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9 Apps Like Wattpad

This is a screenshot of the Wattpad app homepage.

Do you like to read captivating stories? Then you’ve probably heard about Wattpad, an online community of storytellers where you can read or engage in your creative activities and become an author yourself. Wattpad isn’t the only app for writers and readers looking for something new.

So, what other apps are similar to Wattpad?

  1. Miraquill – Android only
  2. Books and Writing Amino – iOS
  3. Inkitt – iOS and Android
  4. Book Breaks – iOS and Android
  5. Commaful – iOS and Android
  6. Sweek – iOS and Android
  7. Penned – iOS only
  8. Hooked – iOS and Android
  9. Tap By Wattpad – iOS and Android

You may read a wide range of stories on your phone through these apps, including graphic novels, comic books, tales, short stories, poetry, and more. I’ll be providing some terrific smartphone apps that you may utilize to satisfy your thirst for great storytelling in the sections below. So, how do these apps work?

Apps that are Similar to Wattpad

If you’re anything like me, you undoubtedly spend a lot of time reading. A day spent cuddling up on the couch with hot chocolate, and a good book is a perfect day. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen very frequently if you’re like me, so I read while I’m on a train, a plane, a cab, in line at the grocery store – you name it!

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I used to have a book in my handbag at all times, even when I was only a few years old. If you’re a voracious reader like myself, you’re surely aware of how hefty some of these hardback volumes are. However, I’m sure I got some more muscular biceps out of it.

It’s not much fun hauling these volumes if you want to read but don’t want to approach it like a hard workout.

The exciting news is that if you have a smartphone or tablet with you, you can use it to access a plethora of mobile reading apps that can bring the entire world of poetry, short stories, novels, fanfiction, and more right to your fingers.

Imagine having millions of new tales and poetry available to read on your iOS or Android smartphone with just a few applications. Without any further ado, here is what these apps similar to Wattap bring to your touchpad fingertips, starting with Miraquill.

1. Miraquill – Read And Write Quotes, Poems, And Stories

This is a screenshot of the Miraquill app google play homepage.

Miraquill, originally Mirakee, is proving to be a more than suitable Wattpad alternative even though it began years later, in July 2016.

Despite the lack of exposure methods such as Wattpad Studios and The Wattys, Miraquill excels at the fundamental purpose of becoming a member of a literary community.

You may share and read any work with the Miraquill writing communityquotes, blogs, haikus, tales, poems, or random musings. You may post any text in aesthetically attractive designs on the site or other networks such as Pinterest.

Miraquill is also more than simply a platform to post your ideas and dreams and have others read them. It is also a site where thousands of authors worldwide may be discovered and met.

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Although the number of users is unclear, the software has been downloaded more than 50,000 times through the Android app store and third-party websites. This app used to be available for iOS devices but is currently no longer supported.

You may discover other enthusiastic authors, follow them, and comment on their works through published works such as short stories, micro tales, tweets, and poetry. Miraquill not only provides a writing community similar to Wattpad, but it also includes tools to help you grow the writer within you.

Through the platform’s daily writing challenges, you may let your creativity run wild by creating stories, poetry, and quotations based on word prompts. Using likes and comments, you will also be able to compare your performance to others.

Miraquill’s Google searchable function can also help you develop an online writing character. If you choose, anyone may locate your writing under your pen name. However, before people discover you with keywords like “your username Mirakee write-ups,” you must have shared at least 20 articles on the app.

Add to it that Miraquill supports all languages, and you have one of the most incredible free applications like Wattpad available.

2. Books and Writing Amino – for Writers, Authors and Readers

This is the Apple Store screenshot of the Books and Writing Amino App.

If you’re seeking a passionate community of literary enthusiasts, Books and Writing Amino is a viable alternative to free social storytelling applications like Wattpad. Among the fastest-growing mobile communities around, it attracts readers and writers alike, particularly those who enjoy Young Adult fiction.

