee.

Aside from that, express members are eligible for gifts and discounts at specific stores. This platform works effectively for riders since it allows them to choose their schedules and pays 100% tips.

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On the other hand, drivers are compensated based on the number of hours they work rather than the number of orders they complete.

4. GrubHub – For Simplicity

GrubHub app displayed on a phone over a wooden table.

Grubhub’s app is accessible for both iOS and Android devices. Input your location, and Grubhub will display all of the eateries in your vicinity. You may quickly discover your next meal by searching by cuisine type (Fast food) or individual menu item (pizza). You may also save delivery addresses such as work or home to expedite the procedure.

Grubhub has over 300,000 restaurants in 4,000 locations across the United States that provide a variety of takeaway and delivery choices. You can quickly filter restaurants based on cuisine, rating, and delivery time to discover a suitable selection using the app.

Larger orders, which may be planned up to 14 days in advance, can also be catered. The cost of delivery and the minimum order quantity varies by restaurant.

For $10 a month, you can join Grubhub plus, which gives you unlimited free delivery and access to unique bonuses.

Grubhub now provides contactless delivery and an order pick-up option for those who want to pick up their meals. Customers may order food to be delivered and tell the driver to put it at the front door, in the lobby, or wherever else they choose.

5. Shipt – For Effientcey

Phone with Shipt app displayed on its screen.

Shipt, like GoPuff, is a U.S. grocery delivery app that delivers the same day. Shipt, which Target acquired in 2017, has already expanded to over 5000 cities across the United States.

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Nonetheless, it seems to have a long way to go before reaching the magnitude of Instacart. With Shipt, you can order household essentials, fresh fruits and vegetables, alcohol, and many more things from your favorite stores or retailers near you. Shipt delivers across the United States, so enter your zip code in the box to see if it’s available in your area.

When ordering products from the site, you must pay a $7 delivery charge if your order is less than $35. It is not the case with Shipt membership, though. Premium plans provide unlimited free delivery on orders over $35 from Target and other participating stores, as well as additional savings and advantages.

It asks customers to purchase premium plans or Shipt passes before checking out, unlike applications like Instacart or GoPuff. It has options like $14 per month and $99 per year, which comes to $8.25 per month.

And it’s similar to the majority of the economy’s job employment, where drivers can choose their hours and earn up to $21 per hour.

6. ChowNow – For Affordability

Screenshot of ChowNow app homepage.

Like GoPuff, ChowNow is an eatery app. ChowNow is also a subscription service that does not cut orders like other popular delivery apps. However, the app’s dual strategy also reaches clients directly through the ChowNow app, allowing users to order from several restaurants from a single mobile location.

ChowNow is well worth a download if you’re searching for an easy method to support local eateries in your town.

Customers may connect with their favorite restaurants for straightforward pick-up and delivery using the app’s commission-free online ordering tool. Restaurants may provide lower delivery rates and fees because ChowNow does not take commission, making it a costeffective alternative for clients.

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The restaurant determines delivery prices and minimum order quantities. When using the ChowNow app, you have many search choices, such as cuisine type or a list of restaurants in your present location. This app is simple and will provide you competitive prices compared to the rest of this list.

7. Walmart Grocery – For Convenience

Walmart app displayed on a phone over a rustic table.

Like GoPuff, the Walmart Grocery app allows customers to order food and other items for pickup or delivery. Walmart’s grocery app’s Wallet simplifies the checkout process by allowing you to use all of your payment methods simultaneously.

Shoppers could use the Walmart app to collect a range of products, even some that were only accessible online, as well as access store maps and Walmart’s payment system, Walmart Pay. Press the “pay” button, and the app will suggest how to split your total to maximize your cards and balances.

As of January 2021, Walmart offered delivery from 3000 locations. Walmart, like most large stores, uses a third-party business to handle deliveries and recruit delivery personnel. Fresh foods, home staples, and more are available for pick-up or delivery from your local shop, with millions more products accessible with free shipping.

Delivery Drivers Inc., which runs Walmart’s Spark delivery platform, hires staff who deliver for Walmart.

You may shop for things at your local store and on simultaneously, and you can quickly select products based on how you want your purchase delivered.

8. – For Variety

Screenshot of app homepage. is another delivery service that goes above and beyond the menu. With this app, you can order lunch, groceries, a bottle of wine, and even dry cleaning. Yes, Laundry!, like Grubhub, does not charge a fee to utilize their service. Instead, the business generates money by taking a tiny cut of your amount before the tip.

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With this app and website, you may find a local favorite and explore new ones. And if there’s one thing that sets apart from the competition, it is that you may earn Delivery Points with every purchase and use them for free credit or other benefits.

It’s a well-designed delivery app that’s also good for group orders across a whole workplace. They provide a wide range of restaurants, meals, and cuisines to suit every taste and diet.

The app also provides catering, and the restaurant reviews may assist you in deciding which restaurant to order from. After each order, there is a detailed feedback section. There are over 12,000 businesses in over 100 locations across the United States.

9. Caviar – For Reliability

Keys, laptop, and a phone with Caviar app displayed on its screen.

Like GoPuff, Caviar provides excellent and reliable delivery service with a quick turnaround time. You may order Caviar from either the Caviar iOS or Android app or the Caviar website. With real-time GPS monitoring and push notifications, you can keep track of your delivery’s progress.

Caviar’s default delivery method for all orders is now no-contact delivery. Caviar also provides a delivery service for top-class restaurants near you for those who may have a picky pallet, specific diet, or planning a special occasion.

You’ll find a wide variety of foods and beverages (this is, of course, dependent on the location). When you subscribe, you’ll get no delivery costs and cheaper service fees on qualifying Caviar locations.

Caviar has teamed up with DoorDash to bring a DashPass subscription that provides a $0 delivery fee. The credit card or debit card payment mechanism is trendy since it is quick and safe. Caviar not only offers delivery but also allows you to order meals for pick-up.

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A great feature that the app has is the ability to search for certain diets, which is helpful for gluten sensitivity. Caviar now operates in Brooklyn, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Queens, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, and Washington, D.C., among other cities.

10. Postmates – For Availability

Postmates delivery app displayed on a phone screen.

Postmates is an excellent GoPuff alternative. To begin with, you may purchase a lot more than just meals. Postmates is a delivery service that will pick up almost anything from almost any place and deliver it to your home, including alcoholic beverages.

Postmates have access to more than 100,000 retail outlets, grocery stores, restaurants, and other locations. Postmates, which Uber owns, is one of the most excellent applications similar to GoPuff.

It is a local food delivery service that delivers restaurant-prepared meals, groceries, and other items. You may go through all of the top eateries in the area, add delicious items to your cart, and then make your order.

You can have everything from broccoli to cosmetic items delivered from local supermarkets, liquor stores, and more. You can even monitor your order in real-time on a map, and they’ll notify you when it is close.

Every order is subject to a charge, and during high delivery times, extra Blitz Pricing fees may be applied. For $10 a month, Postmates also provides an “Unlimited” service, which includes free delivery from certain retailers and restaurants on orders above $12.


Whether you’re a student or parent and decided that you may order for delivery instead of rushing around to the store, and you are now aware of all the popular GoPuff alternative fast-food and grocery delivery apps. Some are even tailored to exactly your shopping style; download any of these apps from your mobile app store, browse around for what you’d like, and place your order.

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All these apps have excellent customer feedback and continue to improve to meet your expectations.


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