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15 Apps Similar to Dubsmash

This is a close look at the laptop and phone showcasing the Dubsmash logo and site.

Communicating is no longer the primary function of mobile phones, which have become users’ favorite tool for entertainment. This is not only a matter of social networks, or a specific social media platform, it is also reflected in the appearance of dozens of apps prepared so that you can all take advantage of your free time by having fun with entertaining apps.

Entertainment apps are divided into different categories, among those for editing photos and videos. Google already considered Dubsmash in 2016 as one of the best applications of the year, especially in the viral section. Far from being forgotten, this app has continued to grow and allow the creation of thousands of videos that triumph on social networks for their humor.

Dubsmash, available to download for free for Android on the Google Play Store, is not much of a mystery. It is a video editing app. Simply choose the playback of a movie scene, a song, or any other famous piece, and record yourself while you synchronize the movement of your lips with the audio in question.

Once the recording is done, you can save the file on your phone or share it with the rest of the world, either through WhatsApp chats, or through social networks such as Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram.

That is one of the strengths of Dubsmash, sharing the videos with the rest of the user community to make them go viral on the web. It could be considered a TikTok alternative. This Dubsmash app, the most prominent when it comes to recording funny videos, also allows users to upload their own audios for playback.

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However, it is a process that takes some time, since it must be done from the Dubsmash website and not from the mobile app.

This time we have selected several applications with which you can create funny videos with different themes directly with your mobile, without having to be a systems engineer or spend all afternoon editing video on your PC. These are apps similar to the Dubmash add-on.

Below, you can see a compilation of the many that are on YouTube with millions of visits and confirm that the Dubsmash app and TikTok app is both a success among the youngest. Let us look at favorite apps similar to dubsmash.

VivaVideo: Photo Video & Video Editor

A phone on a work desk showcasing the VivaVideo app installation page.

VivaVideo is a tiktok clone and video maker app. It is one of the many options that exist to edit videos on Android, but it has a special characteristic. It was originally designed to create slow motion videos in an agile, simple way and with many extra elements.

It is a similar app to the chingari app. You can choose options and special filters, from a slowdown to a storyboard representation; add film noir effects or specific sounds.  This photo and video editor is one of the best tools to laugh while creating audiovisual pieces.

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It is simple, but with many editing possibilities, VivaVideo is a safe bet for those who want to be able to create and share funny videos. To use it, you must first choose the video you want to edit. Once selected, VivaVideo, like the Dubsmash videos will offer you different sound effects such as the voice changer, stickers to add to the images, a function to put background music, filters to change the photo, speed up or slow down the playback, add transitions, etc.

How Can The App Be Downloaded?

The application is free and can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, it has a very intuitive control system and a large selection of tools. Many of them are traditional, and known to be present in other programs, from color filters to transitions and tools to add titles or subtitles.

Does the Free Version Carry A Watermark?

You can create your own videos quickly and easily. To be a free editing program, VivaVideo has numerous audiovisual tools. If you only use the free version, you will not be able to remove the watermark from the program. However, it is a minimum detail if you want to have this powerful video editor for Android without paying a penny.

Try the full free version of the program and compare the results with any other program before deciding if you want to access the paid version without a watermark.

Are There Updates?

The updates are fairly regular and add different features and bug fixes as they come out. As the only negative point, it is necessary to mention that the resolution of the videos cannot be changed. However, the rest is excellent because it allows you to have a quick and easy-to-master video editor.

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If you were looking for a quick way to make slow motion videos, then VivaVideo cannot be missing from your app library. It is one of the most direct and recommended ways to turn your videos into funny slow motion representations without modifying the image quality.

As you can see, the possibilities of this app are multiple, so you can access different resources to create the funniest videos you can imagine. Once finished, you just have to click on “Share” to choose the quality of the image, wait for it to be exported, and select the platform through which you want to spread it: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Download Android Version

Download iOS version

Lomotif – Music Video Maker

A phone on a wooden table showcasing the Lomotif app installation page.

Lomotif app makes awesome videos for music lovers. Even though it is not a Chinese app, it is definitely an alternative app to Dubsmash videos. In this case, it is also another of the best applications to make videos on Android, which is particularly focused on creating music video clips.

Its operation is very simple since you only have to select your video clip or set of photos and then add the background music. You can preview the video, add film filters, even add text, and when finished share on social networks. It is not the best of video editors, but it is certainly an excellent option to create videos for free.

