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12 Apps Similar To Facetune (for Editing Photos)

Facetune app on a smartphone screen.

Are you looking for apps that help in photo shooting and editing, just like Facetune? Well, you have plenty of them, and the leaders in the list include;

1. Camera 360

2. Perfect365

3. PicsArt

All these are mobile phone Apps known for editing photos to make them look like anything you want, and you can download them on either iOs or Android devices.

But before you proceed to download your best apps similar to Facetune, let’s first understand what Facetune is.

Facetune is a widely used photo editor that allows users to access different tools at their disposal. The tools available in Facetune include teeth whitening, smooth skin, makeup, and contour. Facetune also allows its users to choose the kind of lighting they want on their photos, contrast, and choose the frame options. It costs you $3.99 for every download on Android here.

But if you prefer using alternative apps, there is still plenty that is similar to Facetune. Here is a complete review of 12 apps similar to Facetune.

1. CreamCam

CreamCam homepage

Just like Facetune, CreamCam allows its users to edit and filter their photos. In addition, the users of this app can also edit their videos and post them on their social media accounts.

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CreamCam is similar to Facetune in that you can easily adjust the lighting and brightness of your photos to give you the effect you desire to achieve.

The juiciest part about CreamCam is that it is free! So you can go ahead and download yours and begin to enjoy making beautiful versions of yourself. CreamCam is user-friendly with an in-built brightness slider. However, it contains ads while using it and also has limited features.

CreamCam is available for download both on AndroidAndroid and iOS devices. You can download CreamCam here for Android and here for an iOS device.

2. AirBrush

AirBrush homepage

If you don’t want Facetune, you can go for AirBrush as they are similar in many ways. It has built-in tools for editing your selfies and filters to enhance your photos. Like Facetune, AirBrush has teeth whitening, acne remover, brightness slide, and many other tools.

In addition, its built-in makeup tool and filters will enable you to choose the perfect match for your skin tone. The makeup and skin tone features are a great addition, especially if you are looking forward to sharing your photos on social media.

However, AirBrush is not free. To enjoy the full features, you have to pay $28.03. The payment will give you a one-year subscription to renew yearly should you feel like it served you well.

Unlike other editing Apps, AirBrush allows you to share your edited photos directly to your social media accounts. As a result, there is no need to download the edited images first.

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If you need to download for iOS, click here and here for Android users.

3. RetouchMe

RetouchMe homepage

Among all the apps similar to Facetune, RetouchMe is the most interesting; you do the work for yourself. While using this app, all you have to do is choose the filters you want and then send them to the app’s picture editors. After that, you sit back and wait as they will do the editing for you. It’s what they do for their users.

Like Facetune, RetouchMe comes loaded with fantastic editing features which not only edit your face but the whole of you. It includes the background of your photo. Its face editing tool resembles those of Facetune with an upgrade. The latest update of RetouchMe will give you juicy features like adding body piercings, tattoos, and more to your photos.

However, for RetouchMe, the users have to pay the amount of $9.99 to use it. The amount is renewable monthly, and it very considerate being that it is an expert who edits your photos. RetouchMe doesn’t have free filters and can be pretty expensive depending on the package you have chosen. The bonus is, it doesn’t have watermarks, and it gives high-quality outputs.

RetouchMe is available for free download for Android here and iOS here.

4. Perfect365

Perfect365 homepage

Like Facetune, Perfect365 will allow you to edit your photos pretty fast. In addition, it has a unique feature of providing you with updates if any makeup is trending that you should try out. Another fantastic tool it has is the ability to feature makeup looks that various celebrities use.

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Just like Facetune, Perfect365 allows you to choose the filters you like for makeup and design your photos to your satisfaction.

Although the app offers a comprehensive makeup application, it drains the phone’s battery pretty fast. It also crashes sometimes. Perfect365 is not a free app, you will need to pay $1.99 after download, and the amount is renewable monthly.

You can download the app here for Android and here for iOS.

5. Mix

Mix homepage

The Mix comes with over 100 filters that will give you the taste of different styles and sceneries. In addition, it has a feature called the MIC Community. In the community, other users can share their amazing selfies. Another great part of the app is that it will automatically save your edited photos to the Cloud.

Like Facetune, Mix will let you use its easy-use tools to edit your photos without any hustle.

The Mix gives its new users a seven-day free trial, and then they start charging your account for membership. After that, the membership is renewed monthly unless you turn off the auto-renew.

The Mix is available for both iOS devices like iPads and iPhones and Android devices too. In addition, its multiple filters make it user-friendly for any person of any age.

You can download Mix right now for your iPhone or iPad here and here for your Android device.

6. Meitu-Beauty Camera

Meitu homepage

If you are looking for a straightforward photo editing app, then the Meitu-Beauty Camera is the best thing for you. It has a direct and clear interface to help you apply filters without any problem. A new addition to the app is that it allows you to add stickers to your photo. In addition, the Meitu-Beauty Camera comes with the “blur” feature, which will make your photos look like they were shot by a professional.

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Its similarity to Facetune is that it has lots of different filters, which allows you to take professional-looking photos, like the acne remover and the teeth whitening. In addition, it gives you everything you need to edit your photos.