Those who wish to feel like they belong to a community can read new stories daily, contribute their work, and receive relevant feedback. It’s also an excellent tool if you want to talk about your book or what you’re reading or learn about others reading across the world, and readers can learn about new writers.

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You may also earn reputation points by sharing your knowledge—all acts that make the community more engaged. You will also be able to construct a collection of your favorite novels and share them with the world using Books and Writing Amino.

Writers may also use editing tools to make their tales more exciting and appropriate for the site. There are two methods to join this literary community and make use of the software.

Depending on your device, currently, you can only get the Books and Writing Amino app from the iOS App Store. Another option is to install Amino: Communities and Chats for Android users.

It will show you all the communities available through the Amino social network, the Books and Writing group. You may use it to crossreference your hobbies, read fanfiction in the writing community, and look for characters from the same story in the cosplaying community.

3. Inkitt – Books, Novels, and Stories

This is a screenshot of the Inkitt app page in the google play store.

Despite its debut in 2013, this app is perhaps the most popular Wattpad rival. The app has over three million users globally due to sharing many of the features that have helped Wattpad become the world’s largest storytelling platform.

The essential feature of apps like Wattpad and Inkitt is access to an extensive collection of tales. The Germandeveloped software does not disappoint in this area. It contains hundreds of stories published in various genres, including drama, romance, erotica, adventure, and science fiction.

There are also numerous fanfictions, with major titles such as Lord of the Rings, Naruto, Glee, Harry Potter, and Supernatural at the top of the list. You may not only read different items on the platform, but you can also offer your ideas and contribute to famous dialogues using its Trending Topics function.

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Would you prefer to avoid the noise and engage in dialogues with other readers? Inkitt also provides many groups where you may discuss your chosen niche. Writers can also discover specific readers who will read their writings before being published in the wild.

Inkitt also allows viewers to upload their own stories, which is great for authors. You may hone your creative writing talents by entering writing contests or authoring a book that Inkitt Publishing can publish, the company’s publishing arm.

Writers whose works elicit many readers and interaction can be offered a publishing contract and have their work published in print, digital, and other media. Aside from that, you will be posted on Galatea, the app’s sibling app.

It is a reading software that uses visual effects, haptic feedback, sound effects, and conversation fiction to create immersive experiences from Inkitt tales. Inkitt is accessible as an app for both Android and iOS devices.

Its tales may also be accessed using a web browser. All you have to do is sign up with your email address, Facebook account, or Google account.

4. Book Breaks – Purely for Readers

This is a screenshot of the Book Breaks app in the Apple Store.

Are you looking for a Wattpad substitute only as a reader? Perhaps you find the variety of genres bothersome, or you prefer to read from established authors. Consider installing Book Breaks, a free app that primarily caters to romance fans.

Harlequin, a Canadian publishing house known for its love novels, created the app. Book Breaks provides free access to hundreds of Harlequin writers’ romantic novels. Although the complete book will not be available at once, new chapters are uploaded daily.

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With the app, you may relive many of your favorite romance stories from your childhood or find new ones. You can choose from genres such as women’s fiction, family life fiction, romantic suspense, and others. You will be able to select any narrative that best suits your mood.

Do you want to read tales written by and about people of color? Harlequin’s Book Breaks also offers a diversity category specifically for authors of color. All of this is available through the app, which you can access through its online page.

However, to access the tales through the app or the web, you must first register an account with Harlequin. Aside from that, every chapter is free. You may also use the Book Breaks app, available on both iOS and Android platforms, to choose the tales you wish to read based on your available time.

You have the option of 30, 45, 60, or unlimited minutes. As a result, you can choose to start or finish a narrative while waiting for an appointment or flying. You may also select your favorite mood, with options such as “fall in love,” “be seduced,” and “be inspired.” So, if you are only in it for the read, Book Breaks is just what you need.

5. Commaful – Read and Write Short Stories and Poetry

This is a screenshot of the Apple Store page of the Commaful app.