Millions of users around the world create mini music videos with the Lomotif App. It is the # 1 app for adding music to your video clips, and adding your video clips (and photos) to a music video montage.

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What Are The Steps To Create Short Music Videos?

Here’s how to create a mini music video in 4 easy steps:

1. Select your video clips (audio or photos)

2. Add a background music track: choose from millions of popular songs and use them totally free.

3. Preview your music video instantly – no editing required! (However, if you want, you can perfect it with the intuitive editor.)

4. Share it directly on all social networks or keep it private.

If you don’t want to share it, remember that your music videos will always be saved on your camera roll.

What Are The Features?

The features include:

+ Beautiful cinematic filters

+ Fantastic fonts so you can add beautiful titles to your videos

+ You can automatically format your videos to Square or Landscape

+ You can adjust/change the size and reposition your video clips or photos within the App

+ Easy to share in your favorite Apps: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Email, Text, FB Messenger, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many more!

+ More than 10,000 thematic video clips (called “Motifs”) available for you to add and bring your music videos to life; from popular memes to celebrities and incredible images of nature … You are the Director. All features are totally free, and you don’t have to register to start creating music videos. This is a great video editing tool for the TikTok user and others.

Download Android Version

Download iOS version

MadLipz – Instant Dub and Sub

This is a close look at a web browser showcasing the MadLipz App installation page.

Madlipz is another of the best known apps in the world of funny videos. If you want to make a funny video, this is the ideal app for you, whether you are using your ipad or another device. If you take a look on YouTube, you will see that there are many publications that collect the best pieces created by this app by fans of dubbing.

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Can You Download For Free?

Like the previous ones, Madlipz is available to download in the Google Play Store for free, something that more than 10 million people have already done. We could say that this app has the opposite operation to Dubsmash, since you must choose the clip of the video that you want to dub and then add your voice to it.

Can You Create Subtitles?

“You can be the creator of the next viral meme or funny video,” say Madlipz managers, who recently added the ability to create subtitles for videos. As with these types of apps, Madlipz’s success lies in the ease of video sharing the clips produced both in chats with your friends and on social networks with other users.

This app is a tiktok alternative as well and is the most prominent when it comes to recording videos. It also allows users to upload their own audios for playback.

Download Android Version

Download iOS version


This is a screenshot of the YayCam App Installation Page.

YayCam, with more than a million downloads on the Play Store, has also managed to convince users with its funny effects for videos. From a helium effect for the voice to a delayed mirror effect, this app offers different filters for the user to entertain themselves while creating funny videos.

At the moment, the variety of masks that can be applied is limited, so the use of YayCam is limited. However, it is enough to have a good time by recording yourself with a deformed face and voice and sharing it through social networks. It also offers a video editing tool for your funny video.

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This application is also known as “Funny Cam”, it works like a normal camera, like the one that comes preloaded on your device. This application is really good because it has a video editor and other tools that go from the distortion of the voice to the deformation of our face. If you are looking to put faces in funny videos, this is your app.

You can take the video feature and photo capture and edit with effects such as sharpening the voice, putting a fish tank assembly, speeding up, slowing down, and even adding effects that completely modify us. It is a very complete application to create those funny videos that will revolutionize your social media networks.

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the VideoWizard App Installation Page.

More than 5 million downloads endorse MagoVideo, another interesting app to create funny videos with your mobile and share them later. It is similar to the tiktok app, and like Dubsmash videos, you can make your own for your Instagram reels or on any social media platform.

To use its functions, you just have to choose the video you want to edit in your gallery and add the elements you want to it.

Download Android Version

Video Star, Video Editor Magic Effects – MagoVideo

This is a screenshot of the MagoVideo App Installation page.

You can make stars appear in some frames, add emoticons and text, create distortions in the image and even put your own background music. It is great for creating your music video, among other things. All these functions make MagoVideo a good app to edit and create comic clips that you can later download or share with other people without problems.

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Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the Facejjang App Installation Page.

Facejjang is a Chinese app focused on creating funny videos by putting your face in clips of different genres: action, comedy, love, etc. Using it is really simple. You just have to choose and download the video you want to star in and add the face you want (it can be any photo from the gallery or one taken at the same moment).

After selecting the image, you must edit it to make the face and lips match those of the characters. You can use it to make your own lip sync video. Once the editing is done, you just have to choose the actor you want to give a face to and opt for a wig to change your identity.