You can download the Meitu-Beauty Camera for free, and you can use it for free afterwards. You will not be bothered with any monthly subscriptions or any notifications to pay.

Like most apps, this app is available for both iOS and Android device users. Additionally, it is accessible on both platforms making it excitingly easy to use and recommendable. The app is user-friendly, with various filters and a direct interface. However, sometimes it gives poor image quality.

You can download Meitu-Beauty Camera for your Android here and if you are using an iPhone or iPad, then download yours here.

7. Relook

Relook homepage

Relook will enable you to enhance your selfies with numerous comprehensive tools. Using this app to edit your selfies will give you a professional look. Additionally, it comes with a “Bright-3′ technology which provides you with the freedom to edit your photos into quality pictures suitable for front pages.

In similarity to Facetune comes in where it has numerous built-in filters, enabling you to use makeup differently. The makeup filters include acne remover, removes blemishes and wrinkles, and many others more.

After editing your photos, Relook will enable you to upload your edited photos directly to your iCloud account as a way of backup. However, Relook is only available to iOS device users; Android users cannot access it.

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The app is free to download, but once you have it on your device, you will have to pay $3.99. The amount is renewable monthly and gives you unlimited freedom to edit your photos however you may want.

Should you need the Relook photo editor app, all you need to do is to download it here and begin your journey of beautiful photos.

8. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect homepage

YouCam Perfect will enhance your photos instantly with the options of multiple filters and effects. The app comes to win an in-built camera that allows you to take as many pictures as it filters on the go. YouCam Perfect also has the cutout feature. This feature will allow you to change the background of your photos, giving them better and exciting scenery in an instant.

Like Facetune, YouCam Perfect also has frames and photo collages that enhance your photos and make them look amazing. YouCam Perfect is also available for both AndroidAndroid and iOS device users.

YouCam Perfect comes with an in-built socialization feature called the “Beauty Circle” with the Beauty Circle. You can easily share the skills you have learned regarding editing and pick up a few ideas and the latest trends in editing filters. The app is user-friendly. However, it has ads and certain features limited only to the free edition.

YouCam Perfect is a paid app; you have to download it for free but later on, pay for a premium account for you to use.

You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store and here for the iOS device users.

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9. Visage Lab

Visage Lab homepage

For anyone beginning to use a photo editing app, we would recommend Visage Lab. This is because it is easy to use with a straightforward interface. It offers numerous filters which you can easily pick from. In addition, it can change the background to make your photos look lovelier.

It is similar to Facetune in that it has various makeup tools allowing you to change your skin color, do eye makeup, remove acne and whiten your teeth. It is available for both AndroidAndroid and iOS device users.

Its image quality is not as good if you are using a free version, and it also has some ads flushing the screen while using it.

It is a paid app for both platforms but with free download.

You can click here to download Visage for your Android device and here if you have an iOS device.

10. Pixlr

Pixlr homepage

Pixlr has various options and filters that will help you edit your photos without any hustle. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes it ideal for beginners.

Like Facetune, it has tools like photo collages and photo frames that help enhance your photos.

Like most apps, Pixlr is available for both AndroidAndroid and iOS devices. The asp is free to download but has a monthly premium renewal of $4.90 monthly. The creative pack, however, is $14.99 per month.

You can find the app here for android devices and here for iOS devices.

11. Camera 360

Camera 360 homepage

If you are a lover of goofy filters, then this is your ideal photo editor. Camera 360 has got unique filters and options you will not see on any others photo editing app. It will be able to serve you anywhere anytime provided you have internet connections. Camera 360 is ultimately free for android users and iOS users too.

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Like Facetune, it has Photo College, photo frames, and other makeup filters, enhancing your look.

The Camera was initially charged at $0.99 after download and renewable monthly. However, it is currently free, meaning nothing is stopping you from using it.

You can download camera 360 here for iOS devices and here for Android devices.

12. PicSay Pro

PicSay Pro homepage

With PicSay, you are offered numerous tools and ideas. This photo editor will help remove your red eyes, add stickers, straighten your face, and many more. It is user-friendly; thus, anyone can use it.

Like Facetune, this app has teeth whitening, changing skin color, removing acne, and making color splashes.

The app is available for Android devices only. It is a paid app, the download is free, but after installation, you will need to pay $3.99, which is renewed monthly.

To download the app, go here and start enjoying their services.

FAQs About Facetune

How do I use Facetune?

The first thing to do is download the app. Afterwards, scroll through the tools, pick the filter you like, and begin making the changes you need.

Is Facetune free?

Yes. You can download Facetune from the google play store or iOS platform for free and start having fun with your photos.

Is Facetune purchased only once?

Facetune is purchased once while Facetuna 2 is free; however, it has some hidden expenses that will force you to buy.

How much is Facetune a month?

Facetune charges $1.99 every month and $6.99 for six months which will sum up to $9.99 for the whole year if you would love to pay all at once.

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How can I tell someone is using Facetune?

Facetune doesn’t give a definite image as photoshop would. If you try to pinch your hips, for example, it will pull even the background. You are making it easily noticeable.