Do you like to read your tales in audio or video format? Have you ever heard a story conveyed over relevant graphics and images? You might want to look into Commaful as a Wattpad option.

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Although Wattpad is capable of comparable forms, this app’s tales are only available in picturebook format. To access the next section of the story, click on a title and tap on each image.

You may use actual individuals in your photos or stock photographs from sites like Unsplash and Pexels. It offers a diverse collection of stories in several genres, including poetry, short stories, comics, and fanfiction.

It, too, has a web platform, so you don’t have to download the app if you don’t want to. It would be helpful for you if you are used to reading on your PC and are moving from Wattpad. However, if you’re going to use an app, it is only accessible on iOS and Android platforms.

All you have to do is visit the website and join up using one of the three accessible methods: Facebook, Twitter, or Email. On the other hand, the website allows you to read a few articles before signing up to determine if the format is for you.

Commaful is not only one of the greatest sites for readers, but it is also an excellent platform for writers. Professional bestselling authors and renowned screenwriters use the app to experiment with new narrative concepts for users to enjoy and writers to be inspired by.

Furthermore, you may get your work seen by many readers and other authors who will encourage you regardless of your talent level.

6. Sweek – Read, Write, and Share Stories

This is a Google Play Store screenshot of the Sweek app.

Sweek’s app is available for both Android and iOS. Sweek’s main selling point is its relationship with creators, which is comparable to Twitch’s.

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You may write a book and publish it on the site, and you can earn up to 60% of the sales price. It might be an ebook or a physical copy, depending on the number of purchases.

It also provides widgets and purchase buttons for use on your social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as your website. The larger the margin you earn on each purchase, the more consumers you attract from other channels.

The most astonishing aspect is that you may publish your book in a matter of minutes. It includes tools to assist you with the publication process, from content through cover design.

Sweek is a very helpful software for authors and readers and an excellent method to monetize your ideas. Thousands of free novels and tales by amateur and professional writers are available. Every day, there is also a large amount of poetry and fan fiction released.

In addition, you may begin your path as a writer on the site by creating and publishing your stories in a few simple steps. Are you stuck on ideas? Through its Explore tool, you may obtain word prompts from its wide community of authors.

Sweek also hosts writing contests with prompts. You can win cash prizes or have your work published by a reputable publisher by entering its contests.

Furthermore, you may establish a fanbase of people who appreciate your stories using its Explore function. You may also interact with other readers and become an active part of a worldwide community by discussing the newest narrative twists.

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All of these tools, like Wattpad, are available for free. You may begin using them by installing the app and signing up for it using your email or Facebook account.

7. Penned – Read, Write & Share Stories

This is an Apple Store screenshot of the Penned App.

Writing is usually a wonderful idea; but, writing solo may be difficult, and attempting to do your own editing can be challenging; you can’t see the forest for the trees.

Penned is an excellent alternative over Wattpad. Based on the reviews in the app store, it’s about their community and their eagerness to assist one other with editing and writing.

Penned may provide you with the assistance you require, as it is difficult for authors to obtain an audience and receive comments from their colleagues. When it comes to securing feedback, Penned is the way to go.

You may use this app to share your stories and choose a story’s cover. In order to pique the readers’ interest, the cover should be vibrant. You are free to write stories in any genre, even writing a romance novel with a bizarre plot is welcome!

Your narrative will grow into a book as you add new chapters. You may make categories for your stories and then add them to them.

This app also allows you to blog and share your most recent article. The software offers a userfriendly and attractive user interface. You’ll find it simple to start a new narrative with Penned.

Select a font and size for your text and turn that inspiring journey into words! A highlighting tool is available to draw attention to key points in the text, bring awareness to the audience, and seek feedback as an example.

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You may use social media to convey your stories and surprise your friends with your thrilling stories as you enthrall them. With Penned, you can make an effort to become a true writer as this software will assist you in improving your writing abilities with all the help provided.