By clicking on “Done”, the video is created, and you can see how you would fare as the protagonist of an action movie. Download it and/or share it on social networks so that everyone can see that funny video that you have created with Facejjang.

Download Android Version

Vine Camera

This is a screenshot of the Vine Camera App Installation page.

Leaving aside the history of Vine, the application itself is a great video editor that is very easy to use and encourages you to use your creativity. Vine Camera does not include special video effects or anything additional to make it easier for you to create funny videos.

Therefore, it all depends on how funny you are and the ideas you generate. What does make it easier for you is to record and join different video segments in a matter of seconds. Once you are done, you can save the video in your gallery and share it in other applications.

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Download iOS Version

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the Ditty App Installation Page.

What if you want to create a funny video but don’t feel like recording yourself or talking? You can still do it, with Ditty, a video maker app that sings what you say and creates a music video for you. The process is very simple. You choose the song/theme, write the text, and wait to see the result.

Ditty creates an animation with the lyrics of the song, and you can automatically customize the background with animated GIFs or your own videos to make it more lively. You can download it in the Google play store, or the website.

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the MSQRD APP Installation Page.

MSQRD, the application that grew in popularity so fast that it ended up being bought by Facebook and has been more or less abandoned since then, with its last update in August of last year. It is a bit sad that MSQRD is stranded, but it still has a nice collection of quality real-time filters/skins with which you can shoot fun videos.

With this application, you can put faces in funny videos. You can spend hours laughing with your friends and family making funny videos on your mobile. The main attraction of Masquerade or MSQRD is being able to make montages of yourself with several different faces.

You can make a really humorous video and take photos with the montage so that you can share it on your favorite social networks. The truth is that spectacular and amazing videos come out. It is compatible with your Android device.

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Download Android Version

Video Star

This is a screenshot of the VIdeo Star App Homepage.

When you wanted to be that musical star that you admire so much, you could not be more than the one who sings with the brush in the shower. Thanks to Video Star, you can be the star of your own music videos. This app to make funny videos will offer you the possibility of adding hundreds of effects and filters.

You can use slow motion, make clones of yourself, a green, and even reverse your recording. It is a fairly complete application to create funny videos and audio clips. It is available on iOS.

Download iOS Version


This is a screenshot of the Comic App Installation Page.

This is a really cool app and even more so for fans of classic comics superheroes, and those who were divided into squares. Comic will allow you to use a series of effects, to become that superhero that you wanted so much to be. We are talking about augmented reality effects.

It is as simple as installing it and once it is opened, you will be able to visualize immediately through the camera of your device, and everything begins to look like a cartoon of the old ones. You can get to make really amazing videos with this great application. It uses an engine developed by Sony called SmarArt.

Download Android Version


This is a screenshot of the Morfo App Installation Page.

If what you are looking for is a fun time with your friends, Morpho is the perfect application for you. The main function is based on capturing an image and from this, you can create a video that will be very funny. You will have infinite editing tools to edit your video since this app has a range of quite varied filters.

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It is one of the iPhone apps to make funny videos, with many varied effects. After completing the steps that the application asks of you, then you can add the effects you want to create a great video to share on your favorite social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

You will be able to make the montage of your voice, which, together with animation, will give the result of gesticulation of your recording in the chosen image.

Download iOS Version


This is a screenshot of the iMajiCam App Installation Page.

A video without effects can be fun, but one with effects can be even more fun, creating awesome videos. This great application will allow you to use 112 varieties of filters. You can also apply mixes and effects to make your videos even better. It is specially designed to record your face with the front camera of your Smartphone.

It will allow you to make deeper edits, since you can change the parameters of brightness, contrast, light, shadow, etc. In addition, it allows you to see the video effects in real-time. In addition to all this, it will also allow you to choose videos from your library and turn them into an explosion of laughter.

Download iOS Version


This is a screenshot of the Snapchat App Homepage.

This is in principle one of the most used social networks of the moment. This alternative app is characterized by sending and receiving photos and videos that will self-destruct in a certain period. However, the most striking thing that this application has incorporated is the number of filters and effects that you can use.

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The best thing is that you can see it in real-time. Snapchat, has opted to use mostly the front camera of your mobile device or tablet as the main attraction. Who hasn’t put their face in a Snatchap video? In recording or capturing images, you will have access to a certain amount of montages or filters that will vary as they are updated, so you will not worry about always using them.

Download Android Version