Penned is a fantastic chance for aspiring authors to get their work published. Most people think of it as a writing version of Instagram. Users upload a cover photo to a category along with a story, poem, or blog.

Reading, commenting, liking, following, and sharing are all options for peers. Fiction authors, young writers, and amateur bloggers with little to no experience are the targeted users for Penned. This app is available only on iOS platforms.

8. Hooked – Read, Write, and Share Chat Fiction

This is a screenshot of the Hooked app in the Google Play Store.

Do you enjoy scary stories? Hooked might be a good fit for you. The app has a library of gripping, twistfilled stories told in an exciting multimedia format. Hooked is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

In each story, you’ll see a sequence of text conversations between individuals – many of whom aren’t who they appear – play out throughout several chapters. The software has a devoted following, but its App Store reviews note a few flaws I encountered, although mostly positive.

Let’s start with the sort of software this is. Hooked is a semiinteractive tale in which the reader is completely engrossed in action. The sensation of eavesdropping on a discussion gives you a voyeuristic thrill.

Take, for example, one of the stories I read, ‘Life of the Party,’ in which Lynn arrives early at her lover Nate’s birthday party in the woods. Brad, his slightly off-kilter pal, has already arrived — uninvited. The narrative begins with Nate advising Lynn to stay away from him before veering off into a far darker storyline.

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While it starts promising, with back-and-forth text conversations and images of the protagonists and their surroundings, it gradually breaks the fourth wall. As the action picks up, characters begin to narrate portions of the plot, while another disembodied narrator appears on the screen to explain what’s going on in realtime.

Though these explanations aid in the flow and clarity of the storytelling, Hooked keeps you at arm’s length, unlike the other apps similar to Wattpad.

With that said, there are other chat fiction apps of this type that house the tales in a much larger framework, enabling you to wander about the protagonist’s phone and research the back story.

Though the tale benefits from it, I wonder if it isn’t a little bit betraying the genre. Hooked is a fascinating app with many amazing horror and thriller stories, and it truly stands out in this genre. If you want twists, turns, and adventure, give it a try — there’s a 7-day free trial – but expect to spend $8 for the monthly experience.

9. Tap By Wattpad – Read Fiction and Write Your Story

This is a screenshot of the Apple Store page for Tap By Wattpad.

Instead of being similar to Wattpad, Wattpad launched Tap. It works similarly to other chat fiction applications like Hooked, and it costs around the same for the complete experience.

Tap makes it simple to track what’s trending and how many people are swiping through it, from romance to criminal stories. You may also compose your own stories and share them with your pals.

Tap by Wattpad, on the other hand, replaces textonly chat interactions with tales that feature images, vivid backdrops, audio, and videos, similar to Hooked.

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As a result, the technology on your smartphone becomes even more critical; like a high-quality camera does wonders in this app, you’re able to tell more captivating and detailed stories.

Tap by Wattpad features a huge variety of stories in every genre imaginable, including a section dedicated to LGBTQ+ society. The majority of these stories have many endings, giving you even more incentive to revisit your favorites to journey through the alternatives.

Enjoy the Tap Original stories, which are exclusive to this app and released once a week. Tap constantly has new material to read, even if you use the other story apps on their list.

If you want to utilize all of the app’s capabilities, you’ll have to pay $8 per month for premium access (this seems to be the going rate for premium features in these apps). You may also read the text-based tales for free with adverts if you choose. Wattpad’s Tap app is available on both Android and iOS.


There are many free apps like Wattpad to prioritize becoming a writer in a literary community or reading different types of creative and exciting stories. Wattpad was founded in 2008 and has progressed significantly since then. However, several similar apps have evolved over that period that is slowly climbing the ladder.

You can find it on all of the platforms as mentioned above, whether you’re seeking a place to contribute your thoughts and ideas or a place to read other people’s tales. You don’t have to restrict yourself to Wattpad.


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